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    I am 5'3 230 lbs.- I started this process about 1 year ago. researched LB surgery for the last 3 yrs. I am excited to use this as a tool to help me to reach my goal! Which is 150-160 lbs. Wish me Luck!
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    Eating..This is the problem! I hoard food...who doesn't? BUT NOT FOR LONG!
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  1. Happy 34th Birthday JNikki!

  2. Hello I am from Southern California. I am drinking "Premier Protein" form Costco they care 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar and the rest of the goodie stuff...with 160 calories. I am not on a liquid diet just yet, they haven't put me on one...I am on a high protein no carb diet., with one meal a day. ADVICE DON'T BE NERVOUS! THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU.

  3. How do i save u as a friend? lol i hate new things, I'm just getting used to facebook...ttys

  4. Thanks & good luck 2 u!!! What kind of protein drinks have u tried? how long do u have to drink fluids for? before & after?Whee r u from?

  5. :yikes:I am having Lap Band surgery on 1/21/09! :crying: This is my first post. I'm new to the lapbandtalk thing, Please bear with me. any tips are greatly appreciated.Although I have a good support system I'm really doing this on my own. I've noticed that even the most Supportive friends & family are still a little jealous & weary of what kind of person you will be after the weight loss...:::tt1::: very frustrating. I had P.A.T's today & med. clearance. I have anxiety & panic disorder BUT PUSHED MYSELF to go alone. It wasn't bad... I quit smoking 12/23/08,i will quit eating on 1/20/09 & I suppose I can't drink alcohol 4 a while either! :sneaky:The price we pay for being thin!!!:wink: Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks! Talk 2 u all soon!
  6. Yah you are getting nervous all over again aren't cha? I am too. I did the exact same as you. You will be fine. I have surgery on 1-26-09.

  7. Hi Everyone! I'm not really aure how this works or where this will post but I just wanted 2 say hello!....I am having LB surgery 1/21/09! Although I was confident that I had all of the information I needed, when the dat was approved, It all went out the window & ANXIETY has kicked in X10!!! please give any advice u think I need 2 know b4 surgery.