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  1. amprice4

    Az bandsters

    I went through True Results and Dr. Nirmul for my surgery also! I'm about 9 months in and I'm doing great with no fills at all.
  2. amprice4

    post your before & during/after pictures

    Thanks! Mary, You look great!!!
  3. amprice4

    post your before & during/after pictures

    Thanks! Still a long way to go....
  4. I was banded on 8-24-09 and I haven't had a fill yet... I have had great restriction from day one and I hope it stays that way.
  5. amprice4

    No fill ever??

    I had my surgery in August and I haven't gotten a fill yet either. I have had two different fill appointments but the doctor and I both agree that I didn't need one. I have been losing steadily and I feel satisfied from the right amount of food. Everyone is different!!
  6. amprice4

    What do you think...advice needed!!!

    I agree with both posts above... If you are going to have your insurance cover the surgery you will probably have to go through a 6 month medically supervised diet anyways. You could start the program that your doctor wants you on and after 6 months you can make a more accurate decision on what you want to do. The band requires a complete lifestyle change but it's all for the good. My life no longer revolves around food and I don't even think about it like I did before. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  7. amprice4

    recovery time!

    I think I was a little faster than most but I was up walking in the hospital an hour after surgery. I was driving the following day and back to normal activity on day 2 also. Everyone heals differently and has different tollerences for pain. I think you will be fine to go to class. Good luck with everything!
  8. amprice4

    Twenties NSVs

    Thats good stuff Liz keep up the good work you look beautiful!!! I myself have started to notice that the clothes I haven't worn in a couple years are fitting now. I also had to put in an order at work for more uniforms.
  9. Awesome! I have nothing but good things to say about him and everyone else at TR.
  10. I've been looking at these boards for over a year now and I figured this would be a great time for my first post. I was banded yesterday 8-24-09 by Dr. Nirmul. I had to stay in the hospital overnight (insurance required) but I could have easily gon home the same day. I've had very little pain through everything so far. I didn't even take any pain killers at the hospital thats how good I felt afterwards. I have a little gas pain in my chest today but nothing bad at all. A littler background on me: I am a 27 year old male been overweight my entire life. I'm looking forward to this marathon of weight loss!

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