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  1. hi all.. My name is Tia and i was banded on 9/15 through dr Tersigni.. this has been a wonderful process and things are going well. i have lost 56 pounds and went from a size 24 to 18.. I thought this info may be helpful for people who need to travel to see dr Tersigni, but if you go to coos bay for anything medically related, you can get half off your room at the Red Lion Inn. When i go I pay 63 bucks plus tax for a double queen room and the rooms are nice. Just thought if someone out there could use that information. You do need to ask for the hospital rate and let them know its surgically related.. Im excited to talk with others who have been banded in coosbay as well. !!!
  2. chicamam1

    My story

    So i was banded 9.15.08 all was well and I did get to goal in 10 months. which is so wonderful. In Aug out of nowhere couldnt eat or drink, Went to ER and had slip where stomach came up through the band. I got complete unfill and waited a month and then started the fill process. Finally got back to where I was and out of nowhere same thing happened, reflux pain, cannot drink or eat. Went to Er, got complete unfill and they say my band is sitting too horizontal so it slipped again or never really fixed itself the first time. My options as self pay are ( from surgeon) if removal of fluid thereafter, there are no complications can leave the band in deflated since I cant cough up the money to remove it. Or if i have major complications I will get band removed as an emergency surgery which could cost me an arm and a leg I dont have. So for now the band will remain unfilled forever, and Im hoping I can get money someday to go to Mexico and get a revision and removal for less than half of the cost here. After a year, my band is rendered useless. Thank Goodness I was at goal when all this started to happen and im so scared of gaining the weight back but I got to be strong and know I can maintain right?
  3. chicamam1

    Anyone living with a slipped band?

    My band First slipped this year and i got total unfill for a month. then we tried refilling and two months later I slipped again and had to do complete unfill. My band has not been removed or surgically fixed. Im self pay so unless leaving in the unfilled band is causing complications it will just stay there. I can eat normally now tho. So yes, I am just living with a slipped band currently. They have told me to never get it filled again as the same thing will concurrently happen. Im pretty much at goal, and may consider a sleeve when I can come up with the money for revision.
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    From the album: My weight Loss Journe

  5. chicamam1

    Fill under fluoro...failed

    well i do hope all goes well. Hopefully your port being angled and shifting ( which means it has moved from the original place it was sewn which means stitchings came loose) doesnt cause any problems with fills in the future for you as that would be a major PITA for you for sure. but Im sure all will be well. Good luck with your future fills.
  6. chicamam1

    Fill under fluoro...failed

    my only concern regarding this is what is going to change waiting a month? Are they thinking the port is going to magically be put back into place. If they had such trouble they should be looking at options for a port revision IMO to avoid any delay for you for fills in the future. I only say this as my port as flipped and thank goodness its so close to the surface it can be fiddled with to get in the correct position. I just dont see the logic of the surgeon there. I am sorry you have gone through this I would be disappointed as well. :drool: I hope next month the same problem doesn't occur.
  7. chicamam1

    Not losing weight - very frusterated

    First of all hang in there you will be ok I promise. Its hard at first when you are trying to get the proper restriction and still are eating more than the 4 oz they ask us to eat. Second you only have 45 to lose. I can tell you from personal experience, when I only had that amount left to lose the weight was Stubborn!!!! A glass of wine now and then wont kill you. Its like 200 cals and neither will a dessert. IN FACT its good to treat yourself once in awhile so you dont binge. Everything in moderation is key. THe things I would look at right now is how big are your portions? are you weighing, measuring? What is the exercise intake? with only 45 to lose you may have to exercise and kick that up more to start weight loss. I do understand your frustrated but I would suggest calling your doc and reviewing a plan of action so you can start seeing some results! I wish you the best of luck
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    From the album: My weight Loss Journe

  9. chicamam1

    Hanssen All Images 107[1]

    you two are adorable! u look fabu darlin
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    tia at 160

    From the album: My weight Loss Journe

  11. chicamam1

    Stop Calling it Socialized Medicine!

    we are a non profit health insurance company
  12. chicamam1

    Stop Calling it Socialized Medicine!

    Not all insurances are greedy, I just wanted to point this out as I know we are all considered evil. Right now the company I work for only makes 3 cents to the dollar and that money goes back into the reserve to pay for claims. Cost of health care is more than insurance companies driving premiums up. Some may be greedy but not all. Its a big picture. Pre existing waiting periods, yes I agree need to be fixed the problem to fix is if an insurance company now has to cover the conditions of all these really sick high cost claims, they will end up not having enough to put in reserves, even with the extra premiums that would be paid. Gotta figure out how to solve that problem it is important, without us the taxpayers footing that whole bill. The cost of medical care is outlandish, including here are the big drivers Our company saw 28 million more dollars being paid out in prescription medicine. Doctors and hospitals jumping to high cost medical treatments first when a less expensive test or procedure could of solved the problem. which is why we are now back to prior authorization to try and reduce those costs to try and keep premiums lower for our customers. We are trying! There may be some insurance companies who rake in and dont run their business ethical but that isnt true for most. 3 cents on the dollar that is it. and that is going into reserves to pay your claims.
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    Picture 112

    From the album: My weight Loss Journe

  14. chicamam1

    before pics

    5'3 and 274
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    From the album: My weight Loss Journe

  16. chicamam1

    Slipped Band

    So, in the beginning of my journey I loved my band. I lost most of my weight yes, Im grateful for the band. However lately I hate it. ( im bearing my true feelings right now) I wish I could revise my surgery to sleeve but cant. Im self pay. I have had problems in the past with my band being overfilled before not being able to swallow my own spit and lived through it ok. But at some point its becoming really nagging. This week really put the topper on the cake. Yes my band slipped. Went to Er because of severe reflux and got the bad news. Surgeon came in and wanted to do another upper gi ( i got diagnosed by cat scan) and said if it wasnt little, she would take me straight back into surgery to remove it. Thankfully it wasnt that bad, and she completely unfilled me and we will wait two weeks to SEE if it will settle back in place. if so great, ill get an endoscopy to check for ulcers and can start the fill process. if not then well, my band will be taken out. My Love Hate relationship. Funny I dont want to lose it, i just wish all the complications would go bye bye. I miss so much work because of it. Anyway really, I just needed to vent. Im scared to get my hospital bill because im self pay and its not covered my insurance and they admitted me overnight for observation. All this right after we get our bankruptcy discharged. Maybe one day ill love my band again Its done wonders for me. but for now. I hate it.
  17. chicamam1

    Question on Slipped Band

    i got diagnosed with slipped band friday that my stomach was coming through teh band. when all unfilled, they told me to wait to see if it goes back into place. Im still having reflux but its not coming up in my throat i can feel it trying to and a slight burn in m lower stomach along with some minor cramping, I havent gotten a clear answer if i am to wait through these symptoms or if it will be fixed.
  18. chicamam1

    Change in Period/ Menst. cycle

    My last period was a month long. Now a week and half break and bad cramps have shown up again
  19. chicamam1

    Odds of long-term success

    To say its mostly the peoples faults who had complications I will nicely disagree. I just found out band slipped almost a year out and I feel I was a good patient most the time a complication will arise out of nowhere I agree woth someone who said tired of pbing stuck being nauseated. Right now I feel the band takes center stage in my life it did a wonderful thing for me and I hope if oi go through fil process again and don't have it removed it will come with less complications
  20. chicamam1

    Slipped Band

    Wow we are in the same boat. I too worry about being fat again. I guess what is done is done. For the person who asked why. I dunno. But my stomach entered up through the band. I'm not real hungry yet but imsure I will be soon.
  21. SO i went out to my fill and instead of eating out, wanted to get something for dinner and breakfast i could eat that is healthy. Looking in the frozen dinner aisles there are alot of things that are good fat and calorie wise but the carbs are over 40!! that is alot for one meal or is it me? Ive never really gotten into them because of this but wanted to know what others opinions are on them. According to my surgeon. limited carbs helps the body burn fat as opposed to burning what we just ate. and once i get to goal ill definatly have more freedom with carbs to maintain my weight such as rice or pasta with my meat. I try to stay under 30 a day if i can and these seem so high. any comments?

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