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  1. Nice blog. I'm wondering if I will need surgery to get rid of the loose skin. My doctor says in exchange for using my video blog he will give me a HUGE discount.
  2. Hey everyone, I had a video blog years ago when I did the Master cleanse, and when I was trying a brand of Protein shakes. I have just restarted my blog to document my gastric sleeve experience. I want to see if I can get some subscribers here. Please subscribe to my channel and share with others. The blog is called rebuilding Paul! and I hope you'll take a moment to watch it and offer any suggestions you may have. I want these to improve as I go and this community is very helpful.
  3. Thanks. My doctor likes them. He's putting them on his website. Hopefully I can get more people to subscribe and share. I have about 15 friends who are exercising and dieting because they said I inspired them. So every time I think about cheating on my diet, they get mad at me and make sure I don't. I was worried they were a bit too long and had too much talking. I'm going to try to make them more brief in the future. I also am going to start having people take video of me exercising so I can do a montage when I reach my goal.
  4. Radar

    Hello Onederland!

    Congrats!!! I'm so jealous!!! Hopefully I'll be joining you soon. I'm down 50 pounds in 2 months. I'm trying to get to 170 by May 22nd. If I can hit 54 pounds before my 2 month surgiversary on the 21st, I'll only have 50 pounds until I get to Onederland!
  5. About 16 years ago, I was legally blind in one eye and the other one wasn't very good either. I couldn't wear contacts because I had a severe astigmatism but also because I just can't put my finger in my eye. I was wearing coke bottle glasses and I'd have to feel around for them every morning when I woke up like Velma on Scooby Doo. I had thought about getting corrective laser surgery on my eyes, but I was scared of all the things that could go wrong. I live in California... what if there was an earthquake when the laser was on my eye? What if it hurts a lot. What if they mess up and I lose what little vision I still have? What if... what if... what if. I am always thinking about things like this and have a lot of sleepless nights. One day I finally decided that if I'm going to be blind anyway, I may as well have a few years of decent vision before it happens. When I did it, I had 20/20 vision for the first time in my life. I wanted to kick my own butt for not doing it sooner. It was like a miracle. Now, 16 years later, I kept telling myself I was just not strong enough and I failed to lose weight in every diet because I lacked dedication or heart. I got the gastric sleeve done on September 21st and I'm down 45 pounds in 7 weeks and counting. The AMAZING thing is since the day after my surgery I have not taken a single bit of my medicines. No insulin, and no pills for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. and I've been checking my blood pressure and blood sugar every day and it's at about 110. Prior to the surgery, even with insulin and pills, I could never get my blood sugar below 200. This is equally miraculous as when my vision was corrected in a single day and I am equally kicking my own butt for not doing this sooner. I suffered for so long needlessly. The bulk of my medical problems were fixed in one day!!! I have to stop being afraid and just do what's best for my health and I hope you will learn from my example so you can avoid the suffering I went through. I can't describe how happy I am. Obviously the surgery isn't magic and losing weight and keeping it off requires a lot of discipline, exercise, planning, control, and will power, but I'm thrilled that I am having money I would have spent on meds, and I'm saving money on food. I'm buying better and more expensive food, but I eat a lot less of it. I am also spending a bit more on fitness related stuff like my new FitBit Charge HR. Anyway, I am just having tons of regret, and I think a lot of you do too.
  6. I had the same doubts right before surgery because I lost 23 pounds in 2 weeks before surgery, but I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds before and I needed something to stick. It takes a long time to develop healthier habits and to drastically change your entire lifestyle. The sleeve gives me the inability to cheat, or the inability to cheat very much before I feel sick and stop the bad stuff. I think this will last long enough for me to get into the habit of eating right and doing exercise regularly. I think the exercise is starting to stick, but I still struggle with sticking to the diet, especially when I am surrounded by Halloween candy, family BBQs, etc. but as they say, it's about progress, not perfection. We're not in a sprint, we're in a marathon.
  7. Radar

    What is your most embarrassing NSV?

    Clothes are much nicer in smaller sizes.
  8. Radar

    What is your most embarrassing NSV?

    I have a lot of people at work pointing and laughing at me because my clothes are so loose. I don't want to buy new ones yet because I know they will be also be too big pretty soon.
  9. You're going to do great Lisa! You will have some discomfort at first, but it will be gone quicker than you think. As FDR, one of America's greatest Presidents once said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." I'd also recommend THIS thread because it will help you know what to expect.
  10. I didn't expect that I'd be down 43 pounds in the first month. I never had a bit of nausea. I had no trouble sleeping and no problems smelling food, though I didn't expect I could smell a cheeseburger 2 blocks away. I think exercise is really the key to this thing. The people who did this with me haven't lost even half of what I have. I don't think they are doing the exercise. I finally got cleared for resistance training so I'll be doing some circuit training along with my cardio now. I also run (I'm being generous, it's more like half jog and half walk) with a group at my job every Wednesday at 5:30am. This week we went 4.5 miles!!! My plan is to build up strength and stamina until I can do a full 5k run without walking. I'd like to be able to do it before my birthday in February.
  11. Here's the latest entry for my Gastric Sleeve Video Blog. It's my 1 month surgeversary so I am sharing my results.
  12. Yesterday was exactly 1 month since I started the pre-op diet. I went from 303 to 268 in only 1 month!!! Now most of this was from the pre-diet liquid diet. I lost 23 pounds before surgery. Then gained 4-5 pounds from the surgery, and lost that plus another 11. My 1 month post op will be on October 21st. I can't wait to see how much I've lost by then.
  13. Radar


  14. My surgery was on September 21st. I have not taken a single bit of my blood pressure or diabetes medicine since then and both my blood sugar and blood pressure are perfect!!! Overnight I was fixed!
  15. Here's my latest video. It's my first post-op one. Please check it out and subscribe to my channel.
  16. Here's my latest video. It's my first post-op one so please check it out and subscribe to my channel!
  17. Radar

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Nice link! Check this out! http://www.theslowroasteditalian.com/2013/03/19-chicken-dinners-ready-in-just-30.html
  18. Radar

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    I have my own best recipe on earth for pot roast from a slow cooker and it's the best you'll ever taste. I just don't think it's good for post-op, high Protein, low fat and low carbs meals like we need so I haven't posted it.
  19. Radar

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Let me know how it turns out and take a photo
  20. Radar

    Slow Cooker Recipes

  21. Radar

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    It's day old bread cut into ½ inch squares.
  22. Radar

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Holy BEEF!!! that sounds SO good!!! Super easy too! I'm all about easy prep! All of these recipes look amazing and I can't wait to try them!! You should start a Facebook page full of recipes or even your very own lil healthy cook book!! These aren't my recipes. I am posting recipes from a diabetic slow cooker cook book. High Protein and low carbs just like what post-op sleevers like us need. I just love the idea of spending a few minutes to setup a meal and coming home to a hot meal ready to go. Walking into my apartment with delicious smells coming from everywhere and I just serve it up. I found a page that shows you how to spend one weekend a month prepping 40 slow-cooker meals so you always have food ready and each meal is super cheap. You save money and time, and you are planning ahead so you don't get stuck without something healthy to eat. 40 meals is enough for a full month including lunches and dinners. When you need one, you just take out the gallon frozen bag, empty it into the slow cooker and turn it on. Then PRESTO! You have a hot and ready meal when you get home.

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