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  1. Many people are under the assumption that every time you eat after the DS procedure, you run to the bathroom. This is a huge misconception. The majority of people "go" once or twice a day. The key to weight loss with DS is watching the carb intake and resisting eating in between meals. The reduced size of your stomach keeps you from eating a lot and the intestinal manipulation keeps you from absorbing all the calories you take in. What are other peoples' experiences with eating with the DS? Liz
  2. While most people are familiar with lapband surgery and gastric bypass surgery, there are two other surgeries that are "gaining" popularity. One is the vertical sleeve. The other is DS surgery which is the most complex and is usually reserved for the most obese population. Some people have DS surgery in 2 parts (the first being the vertical sleeve) while others have it in one surgery. Some have an open surgery and some have a lap. approach. So, to those who have had DS surgery and to those who are considering it, let's get this forum up and running! Liz
  3. Elisabethsew

    100+ Pound Club

    While I have great respect for people who decide to have weight loss surgery to lose 50 or so pounds, I have a hard time relating to them. My highest was 440 pounds and I began the VSG journey at 285 pounds. I'm looking at a 150 pound loss and would love to communicate with others in my category.
  4. Elisabethsew

    First Procedure

    I'm at the beginning of my weight loss journey but anticipate I will need some plastic surgery when I get to goal. Since money is ALWAYS an issue, I'll have to carefully choose which procedure to have first. I'm pretty sure a tummy tuck will head the list. Has anyone else has plastic surgery? What surgery did you have first and are you happy with the choice/results?
  5. Who has had DS surgery? Who was your surgeon? Did you go through insurance or were you a self pay?
  6. Elisabethsew

    Are You Dealing With Regain?

    Fired from DS?
  7. Hi Will, Who is your surgeon in Mexico?
  8. I had my surgery a 6 hours plane ride and an hour ride away from my home. I was fine on the flight home and had no bowel issues as I was only on Clear liquids. As long as you restrict carbs, bowel and flatulence issues are not a concern. Most DS'ers "go" once or twice a day.
  9. Hi Srreeder, Given your family history of co-morbidities, DS would be the best choice. It's got the highest rate of success and the lowest regain rate.
  10. Elisabethsew

    Let's Get The Duodenal Switch People Together

    Welcome Mommabearn, Congratulations on making a good choice. Who will be doing your procedure?
  11. I would hope that you see an MD who specializes in liver (hepatic) issues. I'm an RN and find it VERY strange that a liver Bx was not done. PLEASE get another opinion and don't wait for another MRI to see what happens. Some tumors are fast growing.
  12. Hi Misswifey21, Congratulations on your progress. What problems have you been having?
  13. I had the sleeve and revised to the DS. It's the superior surgery, in my opinion, and I don't regret having it at all.
  14. SDM, Could you please clarify what you're asking?
  15. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Hi Lily, I can relate to what you posted. However, whenever I eat too many carbs I feel awful. The good thing about the DS procedure is that you can start over everyday. Today, I started eating 2 string cheeses as a Breakfast item. My plan is to cut out as many carbs as I can so I get the weight loss going again. Liz
  16. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Thanks, Lily. I'm going to try some when I'm looking for a change or to fill me up.
  17. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Hi Will, Can you tell us more? What is your current weight? Do you have other health problems associated with obesity?
  18. Elisabethsew

    Vitamins and the DS

    Hi Gottalose, Well said. I prefer not to police and silence people. Sometimes, what we write is not received the way it was intended and people get hurt or angry. We all share the desire to be healthy and support one another. Hopefully, that guiding intent will keep things running smoothly. Vets are most welcome here and their experiences and advice are important.
  19. Elisabethsew

    Vitamins and the DS

    Vitalady's site is excellent and she certainly was a help to me. I would advise anyone to visit her site.
  20. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Does anyone eat Beans (black, red, etc.) as a source of Protein? I know they have carbs but tossing them in a salad might be a good way to up the protein intake.
  21. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Hi Whit, If you look at page 1 of this thread you'll see my stats as requested.
  22. Elisabethsew

    Vitamins and the DS

    I was shocked at the Flintstone Vitamin suggestion as well. I picked a bottle up while shopping and on the back of the bottle it advises twice the amount for adults. This is for people who are unable to swallow Vitamins and certainly would not meet the needs of a DS patient. This illustrates the need to not assume an MD is all knowing. If anything, surgeons enjoy the actual procedure and turf most patients to follow-up with a PCP.
  23. Elisabethsew

    Vitamins and the DS

    Hi Sheanie, No, your eyes did not deceive you. My ferritin is currently at 7 and my Fe sat is at 4. I had Fe deficiency anemia before surgery and after tons of testing it was determined I don't absorb Fe. My H&H is steady at 11/34 but that will soon fall. Working 2 jobs (one on the night shift) means I am always tired but when I notice I am winded going up stairs, that's the signal that tells me my H&H is falling. I called the hem-onc today and the office was closed so I'll try on Monday.
  24. Lily, congratulations on your very impressive loss.
  25. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Hi Lily, Your point is well taken. The term "nutritionist" and registered dietician are often lumped together. Those who are RDs have gone through an accredited course of study and sat for a licensing exam. As with any healthcare professional or paraprofessional, it's important to investigate their educational background and knowledge of the weight loss surgeries being done.

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