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  1. Clueless_girl

    Everyday diet post surgery.

    Ooh i LOVE quiche! I would love to see the recipe for this!
  2. Having gall bladder surgery in a few days and I so hope the recovery is easier than the one from the modified DS! I could use a bit of luck/pep talk for a change. I'm starting to be able to walk around without experiencing dizziness, but it would be great if the random pain in my chest and abdomen would go away!!

  3. Clueless_girl

    Water intake issue?

    Yeah i'm 4 mths post op from the modified duodenal switch and I have struggled with water nausea and issues with water tasting gross/weird to me. I feel like my taste buds have changed a bit after surgery and I can't stand the taste of water filtered from the tap anymore. I am trying to find a bottled water than I can tolerate, but isn't too expensive. Thankfully I tried gatorade zero and that has helped me, but I am STILL struggling to drink 30+ ounces a day. Have you tried flavoring your water? I just got gatorade zero powder to cut down on the extra plastic and to try to drink more water. Hopefully that does the trick!
  4. Clueless_girl

    Am i overeating?

    I'm almost 4 months post op from the MDS and I've been asking myself that question, "am I overeating", on and off for the past 2 months. I've been able to figure out 2 body cues so far: feeling full to me is a pain in a specific part of my chest and feeling hungry is a intense pain in my abdomen. But other than trying to avoid those, I feel like I spend a lot of time grazing or snacking. Because of my morbid curiousity, I weigh myself pretty much every day. I didn't experience the "3 wk stall", but my weight has bounced around a bit. Dealing with pain and nausea has made me lose both pounds and inches, which scares me more than it makes me happy. The stress of school made that worse recently, in 4 days I lost 6 lbs. At my last follow up, my dr and dietician said to slow down my weight loss by adding in some carbs. I have been doing that for the last 2 weeks and I've been able to gain/maintain a range of 2-3 pounds, so I agree with @SleeveToBypass2023's advice about the rice and such.
  5. Clueless_girl

    When to get new clothes?!

    I'm choosing to go through all of my old clothes too because: 1. this grad student is too broke to go shopping and 2. I have been holding on to them for the day I could fit in them again. I have never had my clothes tailored before and just kind of hand sewed them myself, not that I'm very good at it. I'm still a few months out from post op so I'm in this limbo of finding some things I can fit again and trying to make due with what I have. I was using safety pins to hold up my shorts and tying back my t-shirts, but the shirts are getting to where I think I need to alter them because the legs are so wide it kind of looks ridiculous. But I'm also paranoid about adjusting the waist because what if I need it bigger later? So I was thinking of just tucking in the extra fabric somehow instead of removing it. Of course I don't know if this will look ridiculous either.. How are you handling this issue?
  6. I have been struggling with how to tell my family and friends about my surgery. It's not even because they would judge me, it's kind of the opposite. My brother was super skinny until about late high school and then struggled with weight gain and loss for years. Then 6 yrs ago he got the gastric sleeve and after seeing the results, my parents immediately looked at me and said I should do the same. I have always been bigger and curvier than everyone in our family, which is hard to ignore when you're an Asian girl (I'm not stereotyping here. They are all under 5'5 and the largest cup size is a B). While it has hurt me, it also pushed me to find a version of myself that I can accept and be happy with. Oddly enough my existing health problems (which are mostly the known side effects that occur from wls) stem from a blood disorder from birth and I don't suffer from the common issues from obesity like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Having dealt with a number of specialists and doctors over the years without any real solutions, I eventually decided to consider bariatric surgery this year. I planned on telling them about it after I had recovered, but it has been rough and I am still undergoing further tests and treatment. My brother gained a lot of his weight back while my sister has pushed herself and lost weight- both about the same amount that I have lost in a few months. I don't want either to feel shame or resentment towards me, not that I can control that. It looks like I may have to go back into the hospital a 3rd time and get my gall bladder removed. How awful would it be if I lied and said that is the reason behind my weight loss? My family knows that I have been dealing with stomach problems and pain for years. I'm also losing weight much faster than the doctors expected due to this, in addition to nausea, and we're trying to figure how to slow it down. I HATE attention and it's getting harder to try and hide how different I look. Any advice or motivational speech from anyone would be greatly appreciated! 🙂
  7. Still dealing with random bouts of abdominal pain and nausea almost 4 months post op. Now it looks like I may have to make a third hospital stay, this time to remove my gall bladder. Although after all the inconclusive tests, scans, and ultrasounds- it still may not solve the problem. Is it weird to be happy that at least it's not trying more/different medicine??

  8. Clueless_girl


    I have had insomnia since I was a kid and have to change sleep meds every few years. Oh and I have anxiety/ocd and ADHD. I was on an extended release form of ambien prior to surgery and just like you, I found that it stopped working. I had to add alprazolam to it to sleep through the night, but that's not great long term. My therapist said because of the absorption rate, going back to the highest dose of ambien should fix that. Unfortunately I still struggled to sleep more than 3 hrs unless I added the alprazolam again. But I recently tried alcohol free zzzquil in its place and it does the trick! I started with a 15ml dose and I'm adjusting down from that, because it was a little hard to wake up the first time but I wasn't groggy at all. Hopefully this works for you too or gets you closer to something that does!
  9. Clueless_girl

    Everyday diet post surgery.

    I don't think I'm a common case but malabsorption of vitamins is expected of all bariatric patients. I've been dealing with random abdominal pain for years, alongside the gluten sensitivity so now my surgeon is looking at removing my gall bladder. But I know a few patients will have a rough recovery like mine and IV nutrition will help them tremendously. I am able to eat and the bruising I have from every lab/blood draw is taking longer and longer to disappear (making me look like I'm a drug addict 🤣), so I don't want to go that route. Oh but feel free to talk about the recipes/issues you're having with low carb food, it's not a trigger for me and I could always use ideas to adapt!
  10. Clueless_girl

    Goal Weights

    It looks like we're the same height and I had the goal weight of 150 too. How did you know or decide to change your goal?
  11. How do you figure out what your ideal weight should be? I've had a figure in my head for years, but after 3 mths of recovery I'm already almost there. So maybe my goal should be lower?

    1. NickelChip


      Well, there is actually a formula for "Ideal Body Weight" and you can use a calculator to figure it out for you. This one also does an adjusted weight for a person who starts out overweight or obese. https://www.mdcalc.com/calc/68/ideal-body-weight-adjusted-body-weight

      I would use that as a starting point, and then just see how you feel as you lose. How you look and feel is more important than a number.

    2. Clueless_girl


      I did find different calculators but I couldn't find any that accounted for body frame. But you're right, it is just a number. It was just disheartening to see that although I lost 60% of my excess weight, it's still not in the "normal/healthy" range..

    3. NickelChip


      I think it's important to remember that the weight charts and BMI ranges were developed a very long time ago and only intended to be applied to people who have never been overweight or obese. Those numbers aren't for us. When you are larger, especially for a long time, your body develops extra bone to support the weight. Your organs get a little bigger to handle the extra mass. Your entire infrastructure increases so you can support and function with the extra weight. That doesn't all go away just because you burn off the excess fat. If you still had a pair of jeans from your skinniest point in life and then lost weight to get to the exact number on the scale you were when those jeans fit you, chances are they would be a little baggy now because you would actually be thinner than you were, even though the scale and the BMI chart disagree. When in doubt, listen to the jeans, not the scale!

  12. Clueless_girl

    Everyday diet post surgery.

    I'm almost 4 months post from the ds so I'm no means an expert, but I've been sensitive/intolerant to gluten for the last like 7 yrs so I can chime in about food restrictions. Having to find substitutions for food you know and love is ROUGH, more so when you're sick or recovering. I've had problems with nausea, abdominal pain, and vitamin deficiency during my recovery so my dietician is still having me focus on protein with a little soft cooked, non-starchy vegetables (I really miss eating fruit). I have ADHD so eating the same thing for more than like 2 meals is almost impossible. However, there are a lot of other people who are dealing with low carb and bariatric diets so finding suggestions and recipes isn't hard. Unfortunately that also means it takes a lot of research and trial and error to find what works for you specifically. There are a lot of different alternatives for gluten free/low carb/no sugar/etc. products available online that are a bit pricey, but might also be a good option for what you want/crave too.
  13. Clueless_girl

    Random question- who was the 1st to notice?

    I almost took a picture the other day (a mirror selfie no less), bc on camera it seemed like I looked the same even though I could tell it wasn't. But I instead opted for trying on some outfits I wore a few months ago and I swear the shirts are longer besides being baggier. I've slowly dug in the closet and tried on some clothes I haven't seen in years. Being able to fit into them was great of course, but also made me mad 😤! The fact that I can fit into both, a dress I wore 5 yrs ago and one I wore over 12 yrs ago when they're different sizes and materials is just crazy?!
  14. If anyone has any advice on how to make your stomach feel better after you eat something you shouldn't have or at too fast, I would GREATLY appreciate it!! It's painful on both sides of my abdomen (like to the point I'm doubled over and using a hot water bottle in addition to medicine) and I'm really nauseous (the thought or smell of food is 🤢).

  15. Clueless_girl

    Abdominal pain

    I'm sorry and i think i may experience abdominal pain similar to yours even prior to surgery. I ofc haven't found someone to correctly diagnose it yet. But i use salonpas (u can find them at walmart) and place them wherever i feel the pain, sometimes drinking hot tea helps too (i imagine i'm burning the pain away), and finally holding a boiling hot water bottle (the old school like rubber bladders) wrapped in a towel and putting that wherever i feel the pain. I sleep with it too. I've found all those things more helpful than just taking meds.

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