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  1. Hi, all went well he was able to dilate the passage and they’ve put a feeding tube in to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients. They’re going to dilate it again in a few days just to be sure but I’m tolerating food and liquids now thank god! Feeding tube is uncomfortable but small price to pay
  2. Hi you were right I had a stricture which has narrowed my digestive passage and is not letting any food or water pass through. I had an endoscope yesterday but they said it would be too painful to dilate unless they put me to sleep so they are doing that today. He said it could take a few tries so please send your thoughts that it’s only going to take one I’m fed up of not being able to eat or drink 😟
  3. Hi everyone thanks for your help I’m going to go to my emergency room and see what they can do to help me. @catwoman7 do you know if you could take medications while you had the stricture? I haven’t had a problem taking my omeprazole or paracetamol it’s mostly liquids. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I’m 3 weeks post op after gastric bypass surgery and the last week I haven’t been able to keep anything down. I’m constantly sipping on water but no matter what I do it comes back up again. Last weekend I made a stupid mistake of having a bite out of a toasted chicken wrap thinking if I chewed it well it wouldn’t do me any harm. I felt absolutely fine afterwards but the following day is when this stage I’m at started. Really worried I’ve done some damage now and don’t know what to do??

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