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  1. Me, me!! 47 days since surgery and NO fill yet. My main incision got infected, that cleared but then it split open so I have had to hold off on a fill till it's healed. Tomorrow is my appt - so wish me luck! After the month mark from surgery - I definetly felt my appetite came back. I now snack, I keep it healthy like watermelon but I know I definetly have eaten more at meals. So my weight loss definetly sloooowed down. I'm hoping I have still been able to lose. We will see tomorrow though. :party:
  2. so cool when someone takes note of our weight loss!!!!
  3. SEVERAL pokes? oh lawd *thud* I wondered about that. You'd think they'd invest in an ultrasound machine to eliminate several pokes of a needle. No wonder they don't want kids with us during fills. yikes!
  4. I didn't use Scott & White. I got mine done in Austin. But for me, to be honest it felt like forever. I did mine online in late Nov. Meet the surgeon for the first time early Dec...then did my pre-op testing in March and got banded in April. Course - they lost my paperwork a few times :thumbup:
  5. does everyone drink? I don't think I can handle any more aspartame found in Crystal light but egads I need something else besides Water.
  6. Oh and shrimp doesnt go down, I got sick when trying fried chicken (not my idea but that was the only thing this pathetic restaurant had - so I returned it and ate when I got home). Beef...eeks...that was hard but ground beef is fine. I've been sticking with salmon & chicken. So far that is ok! WHEW!
  7. Vcatalina - great going on having a trainer and exercising!! JayTee - impressive!!! You're doing great. My incision got infected and is now clear but it opened up so I am NOT cleared to have a fill yet. Which up until two days ago was fine. I feel like I can definetly eat more in one setting. Our nutritionist did not put a limit on how much we can eat because he said everyone is different. So I've just ate till Im full. Thankfully I've still lost weight but now that I can eat more I'm not so sure how much more I can without a fill. And.... I'm having so much joint pain that I'm having a hard time walking. Hopefully things will change soon.
  8. paxie

    what besides WATER

    Thank you all!! I will try all these ideas!! I appreciate it!!
  9. anyone else having problems with aspartame? I've had the worst joint pain the past couple days and I am thinking I'm having a reaction to all the aspartame I'm intaking through crystal light and other 'sugar free' stuff.
  10. Kath - that sounds wonderful. I hav to give that a try!!
  11. Thank you to both! I appreciate the explaination and the suggestions!!! I saw my doctor today and she had NEVER heard of anyone having any reactions to aspartame. She suggested I ask my nutritionist. But all the same - I'm going to avoid it for a while. I'm still hurting today. I read that it can take up to 60 days to go through our system? Really?! Gawd I hope not. I tried stevia and man...it is sweet...too sweet. I think I will try it at half doseage and see if I like that better. I actually like splenda...but man... I just dont want to risk hurting any more.... I may do that in smaller doseages for a bit. But thank you all again.
  12. thanks guys. What do you all drink for beverages? I think I was getting most of the aspartame through Crystal light. I was just getting so tired of just water that I switched over but it's so not worth the pain.
  13. thanks aubrie. i've never heard of turbinado sugar but i do know honey. I will have to switch things up now. i've been in too much pain lately.
  14. hmm...you know I was under the impression that the first few weeks was really about healing and not about weight loss. Sure we do because of what we eat, but that wasnt to be the focus of it. So don't be discouraged by a few pounds - that's less than where we started after all.
  15. have you gone to the support groups locally? I know we have some in that area but I havent checked them out yet.
  16. paxie

    New me!

    That's awesome!!! Keep up the good work!
  17. With egg yes - and I wouldn't of thought that becuase of it's soft texture.
  18. I'm sorry to hear that - maybe it was too soon to start on soft foods. I didnt start soft foods until 3.5 weeks and even then I feel queasy at times with certain things and was told that particular item, my stomach just wasnt ready for. I do agree, call the doc and see what they say. I wish you all the best. MURPHY - good job on your weight loss. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with us your progress. VAYIAYA - yah, I found that I havent hit 1,000 on my daily calories either. I find it strange but dont feel starving (thank God!) or stuffed. I'll find out if that's ok to do when I see the doc this Friday. I can't imagine what it will be like when I do get a fill. eeps.
  19. paxie

    straight to pureed foods?

    lol!! I got it. Yes, I've had too much proteins and it did a side affect I wasnt thrilled about. So I hear ya.
  20. paxie

    straight to pureed foods?

    oh my gosh I started soft foods today - as per the nutritionist and the doc... yah my tummy is so not ready for it. First I ate my eggs too fast and thought I was going to hurl afterwards - I didnt but instead I had the worst burbs ever. I am sooo not going to do that again - I am going to eat more slowly!! Then everything else feels like it just sits there and is taking forever to go through and I felt nausead. I think it was too much too soon. And I'm on day 16 I think. ESH... going to take it easy and try another day after my tummy recovers.
  21. paxie

    straight to pureed foods?

    that's a good way of explaining it
  22. paxie

    straight to pureed foods?

    Ugh I am sick of soups and yogurt now........lol...thankfully I'm clear to move on to soft foods but I'm nervous about the 30 chew thing and screwing it up.
  23. paxie

    Banded on Tuesday :)

    Glad you figured it out Lady28. When I tried mashed peas - that didnt go over well - that was the only time so far when I felt sick. Havent tried ground beef yet though - for some reason I thought we couldnt digest it yet. But I have friends who did the bipass and I think it was them who can't. Keep up the good work everyone!! Glad we are all in this together!! :thumbup:
  24. 2Legit2Quit - thank your Dad for me for his service to our country BeeffromCali - can you do Soups? I can no longer do Protein Shakes so I didnt get a chance to get sick of it but I am starting to get sick of soups now. There are so many out there - the nutritionist and doc said to blend them first though. KEL - try a good resale shop for some clothes or see if any of your friends want to do a swap LMAO - VCatalina!! Bless his honest heart! My daughter told me she doesnt like my doctor because she gave me ouwies! Ban Groupie - I was like your son and wondered why I had a two inch insicion. The doctor later showed me why. lol!! WoobeeMom - I avoided jeans and anything like it for 2 weeks - only my yoga pants or really soft shorts for me!! Doing well so far - my husband is away for the week so for the first time I've had to cook for the kids since the surgery and I'm doing pretty good. My insicion was infected so 3 weeks of antibotics for me! BLECK!!! I am ready to move on from soups - but a few days ago I tried mashed up peas and I woke up nausead later that night so I went back to just yogurt, Soup, apple sause and mash potatoes. mash potatoes take so much longer to digest. I did tell the doc I am eating more but she said at this stage for me it's ok because of the type of food I can just have (liquid mush I guess).
  25. paxie

    Banded on Tuesday :)

    LadyJP - is your incision infected? That would also cause a burning sensation and more pain than just from the surgery.

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