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  1. Hi everyone, I wrote back in May about having no strength. I still get totally exhausted just walking from room to room, it’s so bad I’m using a walker with wheels of all things. I had the gastric sleeve Jan. 24th. I’m doing exactly what the programs says, except protein shakes. I have different meats and protein bars daily, including vitamins daily. I do drink my fluids as well.  I go in for IV hydration 4 days a week and feel ok just til evening.  So far as of Jan 1st I’ve dropped 76 lbs. I just want to enjoy the weight lose. Any suggestions or has anyone else gone thru this??  Doctor says just increase calorie intake, still the same. 

  2. Hi everyone, I have a question. Has anyone been totally fatigued with absolutely no energy daily. I was hospitalized for lack of fluids, an 2nd time for depleted potassium. I do IV infusions twice a week, still barely helps. I do the protein daily as well as water. Any ideas ?? Dr. says follow program, as I do..so far regretting surgery.
  3. Teriesa

    4 months post-op

    Hi, my surgeon has set me up with a GI for testing . I’ve done the sipping and waiting at least 30 minutes before I eat. As of now I’m only able to drink a little over 32 oz, but trying to do more everyday. Food intake varies each day because of getting sick. I do protein shakes, protein bars, fish, chicken, broccoli cauliflower. I really think I’m not getting enough. I’m also wondering if being under a lot of stress can be the problem too. Hopefully I’ll get this under control soon.
  4. Teriesa

    4 months post-op

    Thanks for your response. I am drinking fluids as much as I can. If I take just one to many sips, I’ll throw up. I’m not taking in a lot of calories reason being I’ll throw up. It’s a balancing act for me right now. I am still doing my infusions couple days a week. It does help but it last only a day or two. I suppose this will just take prayers and time.
  5. Teriesa

    4 months post-op

    Thank you for responding. I just hope I return to myself soon. I do the protein and the water, I did get liquid vitamins as well. The IV’s do help but only for a short time. I’m wondering if losing 70 lbs and just starting my 4th month post-op might be the problem. Oh well I’ll just go thru this and pray it gets better soon.

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