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  1. I'm doing fine. Down 30 lbs. since the procedure on May 4. As Karen said above, the first step was an "exploratory peek" via an endoscopy to determine the size of the pouch and the diameter of the outlet (anastomosis). The doctor who did mine specializes in this type of procedure, so he wasn't a run of the mill gastroenterologist.
  2. WarrenInEC

    TORe Procedure

    Yes, I had my TORE procedure on May 4. It went very smoothly, and the only way I knew I'd had surgery was that I had a very slight sore throat from the endoscope. I haven't had any issues with vomiting, etc. and have lost 29 lbs. The pouch was resized from 10cm to 8cm and the opening was resized from 54mm to 8 mm.
  3. Hi, all. I'm new here, but I'm scheduled for an endoscopic gastric bypass revision for early May. Looking forward to hearing from others who have had the procedure. My RNY was in 2001 surgery weight 465, bottom weight 290. I have slowly regained almost half of that amount back over the past 23 years. I never really felt that the pouch or the anastomosis were made small enough. I was one of the very first RNY patients in our area and the technique was in its infancy at that time.
  4. It went great. No complications and down 29 lbs in just over two weeks.
  5. They reduced both my pouch size and the size of the opening during the revision. That's why I'm very puzzled by his comment that you wouldn't lose significant weight after the revision. It just makes no sense to me.
  6. Yeah, my anastomosis was widely dilated as well. It was 54 mm. Now it's 8 mm again.
  7. WarrenInEC

    May 2024 Surgery Buddies 😁

    I'm down 15 lbs. in 4 days. It's wonderful to be headed in the right direction again!!
  8. WarrenInEC

    May 2024 Surgery Buddies 😁

    Revision went very well. Pouch is now 8 cm. Opening was 54 mm. Now 8 mm.
  9. WarrenInEC

    May 2024 Surgery Buddies 😁

    To all my May surgery brothers and sisters, just remember one thing. They don't have many bariatric beds in nursing homes, because they don't need them!! We got this!!
  10. WarrenInEC

    May 2024 Surgery Buddies 😁

    I'm doing gastric bypass revision surgery on May 4. I'm familiar with the prep and post-op routine, so that's not a problem. I'm looking forward to getting back on track!!
  11. https://youtu.be/LNFslmnoveg?si=f3ezOhxjvXfdwE8y
  12. Yes, I am pre-op for a revision to my RNY. I am having the TORE procedure done to restore the size of the pouch outlet and the dimensions of the pouch itself.
  13. I am having this procedure done on May 4.

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