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  1. Happy Wednesday!


    I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! 

    It's been a bit of a struggle this last week...I'm hungry ALL the time. :(

    1. BlondePatriotInCDA


      Have a great Wednesday too! Sorry you're hungry all the time, I'm pretty much the same..and I'm sick of eating the same food all the time.

  2. jparadigm

    Any fellow Michiganders?

    I'm from southwest Michigan looking for friends to connect with! I just had my surgery on March13 2024 and would love to connect with others out there going through the same or similar journey!
  3. jparadigm

    Any fellow Michiganders?

    I'm familiar with Royal Oak!! I LOVE it there. I use to live in oakland coounty....for a few years actually. How has your journey been? You are most welcome to inbox me if you'd like! I'd love to connect.
  4. So... I'm told I have to wait a minimum of 6 months to reengage in drinking fun...Which I was totally OK with in the beginning and still am, I just want to know about others out there who have drank alcohol PO and their experiences. I'm no daily drinker but I am a weekend warrior lol. I honestly can't wait for summer to be able to have a drink with the fam. I am absolutely aware of drinking being a conflict with my journey but it's something I've discussed with my care team and I'm not ready to fully give up on alcohol yet. I'm also aware of the "addiction" that can develop by drinking and I am NOT at all worried for that lol. Forgive me if this is triggering to some.
  5. jparadigm

    The unspoken rule

    WOW! I'm thrilled to see the feedback on this topic. It's comforting to know others journeys, especially on this topic. Fireball is my drink of choice...I know, lol. But it's just been my PIC for years now.....also Budweiser. But I know now after surgery that I won't be able to tolerate a bud and also holy crap calories. I figured I'll wait until summer to try a beer with everyone. I won't lie, I have had some fireball already and been just fine. I didn't experience a difference compared to before surgery...However, I noticed my "buzz" didn't last very long as i felt sobered up quickly before bed. Either way, I don't want to give up drinking...therefor I won't force myself to because hell, that's just another hurtle. I'm going to enjoy this process and if drinking weeds itself out of my life, then that's fine too. Thank you all so much for giving input!
  6. Has anyone else had nausea after drinking water? I'm creeping on 4 weeks PO and over this last weekend I dealt with nausea after drinking water??
  7. jparadigm

    Krista Atkinson

    Beautiful transformation! Congratulations! 😁
  8. jparadigm


    Summer of 2023
  9. Hello lovlies!

    Today is a beautiful day in west Michigan! I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday and rest of your week!! 🤗

  10. jparadigm

    Water intake issue?

    Thanks for all the responses! Glad to know I'm not alone in this! Today and yesterday seem to be better. I've been using MIO with vitamins, tangerine flavor, and it's AMAZING! I highly recommend using this flavor if you're an orange-head like me! Any MIO flavor is good though...it doens't leave that weird after taste and is 0 cal.
  11. jparadigm

    Did you cheat too?

    LOVE the feedback! It's so encouraging to learn everyone's stories and not feel so alone. I can relate so much with you and many others. I constantly remind myself that I CHOSE this it didn't choose me. I just can't wait to continue learning and growing from this experience. Thanks for the support
  12. jparadigm

    Did you cheat too?

    Week 3 Puree diet sucks. I may need to seek counseling as I didn't realize my relationship with food, or lack thereof, is this out of control. Maybe it's not a food addiction? Maybe I don't try hard enough? I lack control and I know it will affect me long-term. I convince myself that I'm trying, but am I really? I'm supposed to be eating/drinking plenty of protein. 64oz of fluids per day, but I'm not. I have absolutely NO motivation to get out of bed or the control to not snack on foods I'm not even ready to properly digest. I keep telling myself I'm chewing enough so it's "basically pureed" before I swallow. I could literally be furthest from the truth. Wth is wrong with me? I did SO good for my pre-op diet. I was very militant, even drank more fluids than I was supposed to. I also lost more weight than my doctor asked me to. What happened? I'm hungry, what seems like, all the time. I was warned I may not like sweet things and even salty foods could throw me off. If anything, I'm craving those two like never before. I've been cheating with food already...drinking around 35oz of fluids per day, on a good day. I'm so tired all day all the time. End rant... I hope I'm not the only one here who is suffering from stagnancy and lack of control. I will become stronger. I have faith in myself. It's just right now I'm at a loss.
  13. jparadigm

    Did you cheat too?

    Thanks for making me smile! I appreciate the feedback and your energy definitely helped. I do have to keep reminding myself this is a stretched-out process and to take it day by day. I know this phase will soon pass. I'm almost a month post-op and pretty soon I'll be adding texture to my diet. Thank you so much for your positive reinforcemnt. I'm so glad i joined this community. It really helps relating with others going through the same journey!
  14. jparadigm


    I HIGHLY recommend trying Mirilax. It's always been a heaven sent for me! It takes time, up to 3 days for some people but it works without cramping and diarrhea. I do a cap and 1/2 in about 8-10oz of liquid every day until i go, ususally about 2 days...hot cocoa was my go-to for liquid. I hope this helps!
  15. jparadigm

    Did you cheat too?

    Thank you for your kind response! I don't believe I gave myself enough time to adjust to this new lifestyle. I first met with my care team in January and then had surgery in March. This is all so new and honestly i'm excited for myself and know i can overcome these cravings. I'm so glad i found this website to be able to connect with others as well as read other stories...it gives hope.
  16. Today was rough...

    I've been experiencing a headache all day today that just won't go away. I'm thinking it's now progressing into a migraine. Does anyone else get headaches from taking vitamin B12? I did some research and learned that usually a lack of B12 causes headaches. But I've noticed when I take it, I have reoccurring headaches. 😫

  17. I'm currently 3 weeks post-op from gastric sleeve surgery and am struggling BIG time with the diet. The pureed foods aren't doing it for me as the texture is not right...Has anyone else struggled with this? If so, please let me know what worked for you...I've always resorted to food when I'm feeling low and now I can't...I have snacked on no-no foods already and I'm petrified of returning old habits. I've gained 2-3 pounds in the last week and that's incredibly discouraging. I know it could possibly be water retention as my intake hasn't been a full 64oz per day. I know I'm not getting enough protein as well...I'm ready to resort back to a full liquid diet in hopes to lose weight over the next couple weeks...any suggestions would be incredibly helpful!
  18. jparadigm

    Post-op diet troubles!

    THANK YOU! So much for your kind response. This is indeed work and I intend to stick to the plan...it's been easy up until last week when I was able to start in on pureed foods. I took that as a challenge to see what I can thoroughly chew before swallowing. And I've paid the price by doing so...Easter was really hard. I'm trying my best to get my proteins in, but more than that too. Didn't really realize sodium plays a negative roll as well. I decided on surgery before gaining more weight. I was almost not qualified due to not weighing enough but my doctors worked with me. I have had a real bad relationship with food for so long. And with the pre-op diet going so well and the first 2 weeks of liquids i thought for sure I'd be golden by the time I hit pureed foods. But now I feel as if I've just set myself back. I have to really digest this new lifestyle change. Thanks for responding it really means a lot.
  19. jparadigm


    Premier is definitely my favorite!!
  20. SO happy for you!! Sounds like you've been doing all the necessary things needed for your health! I'm, however, struggling with the pureed diet. Do you have any recommendations for pureed foods? I'm struggling tremendously with the textures...and craving to just CHEW. lol. I'm going to look into Vidafuel today im so glad i came across your reply!
  21. My surgery was scheduled March 13th! I'm currently 3 weeks post-op and things have started to become tricky with the pureed diet! I hope your surgery went well and you're doing great!!!
  22. Well hello!

    Where's my sleeve buddies at??


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