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  1. I had one at two weeks post op, six weeks then at three months, one coming up at six months, nine months and then I'll have a one year and finally an 18 month. Then a required one time every year after that. Along with the yearly check ups I'll have a nutrient blood draw labs each year.
  2. BlondePatriotInCDA

    1 Year Post Op... Has anyone had this issue

    You've stumped me. The other options would be an intestinal obstruction or maybe a peptic ulcer? Although, with some diminished signs and symptoms after changing your probiotics - which can cause gas build up etc.. Did this all start when you started originally taking these? Good luck, let us know when you see the specialists and that you're okay!
  3. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Idaho BMI in Meridian area

    As a fellow Idaho resident, I want to wish you good luck on your weight loss journey! Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with your surgeon since I'm in CDA.
  4. Thank you for sharing your surgical journey. I've heard nothing but horror stories about plastic surgeries in Mexico and other countries, so it gives me hope that perhaps I won't have to live like this wrinkled old elephant or person in a too large skin suit for the rest of my life!
  5. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Undergarment recommendations

    I looked at your suggestions using the links, people are now saying these are Chinese knockoffs that are just stretchy tank tops... I'm not sure when you purchased yours. I'm going to try Maiden forms actual website since they look like a good suggestion..just not from Amazon (which unfortunately is becoming more and more difficult to find real original brands on their site - I wish they'd do something about it!). Just an FYI.
  6. BlondePatriotInCDA

    New Member - same old story :-)

    Wow, I'm sorry your friend is going through all that. Here in the U.S. we always here about how our healthcare system is horrible compared to the UK's, I know yours isn't any better. .I have two good friends who've told me personal horror stories with their own health issues and trying to even get to see a specialist was forever. 😔 Each has pros and cons. I'm glad you were able to get yours done and I hope the best for your friend.
  7. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Finally!!! 199!!!

    I did the exact same thing! Although, I knew he weighed less, not anymore! Thank you btw!
  8. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Liquid Diet Questions

    I concur with AmberFL, each surgeon has their own requirements. I was on liquid diet for 2 weeks pre-op and 3 weeks after... Hopefully your bariatric team gave you a diet plan for all phases but of your journey! Mine was no caffeine (no teas or coffees), protein drinks, broths, sugar free Jello and of course all the water I wanted! Oh joy!
  9. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Finally!!! 199!!!

    It is, thank you!
  10. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Protein post op

    Fairlife Core Elite: 42 grams each shake and they're the closest thing to tasting like just chocolate milk with no chalky taste I've tried and believe me I've tried them all!
  11. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Finally!!! 199!!!

    Thank you. 🤗
  12. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Finally!!! 199!!!

    I just wanted to tell someone: I'm finally below 200lbs! <does the happy dance> I finally weigh less than my husband - whew! Thank you everyone for being on this forum and sharing your wisdom with others. Its helped at low stressful points and at times made me laugh on this lifelong journey.
  13. BlondePatriotInCDA

    August 2023 Surgery Buddies!

    Perhaps, but, I'm getting the amount of calories; 800, protein; 80, Carbs; 50 my surgeon/dietician put me on. That being said, I thought the same thing, but, I'm hesitant to go against doctors orders or diet plan. I have an appointment February 21, so maybe at 6 months they'll up my caloric intake. 🙏 I posted this concern of mine because I thought surely my clinic knows what works and yet my weight slowed way down. Anyone at 800 calories 5-6 month out too? I thought this was the norm at this stage...
  14. BlondePatriotInCDA

    What was your “Moment” ?

    I have several things that come to mind on what was the last straw, but for me it was when my family visited and I was the only fat person there. My entire family is thin. Combine that with my thin husband..I felt like those old movies where you see the huge fat loud mouth wife (lol no I'm not that bad - looks around to see if husband is watching me type) with the small husband.. Everywhere we went I hated I was bigger than my husband (he eats tons and anything he wants - but due to his job he walks 12 miles - 6 days a week) so he remains thin. Add to the above; people would look at me then my grocery cart when shopping...then judge..and even say things even though 99.9% of the cookies, kids cereal, ice cream etc were for my husband. They never saw my cottage cheese, salads etc., just zeroed in on the garbage. I had one person tell me "no wonder you're fat" looking into my cart. Needless to say my smart ass came out..i said I can lose weight..you'll always be a rude ass**** who obviously has a "small penis" complex feeling the need to insult others to feel better about his small Insecurity package. One of the larger straws that pushed me to have surgery. I never told my husband out of total embarrassment.. Until recently.
  15. BlondePatriotInCDA

    Capsule Vitamins?

    Good morning! I have my 6 month check up next month (its gone quickly) and I'm too impatient to wait 6 weeks to get an answer, so I decided to consult the mass of experience on these forums. My question is this: When were you allowed to start taking capsules again? I'm tired of spending $90+ each month on chewable multivitamins, chewable calcium and chewable iron supplements! Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom!

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