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  1. Hi Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I dont go on this site often anymore. No real regrets just yet. I live in Newhall also. Give me a call sometime 661-255-0647, it will be great to have a vst buddy

  2. I think an important thing to be said is how life changing a VSG can be. I read on here and on OH about people wanting to eat more than their stomachs will allow and how long it takes to get to eat alittle more. The surgery I have chosen is meant to reduce the amount I am able to eat. I have to be accepting and even grateful for that. I have come to accept that I will never ever be able to eat 3 to 4 cups of anything at one time ever again. Should I want to? Yes its a grieving thing, a missing of that almighty drug of choice in the amounts that we have grown acustome to. You know the amount that made us huge and made everyone else comment behind our backs. But I dont think the food addicted mind will let some of us grasp what that change is really going to be like. It is permanent, that means forever! Sure we can eat around our sleeve like we could around the band. Grazing all day on high calorie mushies is wonderful weight gaining sabotager. Still there are those of us who cant fathom not being able to eat a plate full of a large meal like other non sleeve freinds and family can. We are limited to our 3 to 4 oz, sometimes a bit more if you have a bigger pouch and that is only after several long months out. If this is something that is difficult for a person's mind to grasp, they perhaps should rethink the sleeve surgery. I dont mean to be preachy but it isnt something that was talked about much before I had my sleeve and when it was, I wasnt able to make the connection at that time anymore than some pre surgery patients can now, so I feel it is worth mentioning again. I have an addiction to foods. One taste of some foods is too many and a thousand is never enough. I still grieve the loss of the ability to have all that my brain wants to eat but grieving will pass. I feel better about it every day. I would just like to reinforce the concept and purpose of the sleeve. It is to greatly control our intake. Forever. Ok, that is off my chest and alot of fat is off my ass as a result of this life change. There are soooo many positive life changing gifts we can accept from this surgery. I want to dwell on those for now.
  3. We should get together sometime. I have to celebrate getting into a size 10 pants this weekend

  4. Ruthi

    Self Pay VSG and income tax return

    I believe the rule is you can claim it but only the amount that is over 2% of your total annual income or line 7 on the income tax return. So with that being said, it will depend on how much you paid and how much you make and that will make the amount different for everyone.
  5. I can understand the feeling although I am 5 months out, I am no stranger to depression but beware, the depression can hit even without a stall. I know alot of us go through that after weight loss due to loss of harmones and chemical imbalances following the loss of fat cell that generally store alot of these important chemicals. I found myself in a big depression but it hit so gradually that I didnt identify it was depression until some of the major symptoms were beginning to surface. I would go to work as usual but in the evening or weekend I would isolate myself, do some housework, but keep to myself, my car didnt even leave the garage and only a select few phone calls, the following weekend would be worse, the same isolation but I wouldnt do anything leading to the following weekend without even getting dressed or brushing my hair. Suddenly I felt guilty for the behavior and then and only then did it dawn on me that I was headed to that dark cloud point. I went to see my doctor and he upped my antidepressants. The point of this is just to keep alert to some of the gentle behaviors of frustration and anxiety and watch for more serious signs that can follow. Your frustration over stalls is justified I grant you that but... dont let it become worse before getting some professional help. Its a difficult thing to climb out of once it starts. Keep you chin up, the stall will pass.
  6. You go girl, I hope he is able to answer alot of questions for you. Let us know what we can do to help you through your journey. Always remember we are here for you and PLEASE keep posting!
  7. Congrats, I know what an awesome feeling that is, I am still at 191 to 194 and battling those back and forth lbs for weeks now but I put a plan into works this morning and I am determined to break 180 in weeks to come.
  8. Ruthi

    Exercise help here, please!

    Wow, a post I can really relate to. OK, I admit it, I am Ruthi and I am a no exercise aholic. I admit that I hate it and use every excuse in the book to NOT do it, until this morning. This morning I actually got up at 4:15 AM and went to the gym and did 40 min of exercise on the treadmill and some resistance training machines.I worked until I was sweating, then went to shower and got ready for work. I did this because I gave myself a major talking to this weekend. I was deeply ashamed of myself for putting out so much money for this surgery and then not doing whatever it took to give myself the maximum health benefits. I was the epitomy of LAZY. It was time to stop. GEEZ even my gym membership was paid for. I went out and bought extra makeup and deordorant, soap and hair products so I could get ready for work from the gym. Then I laid out everything I needed ahead of time so all I had to do is wake up,let the dog out, put on my gym clothes and grab the bag to head out the door. I made it easy to get out of the door this morning and left no reason for an excuse and it worked. I felt emensely proud of myself and I plan to do it again tomorrow. NO MORE EXCUSES. I know I could do the exercising at home but I needed to be at the gym because once there, I felt more compelled. I went back to more basics with my eating aslo. For me, once one thing gets out of control, it seems everything slides back into the old bad habits. Thanks everyone for the post. I will let you know how I am doing on this endeavor.
  9. Ruthi


    Cheezy, Read everything you can on this forum, it will answer alot of questions for you. As for your boyfriend,....no one that calls you names and degrades you can possibly love you as you may think he does. There is no excuse for his using that kind of insult or abuse because he fears losing the mother of his child. Anyone and I mean anyone who abuses you like that for what ever reason should be kicked to the curb. I understand that you may not have enough self esteem to consider this but women on this forum can see what you may not be able to see. DO NOT rationalize his behavior. He DOES NOT have the right, so dont enable him. The women on this forum have many years of experience in this area, myself included. We want you to succeed regardless of how you choose to do it. Take care of yourself first. We are here for you. And PLEASE, remember, YOU MATTER and you know yourself better than anyone else, if you feel this is the best way for you, then it is. Dont let someone else determine your fate.
  10. Ruthi

    Explain this to me

    I spent the weekend with V Angel and Bearded again and went to Lane Bryant and got fitted. I have to admit they are very comfortable bras and V Angel printed off a coupon for me for an additional 30% off so I got 4 of them. The girls do look ALOT perkier but my size didnt really change that much. In as far as the weekend with those 2 crazy people, I have to say we had an amazing time and hopefully we will do it again soon. NOW, let us persuade them to put up some new photos, THEY BOTH LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!! I didnt even know them at first. Thanks for the awesome weekend, I miss you both already!
  11. Dont worry V Angel, I am recycling the nicest blouses and tops your way on Thursday!
  12. LOL it amazes me what we will allow from people whom we love and feel love us in return. I have to agree with the other women on here that post that they would not allow that crap from their husbands but then, I am divorced twice and needless to say I DIDNT TAKE THEIR CRAP. Easier said than done, right? Going against a spouse is very difficult especially if its something you rarely do. On the serious side here, try to find out what his real objection with WLS or even Mexico for surgery if its a money issue. He is your husband and I am sure you know how to handle him by now. Once you discover the real issue (seems he hasrationalized his reasons to all of your avenues) then you can begin to break him down a bit. Bottom line, I would call his bluff. Have the surgery, I doubt there are locks and divorce papers when you return. I think he is just pushing his extra 30 lbs around to see if you crumble. Dont give up. Now on a second thought...... I wonder how many of the husbands that were originally against WLS for their wives as yours is now have a different outlook now that they have lost alot of weight and are hot mommas?
  13. Ruthi

    not losing anymore!

    I just got off of a 6 week stall, I finally saw the scale move down 2 lbs this week. I was hoping for more but thats just the way it goes. I did cut out a few of the snack stuff I was allowing myself and that could have been why it wasnt more. I am ok, with it for now as long as the loss is a there and not a gain
  14. I joined the clean closet brigade this past weekend too. I have years of multi sized clothes in my closets. I am single and live in a 3 bedroom townhouse and all of the closets were full of the multi sized stuff. Not anymore, I let my sister shop through it then took, 6, yes that is what I said....6 L&L bags and 2 med boxes to the thrift store. All I kept was a few size 14 and size 12's. It feels sooooo good. And I have room for more junk now.
  15. Ruthi

    NSV shout outs

    They are going to get sooooo pregnant!!!
  16. Ruthi

    Ipod giveaway

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Judy, you go girl!!!
  17. Ruthi

    Dehydration Issues.

    marijuana is a type of hemp but not all hemp is marijuana. I think all will be ok with hemp hearts. They make rope from hemp too but I wouldnt smoke a rope.
  18. Ruthi

    Shaking all over!!

    Pissy period....thats a good name for it! I am there alot
  19. Ruthi

    Post and Win a 16GB iPod Nano!

    YAyyyyyy Judy, you have some sounds to dance to now!!!
  20. You dont have to ask for feedback. Sometimes you just get it. It is a free forum and I do have the right to make any comment that I wish whether you like it or not. It wasnt an improper question as it may help someone else from choosing a doctor who is inexperienced and can save them needless complications. Get a Grip!
  21. one leak in 50 arent good stats. How many has he done total?
  22. Ruthi


    I am in favor of free health care as long as they are upfront as to where the money is going to come from to pay for it and our taxes do NOT pay for illegal imigrants to have free health care on our dime. I dont think free health care is a good term. Nothing is free.
  23. Ruthi

    Homecoming outfit

    You are going to knock his dessert boots off girl. You look terrific
  24. Ruthi

    Anyone else belong here?

    I have you beat, my daughter turns 30 in March!.....where's my cane mmmmm I cant remember anything!
  25. Ruthi

    CA Sleevesters

    Hi and welcome, glad to see another CA girl on here, I am in LA