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  1. NickelChip

    Yoga for seniors

    If you ever get the opportunity to do yoga with baby goats, do not pass it up. You will get very little actual yoga out of it, but you will get to spend time with baby goats romping around in diapers! I really can't imagine a better way to spend an hour.
  2. NickelChip

    Just had The Talk with my doctor..

    I will be having gastric bypass done at the end of this month, but when I was trying to decide between sleeve or bypass, one of the resources I used was this risk calculator. In addition to risks, it lets you select your own co-morbidities such as sleep apnea, hypertension, or diabetes to see how likely it is that they will resolve based on which procedure you choose, and shows you a BMI predictor chart at the 12-month mark. I found it pretty helpful. Additionally, I found this video super informative: The factors that I considered most were GERD risk and the desire to control my blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as feeling like I could benefit from the threat of dumping if I ate too much fat or sugar, my weaknesses! It definitely took me several weeks to decide as I weighed it all.
  3. I know it's so hard with kids, but I suggest getting rid of everything in the house that could be a temptation. This summer, I stopped replacing the snacks as they ran out. I stopped buying candy and cookies. We started making "nice cream" from frozen fruit. I have just under 4 weeks to go and I'd say about 90% of the stuff is gone, replaced with salted nuts and apple sauce cups. Luckily, my girls are 12 and 15, so they understand why, and I can let them have candy for themselves when the time comes and they'll know not to have it anywhere near me. But don't feel guilty! It's a learning experience, that's all. Now you know you have to be extra mindful when food is around.
  4. One of the things I just got over the weekend was the 15 flavor variety pack of Syntrax Nectar Protein Powder that they sell here on the BariatricPal site's store. I figured that was a good way to have a lot of options on hand, plus the packs can be tossed in my bag if I'm out for the day, just in case.
  5. NickelChip

    November 2023 buddies

    I plan to do both. As difficult as it was for me to look at them, I took photos of myself in a tank top and exercise leggings just a couple days after the doctor appointment when I had my highest ever recorded weight. I kind of needed to look the picture to really see it and process it, you know? I plan to put on the same clothing again probably the day before surgery, and then keep those clothes to take pictures every month or so after. I think wearing the same clothing will really help to see the differences. I may take additional photos wearing just undergarments, but those will never see the light of day (whereas I already posted my before picture to an album here because I appreciate all the folks who have posted theirs). And definitely measurements. You'll want those for your own records, and keeping up with them as you lose will help when shopping for new clothing.
  6. NickelChip

    5 years later - 150 lbs lighter

    I think it's such an important thing to remember that a person can look happy on the outside, like in your before photo, but be miserable inside. I hope you feel as good inside now as you look!
  7. NickelChip

    I survived my surgery

    So glad you're doing well!
  8. NickelChip

    December Surgery Buddies!

    That delay must have been so frustrating! I'm glad it's finally happening for you.
  9. NickelChip

    taste buds and family reactions

    OMG, family is such a touchy subject. I will be 50 years old in a few months, and I still want to be the "good daughter." I worry about what my family thinks to a degree I never imagined when I was younger. But you have to advocate for yourself because no one else is going to (easier said than done, I know). There are a few things that might help. First, if your family are the type who will "listen to the experts," I suggest you direct them to the extensive video series by both Dr. Matthew Weiner and Dr. John Pilcher. They are totally free on YouTube. I have watched every single video, some of them multiple times. Both of these doctors have this sort of calming aura about them. I swear, I feel less anxious every time they speak. They explain everything in really simple terms, and I think your family members will get it a lot better if they at least watch a few about eating after surgery. Another thing you could try if they're more visual is buying one of those bariatric portion plates where it shows the different amounts of each thing. Or maybe if you get a bariatric cookbook and have your mom work through it with you and make some recipes, she will see for herself how much you should have and how it should look on the plate. I know the cookbook Dr. Weiner published tells you portion size for 1-2 months, 6 months, 1 year, and beyond. So she can see it's not going to be a couple tablespoons for the rest of your life. Ultimately, if she can't get on board, you may have to stop eating around her. But hopefully it won't come to that!
  10. NickelChip

    Protein Shakes Prop65

    I can't speak to the Unjury brand protein powder specifically, (maybe email the company to explain the warning if you're concerned), but I did find this study of protein powders and heavy metal, which concluded: "The data in the current study suggest that heavy metal exposure via protein powder supplement ingestion does not pose an increased non-carcinogenic risk to human health. Further, no carcinogenic risk was expected from As via ingestion of protein powder supplements. This study demonstrates that health risks of heavy metals in protein powder supplements should be conducted within the context of relevant background exposures and established health based standards instead of the presence of hazardous substances alone." Regarding Prop 65, I stayed at a lovely inn in the central coast of CA a while back. There was an antique fireplace in the lobby that had these beautiful glassy-looking tiles around the hearth . There was a framed sign warning that the glaze on the tiles contained lead, with the Prop 65 warning language about the state of CA knowing it caused cancer. I can only assume this was to stop me from prying off a tile, grinding it into powder, and snorting it, because how else would it be a risk? But the inn did not wish to get sued. I also had a friend who spent $1000 on a special ground quartz to fill her kid's sandbox because bags of regular playground sand have a Prop 65 warning on them. I tried to explain that it's because sand in a sand blaster on a job site can cause lung cancer if you don't wear protective gear such as a particulate respirator, but she was convinced sitting in the sand would cause her child to get a tumor. So, take Prop 65 warnings with a grain of salt (which is probably known in the state of CA to cause cancer).
  11. I've been a lot more careful with my eating since July, but last week I had a business trip to Las Vegas. I didn't go completely crazy, but I was eating in restaurants every day and the food was so salty. Plus flying, which always causes me some water retention. I weighed myself Sunday, the day after I got home, and I was up 10 lbs! But I know this was almost all water because I weighed today and I'm back down to where I was before the trip. A big, salty Thanksgiving meal and a couple days of leftovers would probably do the trick!
  12. NickelChip

    WLS + GLP-1

    I never knew the reason for the BMI of 40 or over until reading this, but it makes sense. Back in the 1990s, gastric bypass was an open surgery with a whole lot of risk. You just wouldn't do that unless you were in dire health or the future risk of dying prematurely was great. It's such a different surgery, or surgeries, now, yet the guidelines remain the same. Sometimes I wonder if more people would get bariatric surgery if those who had it talked more openly about it. Not to blame anyone who chooses not to, because people can be awful. But I wonder how many people in part believe they or others can diet and exercise their way thin if they really try because that guy they work with did it...except he actually had surgery and just doesn't say it. Only 2% of people who qualify getting the surgery is so sad. It kind of makes me mad that I would have qualified a while ago but no one told me until I hit that magic 40 BMI on the doctor's scale, even though I have other conditions that meant I would have met the requirements probably 10 years ago. Instead, I was put on Saxenda and Wegovy at different points, and neither one was a real miracle drug for me. Plus, my insurance only covered them for about 6 months, so nowhere near lifetime like you need. I think there's a lot of education that needs to happen out there on every level.
  13. NickelChip

    December Surgery Buddies!

    Double check with your doctor because my nutritionist recommended those calcium chews starting at 2 weeks post-op along with the other vitamins. (I have to stop all vitamins a couple weeks before surgery and then not take them again until after the 2 week check-up). The Celebrate ones taste like a chewy candy, but I think they dissolve very fast and are specifically for bariatric patients, so they are probably fine and not the same as a real candy would be. But yeah, protein bars are so dense and dry, I can't imagine they would be good to eat for a long time. Which is sad because they're so convenient.
  14. I don't have direct experience because I'm pre-op, but everything I've read suggests sugar alcohols are not a good choice because they can lead to gas, bloating, and other unpleasantness for gastric bypass patients. That's something I would probably avoid for quite some time, if ever. I also know my doctor's nutrition guide puts peanut butter into the final stage. On a personal note, I know that candy especially is a trigger for me, so I plan to avoid it along with other sweets and focus on natural foods in hopes of killing off those cravings. I definitely fear the slippery slope. But I would also check with your doctor about sugar alcohol in general, which I believe is different than sucralose or aspertame in how the body will process/tolerate it.

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