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    January 2024 surgery buddies

    I'm 3 months out from Gastric Sleeve surgery and have the same issue. I had constant hunger before and that never really left. The difference is now my stomach has a governor in place and will fight me if I give in. The 3rd week stall was discouraging but it passed and I lost 15 more pounds before hitting another stall now. I'm trying to change up my diet some and try some new foods, in case I'm deficient in some sort of nutrient and my body is craving it. I did eat some Korean food, sort of a low carb bibimbap type thing, and it seemed to get rid of my head-hunger and my stall broke when I was eating it more frequently, but that lasted about 3 weeks before returning. For some reason I'm really craving beef right now, but my iron levels are actually too high. I find myself constantly wanting to graze while working at my desk, I'm guessing more out of a stress relieving habit rather than true hunger, but it feels real. When I get that urge to graze after a meal, I'm making myself drink a 16oz bottle of water and chew some very flavorful gum to distract from it. It's not a cure, but instead of constant cravings, it seems to buy me 2-3 hours. Good luck, and congrats on your surgery and your progress! Definitely share with us if you find a way to curb the head-hunger feelings.
  2. Thanks! I did get evaluated for Orthostatic Hypotension and POTS with my primary care doctor doing the tilt table test and with the balance specialist, but both tests were negative. I used to have the Orthostatic hypotension previously but it was caused by my blood pressure medicine. Since I've been off of it, that particular dizziness has gone away. Now its more of a persistent feeling of motion, almost like its someone jiggling my glasses. It's just frustrating because I keep trying walking to exercise, but I'm stuck to using the treadmill or sidewalk and not going too far from the car. I'd prefer walking in the woods on trails, but I don't want to get stranded where my wife couldn't help me back. The brain fog is no joke. I had a lot of trouble with it before the surgery, had a one month or so break, then after covid, it came back even worse. Regarding other viruses and vertigo, I'll check back with my doctor when I go back next week to see if they can prescribe anything for that. Hoping you're doing well and feeling better yourself! Thank you again for replying!
  3. SomeBigGuy

    Stomach growling in hunger?

    Typically the growling noise is just fluids moving through the small intestine, and not an actual hunger cue, just as@Arabesque said. You will still feel hungry early on post-op because your body is used to a lot more calories than you're able to give it for now, but that encourages more fat burning. Your body will adjust to its new normal in several weeks though. It will calm down some, but it may be more noisy going forward because you have that direct funnel to the small intestine where fluids like to make noise.
  4. Yeah the pre-op diet was no joke. I missed solid food like crazy, and I was definitely "hangry" during that time, but I'm happy with the results. I had some health issues going into it which caused a lot of excess fluid retention, and from that I lost over 20 lbs from the pre-op diet. I was excited, but my doctor took me down a peg and said it was pretty much all weight from fluid and inflammation, and I had only lost about 3lb of actual fat. I'll still take it though. Definitely recommend upping your electrolytes during that time if you're having headache and fatigue.
  5. SomeBigGuy

    7 months post op

    You are doing great! Also keep in mind that in the "second half" of the excess weight loss, the scale becomes less important. If you are exercising, you can expect the muscle gain to offset the number on the scale significantly, as it weights more than fat. You'll need to focus more on the "non scale victories" like smaller clothing sizes, increased strength, stamina, and other health improvements, not just the weight on the scale alone. Keep up the good work!
  6. SomeBigGuy

    Recovery and hunger

    Agreeing with the others, stick with the plan. The first couple months you definitely do not want to put pressure on those staples and risk a leak. That's a rough surgery compared to what you just had. Infections from that can get nasty and lead to sepsis. I struggled with overdoing it myself early on, but had to remind myself that its to prevent burst staples, and that I can give it 30-60 minutes and resume eating to give it room. I've noticed I can do 8 fl oz easily if I'm not careful before my stomach starts pushing back. As for the hunger, I'm one of the unlucky few that still has the obsessive head-hunger. It takes practice, but look for signs that your stomach and body are telling you that you are full, despite part of you saying "I have to keep eating!" It took a lifetime to train that reflex, and it won't go away overnight. I'm still fighting mine daily. I've noticed I'll feel a little pressure if I'm approaching the limit, but if I keep going, I start to get a runny nose, which is my final warning before making myself sick. My goal is to prevent it from getting to that point. One thing I did to throttle my eating speed is to get disposable mini / baby spoons and forks from amazon. They're only like 1/4 of a teaspoon so you get a smaller portion per bite, which helped me a lot! It takes longer to eat, which gives your stomach more time to send the full response to the rest of your body, since that is delayed. I've had to use the disposable ones since its mentally easier for me to walk away from the food if I throw the little cheap spoon in the trash. I'd rather use the reusable ones, but I know the limits on my discipline haha. This is just anecdotal, but as a recovering Type 2 diabetic, I have to be careful with sugar and starch hidden in foods. I've eaten some over the holidays, which tasted great, but realized it made me crave more. If I went a meal without it, I would get actually angry, and I'm sure I wasn't any fun to be around. Eating desserts over Christmas would send me into constant snack cravings for 2-3 days. I told my doctor, and he said you have to power through those couple of days, but by focussing on low carb (not necessarily keto) and prioritize protein, unsaturated fats and water, those cravings go way down. I've had to use "filler foods" to hold me over between meals. My wife says its gross, but I've been eating Fage plain greek yogurt to hold me over. Single Digit carbs and 17g of Protein per serving and its more savory rather than sweet. Mentally, I've used it as a substitute for cheese, mayo, sour cream, and other things to just pretend that its a more substantial food. That and it does seem to fill me up as long as I don't have anything sweet with it. Similar with 2% fat cottage cheese. Also, some artificial sweeteners can set off a sugar craving or insulin response, which just compounds the cravings. I'm not sure which ones do, but I know the ones in the Fairlife brand protein shakes do not set it off for me, while MuscleMilk does make me crave it. Fairlife has Monk Fruit, Stevia, and Sucralose, and don't seem to set that off for me. You may want to experiment to see which ones may bother you.
  7. SomeBigGuy

    yogurt after surgery

    Yeah it should be fine, just keep the sugar low. As long as you're hitting your daily water and protein goals, and the sugar amount is in single digits per serving, you should be fine. I've been eating Fage plain greek yogurt as my snack since it has 17g of Protein and very low carbs. I love the 5% milkfat version but the saturated fat is a tad high. I know I should have the 0% but I don't like the flavor. 2% has been my compromise.
  8. That does sound like the basis for the diet I'm on. They told me to work on getting 64oz of water per day as top priority, then around 60-80g of protein next. Next it was to prioritize some unsaturated fats (fish, poultry, and lower carb veggie protein options). From there, they told me to keep carbs under 10g per serving, and under 55g total for the day (not quite as low as keto). Then try to keep saturated fats low where possible. I'm a 6'1" male, so they had me try to target 800-1000 calories per day during the weight loss phase, and work toward 1200 after about 6 months. You may want to check with your doctor or nutritionist to see if they have a recommended range to target. I learned the hard way while I was sick with Covid over the holidays that its really easy for excess calories to be hiding in small things. But overall, just keep up with what you are doing. There will be a stall within the first couple months, and a second stall a couple months after that, so just mentally prepare for it. Both will last 2-4 weeks and will likely have a slight regain in the middle of it. It doesn't take much fluid retention to make the number on the scale go back up. Remember that a 16oz bottle of water is literally 1lb. It's not fat, so it doesn't count. if you're drinking a half gallon / 2L of water a day, that's 4 lbs sitting there, but it doesn't count as "fat weight". It is jarring to see a 4lb fluctuation on the scale, but you're not losing progress, it's just water that your body isn't done processing yet. Think of the weight loss more like stair steps rather than a straight line. You can push through it!
  9. Sorry to hear everyone is going through this with friends, loved ones, and coworkers, but I think it just goes with the process. There's jerks everywhere, and if they're making comments now, they were making comments before. I just had surgery 2 months ago, and I've already lost friends and cut off family members over it. It sucked, but it was needed. Typically those people are unhappy with themselves and waste time obsessing over how to nitpick everyone else's shortcomings and how they can turn that around to make themselves fill superior. All you can do is just walk away because any attention is "good attention" to them. Even firing back at them with a response feeds their ego, and makes them feel even more justified. Don't give them any of your mental energy, they haven't and won't ever earn it from you.
  10. Congrats on the 16 years of success! As we get older, our metabolism likes to mess with us, haha, but this is common. My surgeon told me that after a while, some weight regain will occur, but the best way to restart things is to redo your pre-op diet for 2 weeks, just to jumpstart things. His plan is at least try to get 64oz of water a day, start with 2 protein shakes for the two meals a day where you typically eat less. On the "big meal" each day, try to get in 6 oz of meat/protein of your choice along with as much leafy greens/broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers as you can. Cut out breads, starchy veggies (potatoes, carrots, etc) for the 2 week duration. Target 60g-80g of protein, and under 50g of carbs per day (not quite keto levels, just reduced). Calorie target was around 600-1000 per day, but it is meant to be temporary and not long term, just a jump start. From my personal experience, sugar/starchy carbs tend to send my cravings off the deep end for up to 3 days after eating them. I'm having to avoid bread, cookies, cake, candy, tortillas, wraps, potatoes, carrots, rice, and oatmeal whenever I start to regain. Some artificial sweeteners seems to set me off too, but I am a recovering Type 2 diabetic. I haven't isolated which ones affect me yet, but I can drink Fairlife protein shakes without having that sugar craving, and it has Monk Fruit, Stevia, and Sucralose. First day is absolute hell, but after 3 days it eases up considerably. Give that a try for 2-3 weeks and see if that helps with the weight loss. After that time, start working in your normal foods again, but give them a few days to see if any are triggering the new weight gain to happen again to see what's worth keeping. Slowly increase your calories to find the amount that works best for you long term. You want the range that lets you have the energy you need without weight gain. Some people may be only 1000 calories, others 1200, and others may be closer to 1800, so there's no exact number that works for every single person. Good luck, and I wish you well on your journey!
  11. This is coming from a guy, so take it with a grain of salt. I had to go to an event requiring a jacket and tie last week, which was 6 weeks after the pre-op diet (4 weeks post op) weight loss began. When I put on my suit I wore previously in September, I looked like a little kid trying on his dad's clothes. I needed a shirt 3 sizes smaller than my previous, but only 1 size smaller pants. I would suggest waiting to shop until about 2 weeks prior to the event because its hard to predict where you'll be at that point. As far as the foods go, after having the sleeve done, I'm ok with some foods that I probably shouldn't be ready for yet (ground beef, salmon, high fiber/low carb bread which I have since cut back out since its not diet friendly), but others that I should be ok with are making me feel sick (leafy greens, broccoli, canned tuna). Again, I would just assess where you are a week or two out from the wedding, maybe ask them what is on the menu, but maybe plan to pack a diet-friendly snack in your bag just in case. Congrats again on your surgery!
  12. SomeBigGuy

    November 2023 surgery buddies

    I had mine on November 20. My surgeon had me go from clear liquids to protein shakes and broth on the 3rd day after, as long as I could tolerate it without getting sick, but had me hold off on non-clear soups or other creamy drinks until today. I've been able to keep down plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and egg drop soup since Saturday, and part of a scrambled egg today, even though I jumped the gun a little on that. I'm still waiting a couple more days before attempting softened meats. Definitely stick to what your surgeon/doctor says, and take it really slowly when introducing something new. If you have a bad reaction, wait 2-3 days before attempting it again. They warned me beef can be harder to tolerate at first compared to something like canned/pureed tuna or chicken, and may require a couple more weeks.
  13. SomeBigGuy

    November 2023 buddies

    Agreed with these comments. Definitely up your Protein where you can and cut out excess carbs. Anything past your minimum range, and they slow down the process of burning excess fat. Also processed foods along with excess carbs can cause more fluid retention, which causes your weight on the scale to increase. Granted, that is fluid weight, and not fat weight, but it can also cause inflammation and make you feel tired and bloated.
  14. SomeBigGuy

    November 2023 surgery buddies

    It was strict, technically more strict than they post op diet, but it's doable and mine was only for 2 weeks. My scans showed significant shrinkage compared to a month ago, so I guess it worked. They said it made the procedure much easier. Only about 45 minutes. Mine was 2 protein shakes per day, 4-6oz of lean meat or fish, and leafy green veggies. No starchy ones like potatoes, carrots, or rice. I could have all the pickles I want but unfortunately I don't like them lol. The first few days when I was struggling, I was able to add a serving of low/nonfat plain Greek yogurt to my dishes for something savory. I believe it's 17g of protein, very little fat, and single digit carbs.
  15. SomeBigGuy

    November 2023 buddies

    Quick update, I had my Sleeve yesterday. The first 8 hours was rough with the gas, but it started easing up considerably around midnight. Feeling MUCH better this morning though! Walking + Gax-X made a huge difference. Definitely do what they say regarding that to break up the gas pains. I had to get up every 2 hours to do some walking, but I got some really good sleep in between. So far so good! Hope everyone else is doing well!
  16. SomeBigGuy

    November 2023 buddies

    My surgery isn't until Monday, but I've heard several people say the gas pain up through your shoulders is the worst part if everything goes well. Sounds like it lasts around 3-4 days, but does improve each day. I've also heard the more you walk, the faster your body processes it and gets rid of it. Anyone post-op able to confirm this? EDIT: I was typing this as @ChunkCat was responding. Thanks for confirming!
  17. SomeBigGuy

    October 2023 surgery buddies

    Don't worry, it will resume. It's your body panicking because of such a drastic change in a short amount of time. The week 3 stall can last for 3 weeks itself, or sometimes more. During that time, your body can still be burning fat, but its retaining fluid to keep around because it thinks you're in a starvation situation and wants to preserve space to replenish the fat cells. It won't let go of that excess fluid and old cells until it knows you're safe, which it eventually will, and it will establish a new baseline weight as long as you stick to it. You got this!
  18. SomeBigGuy

    Gastric sleeve

    I'm going the self pay route with Blossom Bariatrics, but was given similar timelines when I spoke with folks with Dr Shillingford and the Nicholson Clinics, but generally scheduling could be done 3 weeks out with 2 weeks of pre-op diet for a Sleeve procedure. From first call to the surgery is generally 1 month, but sounds like it could be less in some cases. RNY, DS, and revisions required considerably more time to plan for. Far fewer hoops to have to jump through going this route, though. I'm only going this route because my insurance declines anything related to bariatric surgery. My previous employer's insurance would only cover a lap band, and it required a year of meetings. If I missed one, or gained any weight between sessions, I had to start over, which is ridiculous. Also they didn't cover any counseling, which I definitely recommend signing up for! It's just as much mental as it is physical! I'd rather not have the equivalent of a car payment hanging over my head, but my health has been declining significantly the last few years and I need a change. My job isn't forgiving with PTO either, and it was all I could do to take the 3 days off for the week of Thanksgiving to get mine done next Monday. It's a small business, so FMLA isn't an option, so I have to go back to work the next Monday.
  19. Anyone around that would mind sharing their experience with Blossom? I'm scheduled with them later this month, and was wondering if anyone has had an experience with them since this discussion dropped off last year?

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