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  1. Mayasgram

    How Did You Get Fat???

    Oh I don't think eating to 275lbs for me had a whole lot to do with food hunger.
  2. One of the best days of your life huh?? I was shocked at the choices you get in the Misses Dept. It took me hours to go through everything. I am just so happy for you . Nothing you ever ate tasted better then this did it?
  3. Mayasgram

    Who Is Correct Here?

    The Dr. I eat my Protein mostly meat it fills me the best and I was always a meat eater. I love a cup of V8 juice warmed up in the winter monthes iced in the summer and for a treat with a splash of vodka . Sounds crazy to have such a difference of opinion in the same office. I do eat vegtables and take a Vitamin... Just don't eat JUNK and stay at your portion size.... I wouldn't do pop very often but my Dr. said once in a while is a okay if it doesn't bother you. It's funny what becomes a treat once you lose weight for me in use to be creme filled Krispy Kreme donuts and at least 2 .. I never passed a Bakery I didn't like or a mickey D's carmel frappe at 450 cals as a chaser. Now it makes me gag... Yuk so much sugar.
  4. Mayasgram

    Will This Time Be Different?

    As you pack away the old clothes , pack away all your old ways of thinking. This is different you have something inside you that will help you not be hungry, It has worked and it will continue to work. The only thing that gets in your way is your head . Find other things to do instead of eating and thinking about food. It takes time to learn to think positive thoughts about yourself after years of wishing you were thin. I gave away everything but one outfit I thought I looked kinda cute in. And now I just look at it and shake my head... For me when I look at that outfit and old fat pictures I realize that there is just no way I will let that pain and defeat back into my life. I am the one that controls that , and nothing I ever ate taste better than being thin and happy with that success.
  5. Sounds like a stick to me.I had that happen when I was on meds. the irritation may have caught up with you. Hope you are better soon.
  6. I would do all the things everyone else suggested go to the DR. eat the right food in the right portions get rid of all the junk food. 5 day pouch test. But..... How about sitting down with your self and figuring out why you are doing this to yourself??????????? See the band doesn't restrict your brain or your will... you choose to do that..And somewhere along the line you decided to cheat yourself out of all your hopes and dreams.. It is about you and while I am sure your mom may feel disappointed for you this is not about her. I am a mother and watching an overweight unhappy child is heartbreaking but I am also a daughter and my mom wasn't always my best friend. not saying your mom was like mine. But this is your journey You walk it and it is up to you whether you walk it Fat and unhappy or thin and confident. While I am sure you appreciate all the back on track advice surely you do know how to do that stuff with out our saying it. Do yourself a big favor and try what I suggest. For me I write out everything I find that once I get things down in black and white and no BS I can take charge of my own needs . Best Wishes I never say Good Luck because Luck has nothing to do with success on this life journey.
  7. Mayasgram

    7Mos. No Fill

    I never heard of such a thing , where are you?? The whole point in the band is the fills sounds really weird to me . Take along information on the band from the sites . And don't ever be afraid to stick up for yourself you do not need to plead to get what the band is for. THis is crazy....
  8. Mayasgram

    Gurgle Noise From Band After Fill

    I always gurgle the PA says I'm lucky because we know the fluid is going through.
  9. Mayasgram

    Not Losing But It's Ok

    Eat what they tell you 1 cup then stop . You should not be stuffed...stuffed is what got me to wls. Your body catches up with what you give it, I know some people get all into how many calories and if that works for you so be it. For me that just never was an opition that was what I had done all my FAT life. sooooooooo....I decided that there is no way I could put 1000 cals in a cup and a half of the recomended food a day. If I got hungry which was more head then body hunger I had a small snack. I took my vitamins and supplements I drank my liquids and I lost weight , and I wasn't hungry . Post weight loss I still probably only average 1000 cals a day, some days more some days less. I am healthy my hair is strong and now surprisingly RED LOL , my teeth haven't fallen out and my bones are intact. So I am just saying this freedom I have around food has been helped by my not being preoccupied with counting calories. Everyones journey is different and this is mine
  10. I love a salad if my husband makes it .. I love seafood and I eat lots of it .. but my favorite treat food is LAPBAND CRACK... homemade mashed potoes and gravy which is for a real occassions at my sons wedding that was my splurge . It's a funny choice for me since before my favorite food was anything that was baked and full of sugar Now it's mashed potatoes??
  11. Oh but yes you can stop eating it.... How .. you just stop ,,,you don't have it in the house ..You don't buy it . you don't smell it you don't have a taste... You don't eat around it like substituting choc shakes for vanilla. YOU JUST DON'T HAVE IT... maybe someday maybe never if it's your food that starts you on a downward spiral.. As former fatties we know what food triggers us.. so you just don't have it.. I wish I had all the $$ I spent on junk food for my KIDS that they never saw because I ate it before they could. Look somethings just are not good for us physically or mentally , It's Time to put that away and stop playing games you can do it the question is will you... And if not ask yourself why is a chocolate chip more important than you are assuming you went through this whole process for a better life... Sorry no chocolate coating here..
  12. Mayasgram

    Man Vs Food

    I still think I am cooking for thrashers who will soon come in from the fields. My husband says we have more leftovers then anyone else in the neighborhood. So I now have this little ?? Happy Hour group that meets every Thursday at 4:00 and I make whatever I am wanting but could never eat in a year and bring that. I mean a lasagna, a whole cake, everyone teases me but they sure line up to eat it, works for me I get my taste and am satisfied and my husband doesn't have to eat it 3 times a day for a week and I come home with an empty dish. Told my daughter in law about this and she now has a thing like this going at her work. No wine however for them...
  13. Mayasgram

    Can I Drink Normal Now?

    Just because you can ... doesn't mean you should the more fill you get the less this will be possible. I'm not being a smart a$$ but why do you need to chug... I mean my boys chugged when they came in from excercise ..but I don't get it?? I can tell you this it will hurt when you get filled and may come right back up think hour glass. I drink all day long from the time I get up until I go to bed, I carry water with me wherever I go, which for me is a huge change the only liquid I got before was diet pop.
  14. Dr. Oz say when your stomach grumbles you are burning FAT. So let it roar...
  15. Mayasgram

    Stuck Or Something Else...??

    Sounds like you ate to much , it's a gassy food . I wouldn't eat for awhile why eat if you are not hungry? Drink as much as you can and I think if you feel bad tomorrow call the Dr it doesn't sound like a slip and it not sounding like a stuck either. Good Luck
  16. When you detox from sugar you get a headache. Remember this when someone tells you you took the easy way out......How bad do you want this.. thats the question. Not sure but I think I took an excedrin . It gets better... that that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Time to suck it up.. you will feel so much better when you win this battle.
  17. Mayasgram

    It Gets Cold In Florida!

    Turned the heat on this AM you folks up north may not know this but in south Fl. you don't have a furnace you just turn your air up it's an air handler . Feeling for all those states with out electricity and flooding,. We always think of Hurricanes down here not NY City. When I get homesick for fall I go to Jacksonville..............
  18. Mayasgram

    4 Days Post Op

    It really doesn't matter what other peoples Drs. told them it is what yours told you, you are in a partnership with him. You trusted him to open you up put a band around your stomache so listen to him on this. He is the one who will follow up with you . If you ask enough people what to do eventually someone will telll you what you want to hear. I suggest you do what he told you, read the directions again if you are doubting..
  19. Mayasgram

    I Think I Need A Fill ??

    Just because you can eat it ..doesn't mean you should .. You said you know so STOP. If you eat the amount they tell you to eat you will not be hungry.. Your head may be hungry your mouth may be hungry.... Everyone is different but 5CC IN A 10CC is more then enough fill for me. Anything over that I am be PBing everything... Sometimes when we are learning the band we think it will stop us from eating it doesn't work that way. And if you get to that point with overfilling it is not pleasant to have reflux coming through your nose. Eat what they tell you, stop when you are not hungry or it is gone and drink fluids 30 mins later and as often and as much as you want . Then eat the next meal when your stomache says you are hungry, It is a new process and you need time to learn it. Stay out of 7 11 or at least stay away from the hotdog counter.
  20. Mayasgram

    Keeping It A Secret

    I've been following your post and replys from others . I notice how many times you all use the word trust.....who you trust and who you don't and why. A year from now you will have learned lots about trust and if you trust your Dr. you will feel like a different person and the things you do now to feel protected will not be necessary, and you will look at life and the people around you in a different light.
  21. Not only do they move your organs around they pump you full of gas ?air to get in there and do what they have todo. So you are swollen and much as we want we don't even look a little bit skinney. I remember when I had our first son and I looked down and there was all this skin where my lap had been it's kinda like that. But your days coming so hang on sweetie it only gets better.
  22. Mayasgram

    Need Help

    I think the hardest thing in the begining is learning the difference between enough food I am not hungry and being full/stuffed. Preband I ate until I was full like don't take another bite you are stuffed. What I have learned with the band is it takes very little food to satisfy your stomache hunger. In the begining eat what they tell you and take small bites and chew chew chew take your time 20 mins was my time .Note I could have inhaled that amount in 2 mins before the band. Then ask yourself is my stomach full. If you say yes then stop eating. If your stomach says yes and your mouth says no then what you are missing is that party in your mouth. Well thats one party you have gone to to many times so the party you want now is a celebration at the scale. The store where you get to shop now and the jeans you never thought you could wear. Now thats a party.
  23. Mayasgram

    Assist/no Snark

    I agree with everything you have said. Maybe I am a little more wait and see with the call the Dr. I live an hour and half from my Dr. and in 3 years have only had to call 2 times after hours, one time the PA met me in a gas station bathroom halfway to Disney to take out some fill. The last time I was so stuck I was vomiting blood . Those were time I knew I was in trouble . But I have had twinges and pains and I just let those go as a wait and see. Maybe I am this way having raised 3 boys and a husband who faint at the sight of blood and think a cold is terminal. This site is a good site I don't think telling it like it is is snarky. I read about people eating like they use too and , wanting food 2 days after surgery and I say..... Really you want us to rubber stamp that. I really want everyone who does the band to lose the weight and I know how to do it and I am not going to sugar coat it . My Dr and PA are straight talkers they told me they would help me get the weight off if I would do what I was told to do. I did.... it worked ....and I am in a place I haven't been since I was in my 40's. I take 0 pills from 7 pills I feel great and I'm kinda cute. .I could not go to my Drs support group because I had to drive 3 hours round trip to listen to a bunch of whiners talk /mourn all the food they couldn't have. I spent 35 mins of my life listening to someone go on and on over a slice of pizza .They were stuck on the negative and I was just so happy to not be able to need that food in my life anymore. Today I eat anything I can get down and realize it is just food ...
  24. Mayasgram

    Quick Question After Vomiting

    Okay because you are a newbie and I wish someone had told me... I am going to get gross . PB ing is emptying your pouch...when you do this it will taste more or less exactly like it did going down... Vomiting comes from below the pouch and has been mixed with bile or digestive fluids this taste pretty bad. Like what we've know in the past. The below the band vomit is of concern because in the begining it can cause tearing of stitches internally and later slippage .The pouch PB ing or pouch emptying while not necessarily good because of esphogas eroision is not going to slip your band. Your band is tighter in the AM then later I often get a gag reflex with anything in the early AM. I hope this helps you best of Luck to you...
  25. Mayasgram

    Trouble Eating Randomly?

    It is slime and it means food is not passing through the band and your body produces it to get the food down. If it happens in the AM your band is always tighter , If orther times eat slower and chew more . If you continue after this maybe take out a little bit.

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