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    Erin18 reacted to taylrmarie in Struggling with Post-Surgery Challenges   
    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience and vent a bit about the difficulties I've been facing after my gastric bypass surgery. It's been tough, and I could really use some support and understanding right now.

    Firstly, one of the biggest challenges I've encountered is the loss of taste. It's incredibly disheartening to try different food and drink options, only to find that nothing tastes good anymore. I've experimented with various yogurts, Protein powders, shakes, and even crystal light flavors, but unfortunately, the enjoyment I used to get from eating has vanished. Even something as simple as finishing a bottle of Water has become a struggle for me.

    To add to this frustrating situation, I've been dealing with a persistent metallic taste in my mouth. This unpleasant sensation affects how everything tastes, making it even more difficult to find pleasure in eating or drinking. Despite my efforts to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing my teeth four times a day, the taste persists, and it's incredibly discouraging.

    On top of these physical challenges, my energy levels have plummeted, leaving me feeling depleted and drained. It's hard to stay positive and motivated when you're constantly battling fatigue. Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on my mental health as well, and I find myself struggling with depression. It's a heavy emotional burden to carry, and I often find myself crying myself to sleep at night.

    I apologize if this post sounds like a downer, but I really needed to vent and share my experience with people who might understand. If any of you have gone through a similar situation, I would greatly appreciate any advice or encouragement you can offer. And to those who are willing, please keep me in your prayers. The support means the world to me during this challenging time.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for being there for me when I needed to let it all out. Together, we can get through the tough times and find strength in each other.
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    Erin18 got a reaction from bariatricks in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    I know how that is! But you will get there!!
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    Erin18 reacted to Spinoza in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    Oh I meant to say - @Arabesque is, as usual, spot on about stalls. They come and they go and they are SUPER ANNOYING. People swear by all sorts of tricks to break them like switching exercise regimes or eating more or fewer calories/protein, etc. but I don't really think they make any difference.
    Also - I am really nosy too so hope some other folks share their typical daily diet!
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    Erin18 reacted to Spinoza in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    What surgery have you had OP?
    I had a sleeve 23 months ago. Ballpark daily menu below for you. I was eating about two-thirds of this quantity at 8 months I think.
    Breakfast - I don't eat it but I do I have a large latte with whole milk. I like supper instead.
    Mid morning - 3oz greek yoghurt (or porridge made with whole milk) and fruit (3oz frozen berries or sometimes half a banana with honey); alternatively two eggs fried or scrambled or one with a couple of rashers of bacon.
    lunch - chicken salad with about 2-3oz chicken and usually 2oz full fat coleslaw, with lettuce, Tomato, cucumber etc. and a sprinkling of seeds All fits on a side plate (piled up, LOL). Or Soup (I love soup with loads of veggies and lentils for protein) - can do a good cup of that. Or a small amount of sushi - about 3 large pieces or 5/6 small. Rice really fills me up and is good on hungry days because it takes my stomach forever to process it (probably doing untold internal damage, LOL).
    dinner - my main meal - meat or fish 3oz approx - I can eat more of some meats than others; veg about 3oz; if I have space left then a tiny amount of carbs but usually not. Fish pie I love, with a tiny mashed potato layer. Stews are good - usually beef and veg in those (no potato). Fried chicken (I prefer thighs to breast). Wings with hot sauce - I can eat about 4 top or bottom wings. Curry - especially veggie curry with lentils and chickpeas (no rice). Steak (or pork steak) fried. I don't make Pasta dishes any more really but I'll happily make a really meaty ragu with beef/pork mince and bacon lardons/pancetta and plenty of veg and just eat that on its own! Sausages (one large or two small) with onions and mushrooms. Fajita filling - chicken with onions mushrooms peppers sour cream guacamole cheese etc just no fajita. Sometimes a pie - chicken and ham - with just a top crust none on the bottom. pizza or other takeaway food very occasionally - I can eat two slices of a large pizza nowadays.
    Supper - porridge and fruit; cheese and wholemeal crackers or oatcakes; a slice of wholemeal toast and something - e.g. half a banana, or sometimes pate or cream cheese or nut butter.
    Snacks - 2-3 a day - 1oz cheese; 1-2oz deli meat; 1oz raw nuts; olives; most days I have a small bag of crisps (chips to you lot).
    I drink wine at weekends - 1-2 glasses per night. Basically a bottle per weekend. I drink *far too much* diet soda all the time. I have almost no sugar in my diet now but sadly on the rare occasions I do eat any I still really love it and crave more - don't think that will ever leave me.
    Hope that helps - it's actually made me hungry just writing it 😂
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    Erin18 reacted to bariatricks in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    8 weeks post op and all I eat is 1 scrambled egg with vegan cheese, 2% Lactaid chocolate milk, or some homemade chicken broth made by my mother. When I get really desperate, I'll have a sugar-free popsicle. I am suffering.
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    Erin18 reacted to Arabesque in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    I’ve been in maintenance for a couple of years now, so like @catwoman7 can’t really answer your first question. Mind you I don’t eat all that differently. Just larger portions (& probably a little more good & bad fat 😉). Don’t be afraid to widen your meal selection & food selection. It may need you to do a little work to make a recipe healthier, lower in calories & to complement your plan (ingredients, cooking method). Don’t forget to check the nutrient content too. And it’s working towards how you’ll eat in the future.
    As to the stall issue - you can’t break those. It’s your body’s reaction to your weight loss. It’s the time your body needs to takes to assesses your current needs & adjusts things like your digestive hormones, metabolism, etc. Your body will take as long as it needs to do this. Stick to your plan. Don’t stress your body more by making changes to what you’re eating or your activity. Your stall will break when your body is ready. Still is frustrating I know.
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    Erin18 reacted to catwoman7 in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    I'm several years out so I probably shouldn't answer the first question since I've been in maintenance for a long time..
    but for the first, I just made sure I was sticking to my program, weighed, measured, and logged everything I ate, and backed off on weighing myself - from daily to about once a week until the stall broke.
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    Erin18 got a reaction from Spinoza in What do YOU eat in a day and Stalling   
    Write what YOU eat in a day.
    I'm nosy and would like to know. Also, maybe it'll give me some food ideas. I'm almost 8 months out. Getting bored of some foods.
    If you've had stalls, what do YOU do to break those stalls?
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    Erin18 got a reaction from Arabesque in Collagen?   
    I actually found a protein pancake mix by aunt Jemima (can't remember what it's called now) but it tastes the closet to regular pancakes.
    I bought a new container of protein powder by premiere protein which has 30g of protein in it. I was thinking about putting some of that in oatmeal or cream of wheat instead of unflavored. It vanilla. Who knows, might actually taste good. How muchbof it do I put in it tho?

    I've been forcing myself to eat Peanut Butter sometimes, and yogurt still turns my stomach.
    I feel like im wasting food. I'll buy something, have it once and then not touch it again. Ugh
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    Erin18 reacted to Arabesque in Collagen?   
    Nothing stopping you from eating ‘non Breakfast foods’ for breakfast if you’re tired of eggs. For example 3ozs of most meats contain more than 20g of Protein - you could have some chicken for breakfast, salmon, etc. Find a high protein yoghurt (mine has 20g - it’s an Australian brand). A serve of rolled oats, milk & seeds can give you 15g. Make a smoothie. Try some other egg recipes not just poached, fried or scrambled: egg muffins, omelettes, frittatas, etc. Add some unflavoured protein powder to your pancake mix, porridge, smoothie, coffee, etc. for an extra boost.
    Here are a couple of high protein breakfast ideas. You may have to adjust them based on what you are allowed to eat. Ask your dietician for some high protein meal ideas too.
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    Erin18 got a reaction from Shanna NYC in Collagen?   
    Hey all,
    Yes I have a thyroid problem and the doctors already know. I've been on thyroid medication since 2016. The team did blood work and said it was a little high but not enough to change my dosage. She saw my hair and she recommended taking a collagen supplement. I like the taste of the Spring Valley collagen + Biotin sugar free liquid supplement (sorry I didn't mention it was a liquid or that it was together). I'm also 7 months post op. The hair shedding has slowed down a lot at this point.
    I really do feel a difference in my hair. It feels softer. I've always had fine hair. It's just since I had surgery, it looks super thin on the top of my head on the left side of my part and only really can be seen if I put my hair up in a bun or pony. Makes me feel a little self conscious. But I do know it'll go back to normal eventually or at least I hope lol.
    I want to start using the vital Proteins collagen powder. And get a new Protein Powder. Have one of each per day. I definitely lack Protein and I know that's a huge factor. For the past few months it's been difficult deciding on what to eat with protein that isn't eggs. I have found a pancake mix with 15g of protein in it and it's actually the best protein pancake mix I've found, but I don't want pancakes every day. I get sick of things quick now since I've had the surgery.
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    Erin18 reacted to LindsayT in Collagen?   
    I just have collagen in my Protein (it's not my source of protein, it's just added as extra). Like someone else said, it just helps the new growth. Using quality hair products does wonders for your hair. As well as regular trims.
    I like Tretinoin for my face. It helps with fine lines, hyper pigmentation, acne, dullness.... it's a mature woman's miracle cream. It's prescription only, but well worth it.
    For the rest of your skin, make sure to moisturize religiously. I do an in shower lotion and then another moisturizer once I'm dried off. I have noticed a big improvement with the texture of my skin. And I don't use anything overly special.
    Your Multivitamin should already have Biotin in it, so you shouldn't need to add any additional milligrams (brand specific). I use women's one a day Vitamin, and it has 100% of the biotin I need.
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    Erin18 reacted to SleeveToBypass2023 in Collagen?   
    The bariatric she is real and nothing will stop it. You need to make sure you stick to your Protein amounts everyday because your hair needs it to produce new growth and grow (your hair can't produce protein but needs it). collagen and Biotin (as well as keratin_ are fantastic for helping your hair be softer, shinier, and healthier. BUT, it does nothing to actually prevent shedding or make it grow. Collagen is great for hair, skin, and nails as well as joints. For me, I use Codeage Platinum collagen powder. It has 5 kinds of collagen, biotin, keratin, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C. It's amazing, and I've used it for almost 2 years. It's everything I need for hair, skin, nails, and joints.
    Another thing I take is MSM. It's amazing for joints, but it also helps thicken hair (which is something I need since I've had 2 bariatric surgeries and my hair is seriously thin). Also make sure you take Vitamin E. That's another things that is fantastic for skin and can be beneficial for hair, as well. I also use Living Proof thickening Shampoo and conditioner and dry shampoo. It helps give my hair volume, which I desperately need right now. Hope all of this helps!!!
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    Erin18 got a reaction from Rdy4Change in February 2023 surgery dates!   
    I'll be 5 months on the 21st! It's flown by.i should probably avoid bread, but no one said I had to. I sometimes can eat a sandwich (just regular sandwich bread) and sometimes I find myself just picking of some of the bread.
    What would a week of eating look like for you? I need some ideas. I feel like I don't always have restriction anymore. I feel like I can fit in more food now before I start feeling that tight feeling or the hiccups.
    My weight is still moving down as well and its crazy that I'm so close to my first major weightloss goal!. I'm down about 65 pounds since surgery day. My favorite thing is that I can cross my legs and keep it there for awhile. My back, legs and ankles don't swell up much after standing for a long period of time anymore.
    I havent started working out yet. I had a gym membership since 2015, but no longer have a car. I feel like it's too much of a hassle to have someone bring me, so until I get another car, I'll need to find something fun to do at home.
    I'm losing a lot of hair too, I hope it starts to slow down soon. Some people who barely have that are so lucky!
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    Erin18 reacted to Arabesque in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Try sparkling Water instead of soda. All the bubbles but no sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    The artificial sweeteners in the zero sugar drinks could be what’s upsetting you @naynay77. The sugar alcohol ones (any ending in ‘ol’) are the usual culprits.
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    Erin18 reacted to naynay77 in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Oh yes, I don't like the sugary drink once it gets flat either. I've tried to drink the zero sugar drinks but they upset my stomach and are very sweet. I enjoyed my cirkul but it isn't carbonated. My husband and my daughter eat a lot of fast food or highly carb filled foods, so I can understand when they think that you eat something weird. Even though they are supportive it's still very difficult to not eat or at least take a bite or 2 of it. I did get them to try the chicken meatballs and cauliflower rice and they liked that so it's a start. I'm really really trying to change my habits but I'm finding that I'm not meal prepping enough. I feel like I need to take that modo "a boy scout is always prepared' and apply it to my eating habits. 🤔
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    Erin18 reacted to naynay77 in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    I started losing my hair at 2 months post-op and it stopped after my dietician recommended that I drink an ounce or 2 of keifer per day which was at 4 months post-op. I did it for a month because she didn't tell me how long I needed to until the next month when I went back for my visit and I was only supposed to do it for a week. However, it seemed to reset my gut microbes and helped with a the constant nausea I was having.

    I feel as though I can relate to what you've been going through. I've been losing slowly myself and they have me tracking all of my foods so that I am noticing how many carbs I am eating. My program suggests limiting carbs to 30 grams per day. I find this extremely difficult especially after the surgery because I get really tired after eating a higher Protein meal. I do meal prep. I take a cup of chicken and marinate it in different marinades, cook it and I freeze it in small containers so that I have Snacks or ready cooked protein for meals. I keep cottage cheese, boiled eggs, and string cheese or cubed cheese handy in the fridge. I have tried to change all my high carb foods like potato chips, ice cream, and milk to the high protein versions. I get the Quest high protein chips, fairlife milk, and if I want any ice cream I get the yasso greek yogurt frozen bars. My biggest problem is the vending machine at work. Cheez-its are my kryptonite and I'm just really lucky that the past 3 weeks they haven't restocked the machine with Cheez-its 🤣.

    I have a hard time with drinking the no sugar drinks like diet coke or coke zero. Too many of any diet drink and my stomach is upset. Also, I'm having a hard time with drinking plain Water because I don't like the taste. When I saw the dietician this month she suggested that I get an infuser water bottle and it's helping. She told me that I needed to make sure that I was drinking enough water, reaching my protein goals, and try to keep my carbs as close to 30 as I can. She also suggested that I start doing some cardio every day 15-30 minutes.

    I have lost a total of 60 pounds including 15 before the surgery. I still want to lose another 30-40 pounds and I'm 7months post-op. I've only been losing about 5 lbs each month since about 2 months post-op. I'm hoping to see more weight loss with the changes that I keep implementing. I was very discouraged when I started noticing everything that I was doing but my doctor and dietician were so supportive. They were very encouraging and told me that the surgery is my tool but that I would have to make some long-term lifestyle changes and the fact that I'm noticing what I'm doing and trying to make corrections that I was still on the right path. I'm sure that you will also reach your goals and the Hair loss will stop eventually. Once the hair loss stops you'll have a bunch of baby hairs growing in 😁.
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    Erin18 reacted to NCL04321 in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Convenience is also a thing to consider. For example, Jello makes ready-made sugar free Jello cups and Sugar Free Chocolate pudding cups. I always have these on hand for my chocolate craving that pops up every now and then. I also always keep Sarrgento low fat mozzarella string cheese and lower fat Babybels on hand. I always have Chobani zero sugar Greek yogurt on hand as well. I know you said it makes you gag right now and I went through something similar because i honestly dislike Greek yogurt but I have learned to eat it. I buy multiple flavors to keep it "fresh". I can finally eat fresh fruit and vegetables so I buy a bag of frozen blueberries to add to my yogurt cup. That really helps the yogurt go down smoothly. I also still drink a Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter ready-made shake every day. That is the only one I can get down without difficulty although the Cookies and creme does taste just like Oreos! Maybe try a different brand/flavor of Protein Shake. I'm 3.5 months post sleeve and just met with my nutritionist. They love Protein Shakes for us and told me to continue to drink them. I have not had bread, Pasta or rice since my surgery 3.5 months ago. That was something I prepared myself for prior to surgery. I will make enough dinner to have it as a leftover for lunch at work the next day. There are so many lower fat/ no sugar options. Use cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. Add salsa to it and you have Spanish rice! Use zoodles or spaghetti squash for pasta substitute. Use a lettuce leaf instead of bread for burgers. Use plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Dip veggies in hummus or ranch dip made with greek yogurt for more Protein. I think if you make changes as everyone has suggested you will be successful on your journey. Don't get discouraged because you've already realized you need to change how you eat. That is already a win for you! Good luck, I know you will be ok! We are always here for support!
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    Erin18 reacted to Arabesque in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Just as something to consider: Dr Matthew Weiner (his you tube videos are great) posted this about lunch meats & other ‘protein’ Snacks recently. Maybe try cooking up a little chicken breast or thigh or turkey yourself & freeze small portions to defrost as snacks. You could marinate it, add your own herbs & spices for flavour. I’d sometimes buy a quarter BBQ chicken from the supermarket eat some as a meal & freeze the leftovers in small portions for snacks.
    I did eat pork sausages when I first got to solid foods. I got them from my butcher who makes his own & not those mass produced highly processed supermarket ones.
    PS - I did run & check my Protein bars for the 10:1 ratio. Mine are little over, oops, but I’m 4 yrs out so not as important.

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    Erin18 reacted to LindsayT in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    lunch meats are funky to me as well, but I do like adding lean meats to my boxes like leftover chicken, turkey, ham, or steak (steak is touchy for some, so see how your stomach reacts). And be careful that the meats aren't too dry. Leftover meat can dry out and cause your stomach problems. I also like imitation crab or shrimp cocktail for some different Protein options. For me, it's all about mixing it up so I don't be bored.
    Eating again is so much more enjoyable. food just hits different, ya know. The taste, texture, and smells are like trying something for the first time. Just keep in mind things that you liked before, you may not like after surgery or when you start eating again. That one weirds me out. I'm hoping my liking to those foods comes back as time goes on.
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    Erin18 reacted to WanderingLass in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Is it ham and turkey or specifically the lunch meats? Because the beauty of making your own is, use chopped turkey breast. Cube ham. Make it yours. 😊 Now I'm really looking forward to being able to eat again! (Still in post op liquid phase.)
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    Erin18 reacted to LindsayT in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Sounds like you have some great ideas that'll work for you. So happy things are going well for you!
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    Erin18 reacted to ms.sss in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    i used to time my bites in the early months.
    if the timer in my watch went off and i didnt want to eat, i'd set it again and see if felt like food in the next interval (the length of the timer depended how far along post op i was)
    if i still didn't want to eat after 3 consecutive times the timer went off, i called DONE and put the food away. would make another attempt at in a couple hours.
    outside of Water sips the first week post op, i didn't force myself to put any food nor drink i don't want to in my mouth. i still don't.
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    Erin18 reacted to LindsayT in High protein meal/snack ideas, Hair loss, overeating   
    Pinterest is a great place for recipes as well.
    When eating tuna/chicken/or egg salad, I don't normally eat it with anything. I want to keep the room in my stomach for the Protein. To get fiber (and a little extra protein) with it, I like to add thawed frozen peas to my chicken or tuna salad.
    Maybe talk with your family about keeping Snacks and other foods more hidden so they're not so tempting to get into.
    Another option is to make up your own snack boxes, so you can just pull them out. Maybe some reduced fat cheese and veggies, hummus and veggies, or whatever else you like.
    Meal planning (even out to eat planning) is so important for us. I have noticed that foods are way more unhealthy than we think. For example, our regular brand of Pasta Sauce has 16g of added sugar per serving (not to mention the added surger in a lot of food in the US), a small burger patty from a fast food place (no bun or condiments) is 280 calories, and carbs and salt are lerking everywhere in prepackaged and restaurant foods. For example, I got a cup of Soup at Penara the other day and just looked at the calories when I ordered, once I tracked it in my app, it had over 2,000mg of sodium. Yikes! (Remember, track first) And I'm not scared of carbs, they just need to be the right carbs; however, they all add up. I try and stay under 60 carbs per day. So, I've learned to track before I put anything in my mouth, unless I know it meets the criteria that my dietitian has put me on. Sometimes, life happens and it's not always possible and none of us are perfect; it's really the effort we put in. Gosh, it's hard though.
    None of this is easy, I totally get that. And whoever said this was easy....well, I have a few words for them. I look at the surgery as a tool to help us fight back to get healthy and get our lives back, but it's still up to us to use it properly. (Not saying your not, it's more of a reminder for all of us).
    Again, I wish you all the best.

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    Erin18 reacted to Rdy4Change in February 2023 surgery dates!   
    Tomorrow, it'll be five months since my surgery. I can share that the first two months were the hardest. I now find myself eating intuitively. The only food that I avoid is bread.
    My weight loss has slowed down, but continues to steadily decrease. On my surgery date, I was at 229 pounds. I currently weigh 173. The biggest change is that my knees and back are no longer in pain. I am able to work out without any issues.
    The only down side is that I have begun to lose my hair in clumps. While this has been frustrating, I am so thankful for this surgery. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin!
    I hope all my February surgery pals are having a positive journey as well!

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