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  1. See.Allie.Run

    Pre-Op Diet Hell

    Great answers here. I actually got the stomach flu the first few days of my pre-op diet which was hell, but in some ways, an easier way to kickstart the process. The caffeine withdrawal sucks and I actually eased into that a bit pre-op (with approval from my nutritionist). But was fully off caffeine by surgery. Listen, this is a really tough process. It’s okay to be sad and scared and depressed. Remember tho your “whys”. Why are you doing it? Because if you stick with the program, it *will* result in weight loss and will change your life for the better. Some days will suck, especially at the beginning, but you can do this!
  2. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    You aren’t doing anything wrong at all. Your stomach is swollen and so you just can’t consume much. Focus on fluids and sip, sip, sip. I’m only 3 weeks out, but things that helped me a lot to date for my fluids are (1) warm bone broths (I like chicken) and (2) alkaline water (which for some reason seems easier to consume).
  3. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    Good luck! I’m a New Yorker too.
  4. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    The variation in post-op diet plans is really interesting. My plan doesn’t allow any veggies or fruit for at least 4 weeks, and then you can slowly incorporate first steamed veggies and eventually raw fruits and veggies. I’m 16 days out and am desperate for a salad!
  5. See.Allie.Run

    Lbs lost in 2 week pre-op phase?

    Went on pre-op diet 3/23 for 2 weeks leading up to surgery. It was an all liquid diet with the exception of 1 egg/day and 1 cottage cheese/day (low fat). I lost 9 lbs. I had also lost about 15 lbs (in addition to the 9 lbs) from my first visit on 2/1 through 3/23. I was self-pay, but my surgeon didn’t blink at all about dropping “too low”. I think my BMI at surgery was around 33.
  6. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    To all of you on your pre-op diet, great job so far and hang in there. I was you 2 weeks ago (had my surgery on 4/6). It feels like forever now, while you are in it, but surgery will be here before you know it. The first few days are hard, but I’m now on day 8 and just finished a 3 mile walk, enjoying the warm night. Everything feels easier now, despite still being in the beginning of the healing stage. Good luck to you all.
  7. Hi all. I’m 1 week out from having gastric sleeve surgery. The procedure went well, but I had a good amount of pain for the first few days (where I couldn’t really consume anything other than water, Gatorade Zero and broth). Since about day 4, I’ve been trying to consume somewhere close to my protein goals (60 grams). I just can’t get there, or really be anywhere close. I’ve never loved protein shakes, and can only have 2 ounces at a time. I’m lucky if I consume 1 shake/day. I add in chicken bone broth, and a little bit of nonfat yogurt/cottage cheese (which my surgeon allows), but I just can’t seem to consume more than 250 calories/day (at best 40-50 grams of protein). And it is a constant struggle (since I have been good about my fluids). It is wearing me out a bit, trying to consume protein, and it impacts my ability / endurance to get outside and walk. Any suggestions?
  8. See.Allie.Run

    Struggling to Consume Calories/Protein

    Thank you! These answers really help put things in perspective. I think I’m just overwhelmed by the program’s protein requirements for the first 2 weeks (60-80 grams), which is just not attainable by me right now.
  9. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    I’m going to be honest with you…there is absolutely no way I could have gone back to work two days after my surgery (which would have been yesterday for me). I’m kinda going back tomorrow, and I’m even questioning whether I can do that (and it is a work from my bed, with laptop on my lap, kinda job). I’m no longer on pain killers during the day, but I just feel like sh*t. Gas pains have subsided a lot, but still there. I’m really struggling with getting any protein in me, and between alternating 2 ounces of a protein shake with getting water/other liquids in me, it is a full time job.
  10. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    Had my sleeve yesterday. Got home this afternoon. All went well and even with a tiny cheat during my liquid pre-op diet, I lost almost 10 lbs and surgeon said it made a big difference as she was in and out in less than 30 minutes. On the bad side, I’ve been in substantial pain. Walking as much as I can but man, this gas pain is no joke. I woke up from anesthesia pretty much screaming. Every hour tho gets better and I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the gas pain tunnel. Gas X (dissolvable) is def your friend. I also packed a bunch of stuff for the hospital and used 3 things only - my chapstick, my beloved pillow and Evian water spray, which helped with the dryness. Oh, and my toothbrush. Everything else was a waste tho.
  11. See.Allie.Run

    Food Boredom

    This is a bit late, but I’ve found the Naked brand of protein powders to be pretty good. They have ones that are based in brown rice and peanut butter (I can’t tolerate whey or soy at all). I also like the Owyn brand of protein shakes.
  12. See.Allie.Run

    Daily chronicles

    I can’t stomach Premier Protein shakes unless just a little mixed with coffee. Somebody recommended Owyn (plant based) and that’s been better.
  13. See.Allie.Run

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    One week left for me. I’ve struggled a little with the pre-op diet the last couple of days, mostly because I can’t stomach (still) protein shakes so I’m mostly eating yogurt, one egg and bone broth. I did cheat yesterday (I was soooo hungry) and now feel really guilty. Ugh.
  14. See.Allie.Run

    March 23 Surgery/ Pre-Opt Diet

    Wow - that is a ton for just two weeks. Hang in there, and I hope the gas pains have already gone away.
  15. See.Allie.Run

    April 3rd Buddies!!

    Good luck to you. Are you on a pre-op diet? I'm scheduled for the sleeve 3 days after you (on April 6) in the U.S. (New York). On day 4 of the pre-op liquid diet, except ended up getting the stomach flu on the first day and am slowly starting to try to consume anything other than broth and water.
  16. Hi everybody, I started my 2 week, pre-op LRD today and am really struggling…not with hunger, but with massive stomach pain/bloating and gas. My stomach can be sensitive to some foods (for example, I can’t eat fermented foods, aspartame, etc.), but I didn’t think I consumed anything “bad” today. My diet is supposed to be a protein shake for B, L & D with one yogurt and one egg per day (and unlimited zero sugar drinks). I had a Premier Protein shake (chocolate) for breakfast, one hard boiled egg for a snack, and 1/2 a Premier Protein shake for lunch a few hours later. Started getting really nauseous about midday, and my stomach now is just…pain. Also, I had a Gatorade Zero during the day. I have had small amounts of protein shakes leading up to this, and everything was fine, but this is most definitely some kind of bad reaction (maybe I’m a little lactose intolerant? I don’t drink much milk usually). I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive this if I can even have protein shakes… Has anybody else gone through this?
  17. Thanks again to everybody who replied. As an update, it actually wasn't an allergic or bad reaction to the protein shakes, but a really bad case of the STOMACH FLU. Ugh. Only starting to feel a little better now - 4 days later. On the bright side, my fears about how hard the first few days would be on a liquid diet kinda were for nothing 🙂. I still can't stomach protein shakes after all the violent vomiting (sorry if TMI). So my first 4 days of a liquid diet has pretty much consisted of chicken broth, water and a little non-fat yogurt. At this point, just trying to get my fluids up. I haven't spoken to my surgeon yet about this...hoping it won't delay surgery.
  18. Thanks. I think it must be the whey/milk concentrate. I have had some shakes here and there before, but never more than a few ounces. I’m going to find some non-whey alternatives and also cut out the Gatorade Zero to see how it goes. I suppose better find this out now rather than post-surgery!
  19. Hi everybody, I’m new here and just received a date for my surgery for April 6. I’m starting to freak out a lot about it, and don’t really have anybody to talk to (I’ve only told my husband, and while he is supportive, I don’t think he really knows how to empathize with me on this one). It all just feels so overwhelming at this point. Anybody else at about the same place?

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