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  1. Hey everyone. I am getting the sleeve tomorrow. I am so nervous. Any last minute advice? Thanks.
  2. I am 7 weeks post op and only lost 25 pounds. I haven’t lost a single pound in over 2 weeks. Has anyone else gone through this and then still continued to lose weight? I thought for sure by 8 weeks I would be down 35-40lbs. I am nervous about not losing anymore weight.
  3. I had my surgery 2/22/23. I am going through the same exact thing!! I am down 25lbs and the scale hasn’t moved in 2 weeks. It is extremely frustrating thinking I am doing something wrong. I am hoping this is just a stall and the weight will start coming off again. Good Luck!
  4. smanzi40

    3 weeks post op

    I pretty much eat the same exact things. I had miso soup today and a 3oz piece of grilled chicken plus protein shakes, yogurt and decaf tea. At 3 weeks post I feel like I can eat. I also have not lost anymore weight this week. Thinking I should try and stick to liquids only for another week.
  5. I am 3 weeks post op today from the gastric sleeve. I feel great, I have energy during the day, no pain and I am down 20lbs. So far it has been all liquid diet and pureed soup. Today is the first day I actually feel hungry and want food. I had a half of can of chopped tuna but I am still hungry. What were you all eating/drinking at 3 weeks post op?
  6. I had my sleeve on 2/22. Feeling pretty good. Today is the first day I actually feel hungry. I am still on a liquid diet until week 3. If I drink too fast or too much my chest hurts getting it down then I get a pain in my stomach. I am down 13lbs since DOS. Excited for that, but also nervous once I start eating solids I am going to be at a stand still.

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