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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. bypass24jan2023

    Multivitamin help

    I use an Australian made one called BNChews - tastes rather pleasant thankfully. My nutritionist recommended it, not sure if they deliver outside Aus.
  2. I can walk, upping it daily, and do some minor exercises like my arms up to week 10. From week 10 free to explore what I want to do. I will follow this but I’m keen to see how different it was for everyone. When were you cleared?
  3. I’m 10 days in now and have never felt hunger of course but the love of food smell has returned which is interesting as is the want to eat something tasty. I haven’t had nausea since operating day thankfully. Speak to your surgeon etc, I think sometimes forcing it (in moderation) is the way through but do that under advice.
  4. bypass24jan2023

    Why so many sleeves

    I chose bypass because of a few reasons. Like many others I had bad GERD, but the other reason why that I’m naturally an impulsive binge eater / junk food addict. I didn’t feel the sleeve was the right tool long term to help me fight my demons. Also, I was influenced by TV a little - Watching older DR Now with bypass v sleeve, just feels like bypass patients are more often successful v sleeve who can revert back so quickly to bad habits.

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