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  1. Good morning! I had gastric bypass on 4/12/21. My highest ever was 293. I had surgery at 262. My lowest at my year mark was 135. Found out I was pregnant extremely fast after hitting my lowest and cannot budge out of the 150-155 range and I’m getting discouraged. I'm eating between 66 to 120 g of protein depending on the day. My fat intake I think is too high at around 70g, my net carbs range greatly between low 30’s to 100 g depending. My calories also vary between 800’s to 1200’s and I need to find the best range for losing weight while exercising now I started working out with the treadmill while concentrating on strength training and core workouts to help tummy skin shrinkage. I still have my restriction and often cannot even eat more than 4-6 oz a meal. I eat what I can of some fruit and veggies but mainly I’ll eat protein snacks like Catalina crunch, some small stuff from Atkins, Kodiak cake snacks sometimes. To name a few. I also drink a protein shake once a day which is either of the brand Ryze or Iso100 with 12oz of Fairlife low fat milk. Just to paint a picture. I work in corrections on night shift so there isn’t much moving around at night. But…I’m here to ask for advice and recommendations to help kickstart weight loss again. I’m miserable!!! please help if you can.
  2. Brii K.

    3 years PO & Struggling!!

    I made this shopping list…any recommendations? I also use iso100 whey protein once a day if that to meet my protein and to take my medicine/vitamins. I was told it was ok once a day but to not rely. I also don’t know how much fat to eat either.
  3. Brii K.

    3 years PO & Struggling!!

    Thank you for this. I plan to go food shopping this weekend. I’ve been away from the house for 7 weeks for training for work. So I’ve had minimal access to make meals and refrigerator for cold snacks so the processed right now has been my go to.
  4. Brii K.

    3 years PO & Struggling!!

    Will the packaged snacks be fine once in awhile as a quick go to when out and about though? They’re easy to buy and package up for work mainly. my protein shake is my go to for a breakfast drink that I have when I take my handful of vitamins and medication I require to take. Once a day. any veggie and fruit recommendations? I’m very picky and mainly will eat raw carrots with hummus or ranch, peas and broccoli with a cooked meal, apples, halo oranges, sf fruit cups like the peaches and pairs, bananas, grapes for snacks.
  5. Brii K.

    3 years PO & Struggling!!

    The up to 4-6oz is meals. Mainly it’s my dinner meal. My snacks are usually no more than 2oz of weighed portions and depending on the food of choice, it’s not a lot visually either. I just moved and don’t see a PA for potential new surgeon for post op care until the first week in June. My previous nutritionist through them was also not very helpful with guidance either. The first one I had for the first 2 years was helpful but the new one isn’t/wasnt.

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