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  1. Rebrph

    Onederland Finally!!!

    I finally got to 100+ land. It has truly been a struggle at times. I was banded in August 2008 and have been slowly losing. In January I had my 4th fill and finally started losing steadily. I am so happy I finally got below 200 pounds. It has been a longtime since I have been here (17 years). I feel almost renewed now and I am ready to meet my next goal. Cindy:thumbup:
  2. Rebrph

    April 27, 2010

    From the album: My journey

  3. I know how you feel, I haven't told everyone, just friends and co-workers. This is probably going to sound strange but I haven't told my parents and I have been banded since 8/2008. I love them but they have never been very supporting in the weight loss area.
  4. Rebrph

    Hello 20 pounds to go, it was 19 wrong way!!

    Keep up the good work....stay positive.....you can do it, even if its one pound at a time.
  5. Rebrph

    April 27, 2010

    Thanks guys, I am pleased to announce I have finally broke the 200's. I am finally able to say I weigh less than 200 pounds!!!
  6. Rebrph

    Slow losers lol

    Hi everyone!!! I know how you feel about being a slow loser. I was banded in August 2008 and it has been slow going. In January I received my 4th fill. I finally found my sweet spot. I have been steadily loosing since then and I am pleased to announce I have finally gotten below 200 pounds. Just hang in there!!!! Cindy:thumbup:
  7. Rebrph

    April 27, 2010

    From the album: My journey

  8. Rebrph

    My journey

    August 2008 to April 2010
  9. Rebrph

    Should I skip my next fill

    I agree with brockbabe82, skip it and buy some new clothes....you deserve it!!!
  10. I need help. I just had my second fill and for the first time I have restriction. I am starting to lose weight again but I am not able to eat like I was. I am happy with this but my husband is not. He seems to get upset when I can't eat regular food, we just got back from vacation and I must say, I threw up more than I ate. It has only been 9 days since my second fill and I am still getting use to this restriction. I am eating Soups and salads and Protein bars. I am having trouble with meat though and that really bothers him. Should I be worried about having trouble with meat?? As I lose weight won't the band loosen again?? Thanks for listening. Cindy
  11. I have been reading this thread for awhile and I have questions for those of you who have been doing this a long time. Do you worry about not getting enough protein? I am still new at this and I have problems figuring out my protein. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for all of your helpful advice. I am going to step back and see if what my real problem is taking too big of a bite and not chewing correctly. It is so hard to stop doing something that you have been doing all of my life. I have always been a fast eater, shoveling every bite in. I will try the smaller bites and counting to 40 as I chew. Thanks again for all your advice.:smile:
  13. He is just overly worried, I think. I have been able to keep some things down, I did have some shrimp on vacation , but it just seems if the meat has to be chewed alot it doesn't get any smaller (for example, steak, pork of any kind and chicken that is not shredded already.) He is just now seeing me be restricted and is being overly worried. I have always been told that as long as I can get fluid down and eat some food that it is not too tight. I don't know what to believe now?
  14. Rebrph

    foods to avoid

    I agree with the other posts, everyone is different. I just had my second fill and for the first time since surgery I have restriction. Prior to this fill I could eat pretty much anything except for ham and rice. Now I am having trouble with lots of things. It is almost like being in the mushie phase again for me. Bread and anything doughey is a big problem, but I think that is a good thing because I have better things that I should be eating. Good Luck!
  15. Rebrph

    Mississippi Bandsters!

    Hello everyone....I just got my second fill , I am up to 4.4 cc. For the first time I know what restriction is....Wow. This is going to take some getting use to. I was banded in 8/29/08 and I have only lost 32 lbs. I am not complaining because I do want to take this slow , but now I know what people mean when they say they have restriction. I have lost 2 pounds in 4 days and I really can't eat very much when I eat. This is really gonna be different. I am excited and I have bought a treadmill and trying to get on it 5 times a week for 30 minutes . Wish me luck!! Cindy
  16. Rebrph

    Oprah Speaks for Millions

    Oprah may speak for millions but she doesn't speak for me and she never will.
  17. Rebrph

    Oprah Speaks for Millions

    amen!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!
  18. Hey Denise, yes I finally have restriction. I have also come across several things that I can't eat anymore, no matter how much I chew it comes right back up. It has been about 6 weeks since my first fill. I really should get one soon but I am going to wait until after the holidays. I haven't gained any weight but I am stalled with my loosing. I haven't been exercising and that has alot to do with it. Take Care! Cindy
  19. I just had my first fill done a couple of weeks ago by the nurse in Tupelo, MS. She was great and only charged me $100. If anyone wants her name just let me know.
  20. Rebrph

    Mississippi Bandsters!

    CONGRATS Don!!!! I know you have been waiting a long time. I am so happy for you!!!:wub: Cindy
  21. Rebrph

    200+ Protein Shake Recipes

    Thanks for the post, some of those shakes sound wonderful.
  22. Walk, Walk, Walk!!! I had the same thing for about 10 to 12 days after being banded. Walking really helped me to release the gas and don't drink anything too fast it makes it worse. It will get better with time.
  23. I am in the same situation. I live in north ms and I am getting close to needing my first fill. I have been talking with a nurse that lives in Tupelo, MS that does fills. She was also banded in Mexico. If anyone finds out about Dr. Weaver in Memphis, please post. Thanks.

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