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    I have a really large bruise about the size of my foot under my belly button near my pubic bone. Did anyone else experience this post op? I have the regular bruises around my port and incision but the one by my pubic bone has me concerned.:thumbup:
  2. mjenkins0344

    does your fill doctor do this??

    My doctor's office offers it both ways. The first two fills I had they did by feeling for it. I returned for my third fill complaining that I had no restriction. He took me to the hospital to do it under flouroscopy. I turns out they missed with the first two fills. I must perfer the flouroscopy because then atleast you know they got it in properly.
  3. mjenkins0344

    December 10, 2008 Band Date

    Hey everyone! It's great to hear everyone is doing so well. I had my first post op appointment today. I am down 10 pounds since my surgery a week ago! I was so excited! I too am experiencing the growies. It's amazing how much noise my stomach can make. OMG Morgan from the OR...after I read your post about the "don't trust the fart phase" I could not stop laughing. I feel your pain and thought that was the best quote. My doctor told me I can officially start pureed and soft foods. I am excited but apprehensive. I will let you know how it goes. Keep up the good work everyone!!!!
  4. mjenkins0344

    December 10, 2008 Band Date

    Whoo Hoo...I got my health insurance approval today! By the way only 19 more days to go guys. I am very excited, but nervous at the same time. Is anyone else getting nervous?
  5. mjenkins0344

    Any December '08 Bandsters?

    I started on 4 medifast shakes a day with one meal that consists or 4 oz. of protein 2 cups lettuce and 1/2 cup green veggies. I must also incorporate 2 tbls. of oil during the day. That is easy right now because I just put it on my salad. Starting in November I will be on 5 shakes a day with no meal. I will still need to get in the 2 tbls. of oil however because I guess that helps with vitamin absorption. That part will be a bit tricky. 2 tbls. or oil in my shakes does not sound too appealing but oh well if it's what I have to do....I will do it.
  6. mjenkins0344

    Any December '08 Bandsters?

    My surgery date is scheduled for December 10th. I can hardly wait!!! The holidays are going to be tough but I know I can do it. I have been on a version of the pre-op diet since Sept. 16th and all is going well. I am glad I have this support group to help me through this.
  7. mjenkins0344

    Gas pains

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I hope I don't experience an pains but your suggests for relief if I do help.

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