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  1. Hi Everyone I'm on day 1 of my 14 day pre op diet and I'm already struggling (I am so hungry I feel sick and I'm already grumpy lol). My dietician said to have Optifast 3 times a day and add in a couple of cups of vegies. He did say Optislim would be ok too. I bought some optifast but its really expensive and not that nice. I'm just wondering if any of the others are any better? Any hints for getting through the next 2 weeks would be great too. Thanks Lisa
  2. thinkingslim70

    Alcohol post op?

    Hi everyone I was only banded 2 weeks ago and about to move from liquid to pureed foods but with christmas and new year coming up I was just wondering when it is ok to have a couple of glasses of alcohol. The only thing in my notes from my dietician is that alcohol is ok in small quantities but it doesn't say when. Thanks
  3. thinkingslim70

    Can anyone drink beer?

    I can drink beer but like the others have said it is much slower than it used to be. I don't think it would be possible for me drink enough to get me drunk these days. I try to go for the low carb varieties like Pure Blonde
  4. thinkingslim70


    Hi Everyone I'm doing a bit of a panic. 2 of my kids have had a gastro bug and they vomited quite violently for about 12 hours. What happens if I get it? How will this affect my band? Any suggestions please?
  5. thinkingslim70


    Thanks I'm off to get some Glen 20 - just hope its not too late. I don't tend to be a vomiter. If I get gastro its usually the other end for me and as horrible as that is its a much better thought than vomiting. I haven't vomited with my band at all and really don't want to try it out.
  6. thinkingslim70

    Question about CPAP

    I stop breathing 100 times per hour. Pre CPAP I was really tired in the afternoons, if i sat down i fell asleep (even sitting up). This doesn't happen anymore. I have lost 25kgs (55lbs) and I have 10kgs (22lbs) to go. 3 days ago I had surgery on my nose to widen my nasal passages. My doctor thinks that nose surgery combined with the weight I have lost will mean I wont have to use CPAP anymore - i'm really hoping this is the case.
  7. thinkingslim70

    is this what being stuck feel like?

    Hi Julie Congrats on the boots - that is such a good feeling! I was banded in Dec and have only just started to have things get stuck, or what is stuck for me. I get a feeling of the food not going down - it literally feels stuck, I get discomfort from it (not necessarily pain), sometimes there is sliming other times not. I just know when this happens that I have eaten too quickly and kick myself. As soon as I feel it start I stop eating.
  8. thinkingslim70

    My own friends don't notice???

    Abby I had a big falling out with 2 of my closest friends. They are both quite large and really have their noses out of joint since I lost weight. They do things like roll their eyes when people comment on my weight loss or make loud comments like yeah she lost it and we've found it. They told me I am self centered now and I only think about clothes and food, which is so not true. I'm deeply hurt by their reaction and slowly coming to terms with the fact that I've lost 2 very close friends because as far as i'm concerned friends should be there to support each other and they haven't been there for me. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job!
  9. thinkingslim70

    Real Life Sex Educator Here---Feel Free to Ask Questions!

    I have a question that a friend asked me and I couldn't answer so hoping someone here can help her. She was single for quite awhile and relied on her "back massager" for pleasure. She says now she feels like her clitoris has lost some of its sensitivity. She now finds it very difficult to orgasm any other way. Her question to me was - is it possible to regain this sensitivity and how? Has anyone else found this to be a problem with using vibrators?
  10. thinkingslim70

    Dating and the band

    I recently had this experience. I started dating someone but didn't want to mention the surgery. Eating out wasn't a problem i just ordered entree size - the problem was he thought I was bizarre not drinking with my meal - comments like "what you don't even want water". After the 3rd meal out I came clean and told him. He was relieved cos he knew something was up and asked lots of questions. It was then not an issue. I'm glad I told him but I'm also glad I didn't do it on the first date.
  11. thinkingslim70

    Public Waiting List???

    I was done on the public health system. It took 2 years from my initial appointment. I was banded in December
  12. thinkingslim70

    OMG..being stuck is traumatizing

    I've had 2 fills - the last was just over a week ago. All of a sudden in the last couple of days I seem to be getting stuck lots. I don't know why - i'm being careful to chew well but the food is getting stuck before I realise I've eaten enough and then its too late. Thankfully no throwing up but the pain is terrible and it takes awhile to go away.
  13. thinkingslim70

    Breakfast ideas...

    Now that I'm on solid food again and about to go back to work I'm stuck with Breakfast ideas. When I'm home I love scrambled eggs but I don't have time for that on work days. Yoghurt is quick but it doesn't fill me up. What do you eat for breakfast?
  14. Hi Everyone I need a massive butt kick or some advice on how to get moving. I seem to have many constant excuses. I started off doing a bit of a circuit daily at home: 45 mins on treadmill, bike and stepper. This lasted a week and then I ended up back in hospital and bed rest for a week. Since then I haven't done a thing. I was banded 8th Dec and weight loss was steadily dropping off. The last couple of weeks, however, things have come to a standstill. I have had 1 fill but I know I have to exercise. Now I'm using the excuse that its just too hot. Any advice? How did you start your exercise routine? Please help
  15. thinkingslim70

    Breakfast ideas...

    Wow thanks leeanne - great ideas there.
  16. thinkingslim70

    It's toooooo HOT!!!

    Yep I agree - the 43 degree days were my limit. I am coping better since losing weight though. I think i might really feel the cold this winter lol
  17. thinkingslim70

    I need motivation re:exercise please

    Gee I really envy you girls who do running. I hope one day I can post something like that too. A friend came over last night and we went for a 40 min walk and it was great. I'm going to try swimming this week. I think you are right I need to start slowly. 3 times a week is doable.
  18. thinkingslim70

    I need motivation re:exercise please

    Thanks I occasionally get on the wii fit but i don't think of it as exercise. Maybe I should step that up a little
  19. My surgeon says 30 before and 60 after too. I'm finding it really hard to get all my water in, I know I'm not drinking enough. Definately something for me to work on.
  20. thinkingslim70

    It's toooooo HOT!!!

    i have air con but not much help without electricity. I'm going out of my mind and my battery is about to die on my laptop. No idea how i'm going to survive tonight...lol
  21. thinkingslim70

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    I was banded on 8th December. I had my first fill last Friday and I don't feel any different. I'm glad I was prepared for that by reading lots of posts on here, some saying it takes 4 or 5 fills to feel restriction. Have you tried varying what you're eating? I've been really slack with exercise. I need to get motivated in that area now. Good luck
  22. thinkingslim70

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    Hi Megs I'm in the western suburbs. I seem to have one week when I lose heaps then it slows for no apparent reason and just as I start to get worried I have a good loss again. I'm in that "slow" loss stage at the moment. When did you have your band put on?
  23. thinkingslim70

    What to take to hospital

    I took way too much with me. Basically you need a change of clothes and toiletries if you want to have a shower (I waited until I got home). I also took a magazine to flip through while waiting for surgery. Good luck
  24. Here's my list: - getting rid of my CPAP machine (sleep apnea) - feeling comfortable enough to have a family portrait taken - getting fit - wearing bathers and looking nice in them - shopping at normal clothes shops again - feeling confident enough to maybe meet someone and start dating
  25. Hi Everyone I'm wondering what reactions you've had from family and friends? I'm 6 weeks post op but have lost a fair bit of weight to the point that every where I go people notice and make positive comments which is lovely EXCEPT - my 2 closest friends. They were supportive initially but now tell me that all I ever talk about is food, exercise and clothes. This just isn't true, the only time I mention it is when someone comments or asks me questions. I don't know how to handle their current reaction to me. So I'm hoping by you sharing your stories (good and bad) that might help me understand.