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  1. I went to the doctor today and was told i have a enlarged esophagus and have to be on liquid for the next 4 weeks if anyone else have/had this problem please let me know how you handle it i am just very scared of whats going to happen any opinion let me know my ears r wide open.y6:sad::thumbup::smile2::blushing::thumbdown:
  2. takinsexyback


    Girl u look great how much have u lost so far
  3. how much have you lost so far you look great do you have any recent picture

  4. takinsexyback

    4 weeks

    Was ur doctor mad when u got pregnantso soon after surgery.My surgeon told me to 2 years before i think about it
  5. hey how u doin finally took my bum to the doctors and got a 1cc fill i am now up to 1.5 cc i do not know how because i got a 2cc fill da last time back in feb

  6. how much have you lost

  7. how are you doing how is weight loos so far

  8. Hey i see we share a band date how is your weight loss r u close to goal

  9. hey i see we share a band date and you have done so well how did you do it i have onlyy lost 60lbs and is getting very depressed about it so i decided to seek to fellow bandster help before i go crazy

  10. It's not what i expected but i do not regret it one bit I love it the process was quick and not painfull

  11. hey vikki i did not use dr.davis out of bronxville even though it is 5 min from my house i use dr. philip weber out of white plains he has done a excellent job

  12. how is band life treating you

  13. hey i see we share a surgery date congrats on ur surgery

  14. congrats on your surgery hope u r feelin well i know you are probably in gas hell if you try using gylcerin supp it will help alot i know they're to help you go to the bathroom but it will you get rid of the gas

  15. takinsexyback

    summa time

    love the dress i too own that dress it's fabulous
  16. takinsexyback

    December 12th it's our time

    I am having surgery on december 12 anyone have that day would love to have some one to share the experience with :thumbup::thumbup::cursing::cool2::wub:
  17. takinsexyback

    December 12th it's our time

    hey just remember if anyone still have gas what really helped me was gylcerin suppository i know that to help you go to the bathroom but before you can stool you have to pass gas alot of it it helped me so muchyou would not even imagined even more than the gas x :tongue_smilie:
  18. takinsexyback

    December 12th it's our time

    IT FELT SO GOOD TO STEP ON THE SCALE TODAY AND TO SEE I AM DOWN 20 LBS :thumbup::sad::thumbup::woot::woot::biggrin::ohmy: has anyone have any problems eating i candrink up to to 4oz did realize i drank that much until i was finish got scared cause the doctor said to only drink 1 oz at a time how are you gals doing with the water consumption and the food
  19. Hey we share a band date

  20. takinsexyback

    December 12th it's our time

    How was the surgery mine was great surgery started at 9am i was home by 2pm the pain is minimun but gas is crazy tha's the worst part
  21. takinsexyback

    December 12th it's our time

    Thank you to everyone who responded i know it seem so unreal that the 12th is almost here i can't wait just to get it done and over with and start my new life it seem almost like i am geting a divorce from my old body
  22. takinsexyback

    How long did you wait for your approval?

    I have empire bcbs of new york and it took 2 days to get approval :thumbup::wink2:
  23. takinsexyback

    Any December '08 Bandsters?

    My surgery date is set for dec 12 I can't wait to get it done and over with anticipationis killing me :tt2::thumbup::tongue2:
  24. takinsexyback

    Hello from South Carolina

    Hey from New York :tongue2: just got my approval for dec 12 can't wait
  25. takinsexyback

    Evette, Jennifer and Bridgette

    Lookin good

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