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  1. I'm 5 weeks post op RNY, I eat 3 meals of protein, 2 oz per meal, and add 1 cup of fairlife milk and a protein shake. If I'm feeling hungry I'll add 2 oz of greek yogurt or protein pudding for a fourth meal. I usually feel a bit hungrier on days that I swim. I exercise every day and I can tell when I got too into it, I feel tired and hungry. So far the easiest to digest have been ground turkey, smoked salmon, chicken, tuna, and cottage cheese. I'm still drinking chicken broth when I feel like I need more salt and if I forget that, I crave chips. I also pretty much eat my weight in sugar free popsicles.
  2. Lily2024


    You look great! Good progress, for sure and definitely a noticeable difference. I just started looking at photos I took on the first day of liquid diet, on the day of surgery, and next will be monthly, on the day of surgery. It's a weird feeling in that I can clearly see the difference but I don't feel very different yet. I'm sure I'll catch up soon.
  3. Lily2024

    January 2024 surgery buddies

    Best wishes to you, hope all goes well, and welcome!
  4. Lily2024

    January 2024 surgery buddies

    Lark, I'm sorry you're still feeling so unwell. I would like to encourage you to see it as part of recovery, your body is in the driver's seat right now, and you are not failing in any way. The only way for you to fail at this point is if you stop trying and I don't think that is happening. I think you should probably cross post in post op, that would put it out there for more people to see it and offer help and support.
  5. Lily2024

    January 2024 surgery buddies

    Had surgery on the 3rd, I went home after two days, I took one pain pill that evening and not again. I stopped taking Tylenol a few days ago and I’m feeling decent without it. It was rough for a few days especially because of the hernia repair, that’s still uncomfortable to wear a bra.
  6. Lily2024

    Imposter syndrome?

    Oh I remember those days so well, each semester felt like torture, worried that I would fail something, then passing, graduating, and post grad licensing. Always something to worry about coming up, and worried about not being able to do a job that I was already doing, lol. I had a very helpful therapist ask me if I had a precedence for failure. Every time I started torturing myself with "Can I really do this? Will I be good enough?" I would run the new tape that reminded me that I work hard to ensure I will accomplish my goals, and if I'm not able to, I will be flexible and go at it another way. For some reason that really helped me. However, a good antidepressant/anti anxiety medicine along with new tapes for my thoughts, and life is much better.
  7. Lily2024

    January 2024 surgery buddies

    So my 2oz food containers are tuna fish with light mayo, then I add a splash of pickle juice to it for flavor. I also whipped up some Jell-O Sugar free Chocolate Fudge pudding, with 2 cups of Fairlife (extra protein, lactose free) skim milk and a scoop of Isopure protein powder. I've also mixed tuna with cottage cheese, and salmon with light cream cheese. Today I pureed ground turkey with some broth, ate it with taco bell mild sauce. Seems to be doing just fine in my belly. Oh, and Chobani Zero Greek Yogurt, the flavors are great, very low calories, lots of protein and goes down so nicely. I do feel cra**y some too, just keep trying to keep moving. Mainly I've had a lot of gas pain and cramping, moving really helps that. Yesterday when I made breakfast I had my family finish it, I got tired and wanted to just sit and eat.
  8. I was very nervous for the same reasons. I started a modified bariatric diet a few months before surgery as part of the preparation, also stopped any caffeine or sugar. I have gastroparesis so eating before strenuous activity is never a good idea for me but I would feel so nauseous and lightheaded. After I started the bariatric diet I realized that even if I was hungry when I started my lap swim, I could still do a normal work out and feel good. The diet allowed me to maintain a consistent level of energy that I had never experienced before in my life. The 2 week liquid diet was not my favorite, days 2 and 3 were the worst for me, day 4 was better until the day of surgery. I didn't like it, but I still was able to exercise daily. I had one episode of woozy..reviewed with my nutritionist and found I was not getting enough sodium, added a daily broth and that took care of it. I know we're all different but this may be same for you and if it is, I'll be happy for you. I feel so much more free now. I don't have to worry about scheduling activities around food/hunger/etc anymore. I can plan my eating around my activities, if that makes sense?
  9. Me too, I'll be thinking of you NickelChip.
  10. Lily2024

    January 2024 surgery buddies

    I had my pre op class with diet instructions on Dec 13th, for me it's liquids only, the only exception is 4-5 protein shakes a day, I've been okayed to sub a cup of milk for one protein shake, though it's fairlife milk, low sugar. I can also have sugar free jello, popsicles, decaf coffee or tea, and clear broth. I mixed a scoop of isopure unflavored with a cup of chicken broth and it was very good, though take that with a caution, I've not eaten any food for a few days so maybe my taste is changing? LOL, I hope I still like it when I start eating foods again. I think there is a lot of difference between surgeons and programs, some allow a small meal, some only want 3 days of liquids.
  11. I'm having RYGB on January 3rd, starting the 2 week liquid diet in a few days, and really feeling this also. I keep having these moments where I want to eat everything in sight, then sad about the changes that are coming, then I realize that this is a choice and it's the right choice, and I'm in control of that. That seems to help, and remembering that there aren't any foods that I won't ever be able to taste again, I just won't be able to eat a whole pizza, or whole sub sandwich, that's ok. I'm also feeling a bit scattered, it's harder to stay focused but at least I'm not bored?
  12. Well done for keeping your cool, that would have been very difficult for me also. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly for you from here on out.
  13. Lily2024

    January buddies??? 2024

    I'm up on January 3rd! Also excited, nervous, scared of what I'll feel like, scared I'll have the surgery and do everything right and still stay stuck at my current weight.
  14. I'm scheduled for RNY January 3rd. My concern right now is that I'm able to work out pretty good every day, and getting stronger, more lung capacity for swimming. I'm worried that the 2 week liquid diet and the following months of low calorie will really interfere with this progress. Any advice on how to manage it in a practical manner? I was thinking possibly higher weights, lesser cardio? Right now I'm walking with handweights and swimming laps for an hour.

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