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  1. MissyMissfire


    Oh man, I've been experiencing that right now too! I noticed it started a few days ago and chalked it up to my cycle, but this is definitely new. I'm going to increase my calorie intake a little but also I picked up some rooibos tea from the natural foods store. I've used it in the past as a mild appetite suppressant. This will help me stick to my schedule more and resist the urge to snack or the need to eat between meals. But um....has anyone else been majorly losing their hair? The past month and a half my hair has just been coming out by the handfuls. I have naturally thick hair (overly) and always shed a lot but this is INSANE. I'm at about 50% my normal hair thickness. I'm definitely getting all of my daily protein and then a bit extra for good measure. I'm... adequately hydrated... that's still an area I'm struggling with, but I'm working hard at it. And I do know I'm slacking on my vitamins because I REALLY don't like taking them so my ADHD brain conveniently forgets about them. (They get stuck in my esophagus and sit there and it feels awful for forever. And the chewables are vile) I am going to talk to my doctor in a few days about the patch to see if she thinks that would be a good idea for me (less absorption is better than zero absorption...right?)
  2. MissyMissfire


    So, the whole being unable to drink water thing, it's not in my head like my partner wants to think lol. He thought I was just being difficult that I had to have some sort of flavor and sweetener because water is too "thin" and just "wrong".. I was feeling dehydrated the other day after being out longer than expected and I ran out of my drinks that I brought with me.. so I ducked into the dollar tree and the only thing I was allowed to have in the fridge case was a water. I had some lemonade packets buried somewhere in the car- but I took a swig of the water - not a gulp or anything and the second it reached my esophagus, it turned right back around. Instantly rejected. He got to witness it live and in person finally that my body is literally rejecting just plain water. It's like the wires have been crossed and I react physically like the water is poison. So then this man literally spent over a half an hour in a sweltering parking lot digging around for my lemonade packets! He's a believer now for sure. In other news.. I am now officially at my pre-severely traumatic event weight! 60lbs down! Lets go!!!! The pool has been GREAT exercise!
  3. MissyMissfire

    Eating too much 6 days post op RNY

    Yeah I've found cooking anything in chicken bone broth and adding a jar of the chicken puree to things really amps up the protein and if I'm struggling with getting my food in, I'll mix my unflavored protein powder in to make it less to eat to get all my protein for the day. Last night I made kraft mac and cheese because I was craving it majorly and i made it liquidy with extra milk and then added a full scoop of protein powder so the serving I made up was half of my protein for the day. (unfortunately my stomach wasn't a fan of the noodles despite them being overcooked.)

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