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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. TerryCieniewicz

    Dumping Syndrome

    Mine has been tons of gas and diarrhea. Its miserable.
  2. TerryCieniewicz

    Two weeks after surgery

    You will feel full when you start on "real" food. When you do be careful and start slow or you will be throwing up.
  3. TerryCieniewicz


    (Cpach81) Yeah, I was worried I was taking in too many calories and by association too many carbs but I am losing weight now so I must be doing something right. My doctor didn't say anything about calories but did say I should stay around 40g of carbs which I am doing. Thanks I am getting around 1100 calories already so the trick will be to stay at that amount as my diet progresses.
  4. TerryCieniewicz


    Thank you all for your input and information. It has helped me.
  5. TerryCieniewicz


    Thank you
  6. TerryCieniewicz

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    October 17th
  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it helps someone.
  8. TerryCieniewicz


    How many calories should we be taking in. I think I am eating too many, about 1100.
  9. TerryCieniewicz

    New to the group Vsg to bypass

    I haven't had any trouble getting my fluids in. As a matter of fact I wonder if i'm not getting too much. I am not hungry or having cravings. I am tired of liquids. There is just so many ways to change up jello. Healing is going well. No incision problems that I can tell. I guess I'm lucky. I will take it as a win.
  10. TerryCieniewicz

    New to the group Vsg to bypass

    I actually feel pretty good. No real pain and getting around pretty well. Not having any problems.
  11. TerryCieniewicz

    New to the group Vsg to bypass

    By the way My name is Terry (female) and I live in Georgia
  12. TerryCieniewicz

    New to the group Vsg to bypass

    Hi I just had the sleeve revised to the bypass on 10/17/22. I would like to be bypass buddies is you want. I am still in the dark as to what all to expect with this surgery but I will pass on anything I have learned

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