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  1. Dont worry V Angel, I am recycling the nicest blouses and tops your way on Thursday!
  2. Ruthi

    Ipod giveaway

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Judy, you go girl!!!
  3. Ruthi

    Homecoming outfit

    You are going to knock his dessert boots off girl. You look terrific
  4. Geez, cant we all just get along? If anyone doesnt like what they read or see, no one here is going to make them stay here and be exposed to it. Thanks to all who keep this forum what it was meant to be. We have a kind caring forum family here, I would love to see it kept that way. PEACE
  5. Ruthi

    Onderland is here ! ! !

    Wow, airport pics, those will be great, cant wait to see them and I know you cant wait to take them
  6. Ruthi

    Pre-op diet day 3

    It makes total sense. I ddnt tell anyone including family and found this was my only place to come and vent or talk about the single most important thing going on in my life at the time. Come to think of it, it still is.. I need to get another life LOL
  7. Ruthi

    New to this

    Hi and welcome Austin! I too am a revision from band to sleeve. You will never regret the sleeve. I am really happy with mine. Make sure you select a good surgeon to do your revision especially if you have to have a hiatal hernia repair. Those can be tricky for some surgeons without a lot of experience with the sleeve.
  8. Ruthi

    What's on your mind?

    What a guyyyyy!
  9. Very Good advice Mac, I couldnt have put it better
  10. Mac I have the same problem, I live alone so any leftovers are all mine and it takes several days to eat the whole thing unless I eat it for every meal and thats not gonna happen.
  11. sounds like you are doing all the right things for yourself and YES we will get through this together. Keep the faith.
  12. We totally understand and we are here for you no matter where you have your VSG done. We are just happy you can have it done.
  13. Ruthi

    Chili and beans

    Beans should be ok, they are soft and then you chew them well before swallowing, you should be fine. The chili sounds good!
  14. I think she has some major issues, she was like that all weekend
  15. Ruthi

    BCBS and Unitedhealthcare

    I am with you on that
  16. I think that all depends on what you consider eating normally. You will be able to eat a bit more, perhaps 50% more than you do now, at about 1 yr out but you may never be able to eat what you were able to eat before or what others eat now. You may have to grieve your loss of the ability to take more than a few bites of that favorite food. I know I have had to. I am a foodie, that was my drug of choice. I loved food and the more I like a food, the more I wanted to taste it...over and over and over....well you get my drift here. I was aware of why and how I became overweight and volume was the biggest part of it, hence I felt the sleeve was the best answer for me. It keeps my volume eating to a nill and I am happy that it does. Sometimes a little too well but thats an acceptance issue.
  17. Ruthi


    I had my surgery on a Friday and was back to work Tuesday with no problems
  18. Ruthi

    Need some support.....

    I didnt have counseling eiither, someone that commits suicide has more issues than just WLS but group support you get here will help. Good thing to stop smoking the POT, munchies are the very last thing you need after surgery. Cigarette smoking will delay healing so you really dont need that either. Best of luck to you. We are here when you need us.
  19. Ruthi

    Something Else is Missing...

    I am sure all of us had that feeling to some extent. I felt there was hope for the first time in a very long time.
  20. Ruthi

    My first NSV!

    Ross's Dress for Less comes in handy when you find you need something right now. I am waiting for big purchases too but when I went from size 18 tio 12, I had to get some new jeans. Tops havent been an issue just yet.
  21. What are his concerns? Maybe someone here can help you enlighten him. Who is doing your surgery?
  22. Ruthi

    Compulsive Worrier

    Men embrace anything they believe is their idea.
  23. Ruthi

    August 4th !!

    Hope all is well with you Linda, our thoughts and prayers and good wishes are with you
  24. Ruthi

    Home!! SO HAPPY

    VA is right, the incision usually heals nicely on its own and it remains open and drains for about 10 to 14 days, however, with that being said...If the area remains red and swollen and gets worse or does not improve, see your PCP or call Dr Aceves. It is ALWAYS good to keep your doctor informed early on with any possible complications.

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