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  1. Any great recommendations in Miami for tummy tuck?u
  2. On 3/3 I hit my one year anniversary— been holding steady the last two months or so — about 10 lbs lower than my original goal. Heading into plastic surgery next week— tummy tuck! (Yay). Down 75+ lbs— Some days i really understand the changes, and others I am in disbelief. It’s slowly catching up with me. 5’1’’ Female, age 53 Start weight 195, day of surgery 184- current weight 119.2
  3. Sigh

    Thirsty after eating

    For me, the desire to have a drink of something after a meal was such a hard habit to break. But that was just it- it was a head thing, not a physical one. I would give myself just a tiny sip of water to rinse my mouth— but if I went overboard my stomach would hurt. As you see what works for you, see if something like a biotene mouth spray would help— and as above mentioned, ask your drs if you should see if you have medical issue.
  4. Great responses so far- and as I hit anxious times, I find myself thinking about some of those unhealthier options too— I was/am an emotional eater- stuffing down my emotions with food— and realizing it was half the battle. When i get anxious/sad/have a feeling I have to slow myself down and ask am I really hungry? And to be completely honest, 90% of the time im not. I hope that as you heal from breakup you are able to find support to grieve and move on while also keeping up with taking care of yourself. Question- is it because you think the friends are having more fun than you? Or that they are watching you and wondering why you arent eating? I have never had anyone say anything about how much im eating— and if they ever did, I would simply say, im just not that hungry right now. But if it is that you are concerned they are watching you: i offer this quote from Schitt’s creek— Alexis discussing why David was anxious about his driver’s test: “ David, no one is thinking about you the way you are thinking about you”. That is the mantra I’ve decided to live by— no one cares what im doing! I am going to make sure i do what is best for me and have fun- and as long as it hurts no one, im golden. Best of luck to you!
  5. The needing new shoes surprised me too, although it makes sense- I never thought i had “fat” feet. The seating issue in the car- I am so short it was always a problem, but am grateful for the ability to adjust the height on the seat in my car now. And yes- the butt pain sitting is ridiculous. I prefer to stand most of the time now when I can. The other annoying thing, which i know is first world issue- that i have to replace all the chains on my necklaces so they sit where i want them to on my neckline/outfit! The rings i could just move to other fingers— but the necklaces! Arghh…
  6. Thank you for the great information- I did get to consult with dr before— and got the v-shape as that was what dr preferred as well. I had 4lbs of skin removed from my stomach, and they lipo scuplted arms, waist and back to get the 2lbs of fat to use for the tiny bbl they were able to complete. I am 3 weeks out (as of Wednesday April 10) and am very pleased with the results so far. The back side is not super dramatic, which I am happy about. Surgery went well, although i did have to have an iron treatment because my hemoglobin dropped 4 points ..but after that i felt great. Instead of general they used an epidural and exparel- so I didn't need any major pain meds after. Just had a headache for a couple of days, so Tylenol was solution. Staying in a recovery house for a week was THE best decision for me to not push it and to make sure i could recover well— at home I’d have been doing things when i should have been resting. No real pain to speak of from anything- sore and tight might describe it best—but that eased up at the end of the week. I admittedly have a high pain tolerance, and after previous breast reduction and hysterectomy knew some of what to expect. Now, Im just working from home and living a fairly normal life. Driving, walking, etc with ease. In a few weeks, I will be cleared to start exercising- which I have never done— so slow and steady will be course of action. Ill post some pics when things settle and i don't look too Frankenstein like. Thank you all for the kind words and support! Plastics is a game changer!
  7. Sigh

    B12 + MIC Injections

    Ive taken B12 shots in the past and noticed no weight loss, but I wear a daily B12 patch from patchaid and do notice a difference in my energy levels.
  8. Thank you guys! I am having a tummy tuck and skinny bbl! I dont want to lose anymore weight at this point, but rather get rid of the loose skin on my stomach and perhaps lift up the backside/eliminate some sag there. I go wednesday, so Im starting to get a little anxious about it—i know it will be fine, but am not looking forward to being in recovery for a while. Any advice or tips appreciated.
  9. Any recommendations on what to pack for the recovery house? I am about to book!
  10. I had waist length hair at surgery start- not too thick. Starting losing hair about 3 months out, like others— and while the length helped hide it at the start, toward the end my ends were super thin. At 9 or so months out I went and cut about 6 inches- and it does look much fuller now. I can see baby hairs have been growing in all over, and have some about 4 inches that can stand out if I dont smooth them down, especially around the edges of my hairline. Luckily the regrowth is coming in white and I totally love it! No more coloring my hair, and it feels soft and healthy.
  11. Im 5’1. Weighed 195 day of surgery. My bmi was right at 35. I was what one might call a “smaller” heavy person- but my frame was not built to carry that weight. My joints hurt, was struggling with high A1C1 and starting to have trouble sleeping, etc. It was time- and most people wouldn’t have even considered surgery— but it was the best decision for me. The yo-yo dieting and struggles were not working. The surgery gave me my life back. My advice— Think through your whys- and dont let fear of change keep you from moving forward— whatever you choose.
  12. Im currently researching a tummy tuck procedure myself- and strongly considering traveling to Miami or Mexico myself- how long did you have to commit to staying in Mexico for your surgery? As an aside- I went to TJ for my VSG as well. Wondering if the cosmetic surgery will cause hair loss like the VSG did? I dont recall the hair loss with previous breast reduction, so I hope not! Welcome any thoughts?
  13. Thank you Greentealael! Im researching, and coming to Miami might be the best option. In Charlotte Ive had quotes in the 16K range… for a tiny tuck. Seems like Miami has very skilled surgeons at more affordable prices.
  14. Sigh

    Imposter syndrome?

    My daughter and I had a discussion about negative attitude/self sabotage, and she found something on TikTok (hey, she’s 14) that she loved: ”I just discovered ominous positivity and im obsessed. You will be fine, you have no choice. Everything will turn out okay and you cannot stop it. You will succeed it’s inevitable. Better days are already coming and its too late now.” Sort of like learning to accept that the unknown IS GOING TO BE GOOD and that your hard work is going to make it good— so accept your fate and move on instead of worrying and self sabotaging. Start playing that loop instead of the “what ifs” and if you focus on the day by day moments to build to it— when you get there it will feel normal. And you will have the muscle memory built to enjoy it—and deal with anything that needs adjusted if needed. I wish you the best, and know changing that inner monologue is hard— but with thought stopping and therapist, you will succeed!
  15. Sigh

    yogurt after surgery

    If you are in the US, look for the brand two good yogurt- it is amazing yogurt, I eat half a container with a spoonful of peanut butter (Im in maintenance) for my breakfast some days— its delicious an very low sugar (2g in a container).
  16. Sigh

    My Plastic Surgery Journey

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. When I had breast reduction (pre weight loss, 13 years ago), the pain wasn’t that bad— but hey, I have a high pain tolerance and didnt take pain meds after VSG either. BUT yours, I would take the meds for sure. STill, im interested in a tiny tuck myself… looking for any recommendations in Tijuana. Let me know!
  17. Please let me know who you are using— I am ready to sign up. I did my VSG in Mexico and have been so pleased. I am looking at a “tiny tuck” here in the states and its 10K— would love to price the doctor you are using. I agree, I like the after care you get there.
  18. Congrats to you!! Your hard work and effort have paid off with a new healthier version of you. I am sure your family and kids are enjoying being active with you.
  19. Sigh

    So I have updates.....

    Having those fibroids gone has been a huge help!
  20. Sigh

    So I have updates.....

    Congratulations! You look fabulous and we can hear it in the tone that things are going great for you, regardless of the coming surgeries. the hysterectomy will certainly help- I had mine in November of last year, and it has made a big difference. So glad you are doing well!
  21. Sigh

    How many calories

    I never have counted calories at all— I think protein/fluid goals and staying with healthy choices/watching portion sizes are more what my drs want me doing. Im at 8 months with sleeve, and pretty much moving to maintenance and some days i can eat more than others— so best advise already given here is talk to your team.
  22. As a recovering people pleaser, I applaud you for prioritizing your health- both the physical and mental aspects of your health. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish- its part of being responsible for you own well being. Im so glad you are setting some boundaries, and I am going to remember that when I need to do the same for myself. Thanks for putting into words that there is more to this process than weighing and measuring our food. Best of luck to you on this journey- and please keep sharing your story, it helps both yourself and those around you!
  23. I had my VSG back on 3/3/23, with a heavy weight of 195. (Im 5’2”). Surgery day, I weighed in at 184 after a two week liver shrinking diet- two shakes a day/one meal. Yesterday I had my 6 month check up, an things are going really well. Weighed in at 129- and BMI in healthy range. Hair loss has been significant, but hoping that turns around soon… fingers crossed. Since I had my surgery in Mexico, this was my first meeting with Bariatrician and he says that im having really nice success- and that 8-10 months is about how long someone would expect to see results from VSG. (I’d heard longer). He also took labs, and all seems to be in good range- saw the results this morning. First two pics from today, last pic is before (I hated having picture made and can’t find one really near that time except this one. My goal this next few months is to take up a more structured exercise routine to build some muscle— so much of the pain I was having pre-surgery is gone. So glad to have taken this step for my health!
  24. Very cold these days— but just wait til you have to get a shot in your arm… that really hurts!
  25. Sigh

    March 18th start

    March 3, 2023. Doing great here- slowing down now, and slowly transitioning to maintenance (at least i think…) How about you?

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