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  1. Hello everyone! it’s been 3 years since my surgery and I am wondering if it’s safe to do a detox diet with only green vegetables and berries for 2 weeks? Or should I go back to the diet procedure after the surgery? Please advise 🙏
  2. Debby94

    Detox after gastric bypass

    Thank you so much for the info @catwoman7! Knowing it’ll take me 14-90 days helps me make a better plan such as including sauna and drinking lemon water. Have you per chance done any parasite cleanse and heavy metals detox that has worked for you? As I mentioned, I want to heal my digestive system and regain better health 🙏🥹
  3. Debby94

    Detox after gastric bypass

    Thank you everyone for your kind recommendations. After I had to get my gallbladder removed last year, I’ve been struggling a lot with what to eat due to my stomach issues (diarrhea). This led me to start smoking weed to control the pain and also to make me feel hungry as some days I was able to just go by with water due to lack of appetite. The constant usage of weed made me quite addicted and now I want to leave weed all together and flush it from my system properly as it started to affect other aspects of my life. So when I told a friend I wanted to flush the toxins from my body he recommended me to do this restrictive detox for 2 weeks which included only green veggies, berries and 4 litres of water daily. However, I found that every time I would start just eating vegetables and drinking water my appetite got kind of out of control like I was constantly hungry and I was also feeling very dizzy. So I would break the detox by eating protein because that made me feel normal again instantly. So I am wondering if you guys have tried something that can help with getting rid of toxins?

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