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    Rib cage

    My sternum sticks out since loosing 65 lbs from pre surgery it seems like it has a bump on it and the front of my rib cage at the edge feels thick and the sides feel thin. It is weird to feel these bones since being so overweight for do long i never paid attention to them. I'm wondering if anyone elce is going through this also and does it seem normal or odd that I seem to have this. I would include pics but it doesn't show in pics. I'm also experiencing thin but and having the tail bone hurt from sitting for long time , but is has gotten better but now I get sore from the bone where the leg goes into the hip. I must say that I'm not trying to complain, it is just new things to deal with. 0lease share any advice or similar situation you have. Thank you.
  2. Leo segovia

    Rib cage

    Thank you for your thoughtful insight. I have been fortunate to not have had any complications and just these minor adjustments to make. I'll follow up with my doctor in January when I have my next visit. To reassure that I can continue on my continued health journey. Thanks again.
  3. I'm eating at night again. My fat brain is winning. I feel so disgusted with myself at this moment and feel I'm slipping. I am 8 weeks post op and should be transitioning to more solid foods but I'm mostly still pureeing . This way I can have more volume of foods. I need to contact my surgery team and see if they can help. I just feel defeated at this moment.
  4. Reading labels and becoming a ninja at ingredient understanding is my new thing. Yougert should just be active bacterial culture and milk. Nothing else. Any additional thing is just filler. I have and try to make my own with my one pot. It is so easy it is ridiculous . And will add some chopped fruit or some of my protein powder to it when I take a portion. Reading deceptive packing is important and will make you a more effective fat burning machine . Wishing you continued success.
  5. Yes . It is harder then I thought it would be to change that habit of late night eating. So I now have resolved myself to saving about 200 calories to my late night snacking. I have also returned to making sugar free jello and having that as a snack or having a banana . I have also reduced my portions to 250- 300 g . It was eating puree just so I could eat larger portions. While also not pureeing my foods anymore. It is helping and starting to embrace and modify my old habit. Work with it and not let it become my burdin. Also this week I am now back to loosing weight again. I'm entering my 10 week post op. Pre op 2 week before 265bls Surgery day 250 lbs Current weight 225 lbs That's 40 lbs. In 21/2 months and I am happy and healthier and looking forward to continue on my journey to better health and weight loss .
  6. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful prospective and advice. I am better this morning and I have restarted to journal my thoughts even just randomly bable. Getting it out of my head helps me view it from a different angle. There are some great ideas given to me and it will make a difference. Regrouping and setting realistic goals again. I I do track very carefully my nutrition and calories carefully. I'm going to try to leave a few 100 for my later on snack. . Thank you again for your suggestions and positive thoughts. I am greatfull to be part of this community. Forward with the journey!!
  7. I had the runs also for the first week or so. It is incredible the amount that exited compared to inputs. But it did get better and if you are worried call you nutritionist or surgery team nurse. I'm sure they will be able to better help you. Never be shy with asking them for help it is what they are there for. Hope you find better days ahead. Wishing you good health and success in you weight loss journey.
  8. Leo segovia

    September surgery buddies!!

    Wonderful to read you are finding success at your difficulties. I like the blackberry lemon crystal light. Continued success!!
  9. These are citrus. They are not rock hard like some chewables are . I found them quite good. Easy to consume. Hope it helps.
  10. Leo segovia

    Covid Testing Prior to surgery

    Yes I did my covid test 2 day prior to my surgery.
  11. Leo segovia


    I am 7 week post op. And consume 900-1000 cal. But my nutritionist said I was ok to go up to 1200 because I was feeling woozy or tired. I have not had any complications and am down 17 BLS. Did stall for three weeks but started to drop weight again this past few days again. Remember the calories you consume today compared to what you consumed in the past. For me it is about a third . So it is good. It is a marathon not a sprint. Wishing you good health on your weight loss journey.
  12. I have success with chewable vitamin. Progressive is the brand and 5he chewable is a citrus falouring. Look for them they work for me.
  13. Leo segovia

    6 weeks post op depressed

    Surgery day I was 250 lbs I'm starting week 7 and I am down 17 lbs . I have stalled for 3 weeks and I think I just might be coming out of it. Having such low calorie intake and body is still in healing mode. ( Body uses energy to heal ) . Make us all week and tired. In a funk kinda thing.. look for the small wins. They will help you smile and feel better. I just cut a new hole in my belt to make smaller because my pants fall down. ( Second time doing this) woooo hooo! I now can reach my shoes with out a shoe horn. Didn't even notice that. My wife told me me she saw me do that. . sweet!!! The little wins are very important. So look for them and enjoy your journey. Celebrate it !! Wishing love and good health on your weight loss journey!!
  14. I'm down 17 lbs and starting week 7. Been in a stall for about 3 weeks( feels longer) but I keep reading it is ok. And the journey is a long road . I'm happy so far. I keep getting stronger after feeling very week and low energy( 1000 calories a day will do that to you ) I have increased my calories recommend by my nutrition specialist. 1200- 1300 is ok see how I feel. . it has helped. I have had no issues with my wounds and feel I am healing very well. I have added more walking and light stretching excise with super light weights. And feel better and better. So reading your post I believe you are doing super. What I learned is not to over think it. Consistency is our best tool. The journey to better health is a marathon the weight loss is a bonus. Plus the little wins add up . I can actually reach my shoes with out a shore horn, pants fall off with out a belt. ( Today I cut a second hole to make belt smaller) !! Whoo hooo!! Wishing continued success and good health!!! Cheers from Toronto Canada!!
  15. Leo segovia

    sleep apnea

    I fell asleep on the sofa one night and most time I would wake up rather gasping or with severe sore throat from the snoring. I actually woke up rested and with out any issues. I think I might be on the verge of not needing it soon spoke with surgery team and mention it to them about my experience. They were happy and recommend I keep using it for now and set up a new sleep study . So I'm going to wait till month 3 or so. I'm just on my 7 week for now but very excited .
  16. I use cal - mag liquid. I've attached photos. Have not had any issues and taste is good kinda thick but I wash the little cup I have. It has measurements on the side the nurse at the hospital gave me my pain meds in them and I asked if she could give me a few to take home( I got 10-12 ) of them. She was awesome!
  17. I started day two after surgery. I did not suffer very much pain 2 days in total. Off the Oxi on day two. Started my chews, vitamin d liquid, cal- mag liquid, biotin, compleat Colligen, added also 2 amino acid complex plus lansoprazole EC( medication) and senokot laxative, only if I have difficult movements. And 204 g of protein ( whey isolate dorsal brand) . It seem like alot but is goes easily because of being chews and liquid form. I divide them some in morning best 9n empty stomach and others with food( soups) and some at the end of day. I have not had any issues with aches or stomach problems. Just entering week seven. Still prefer mostly soft foods and I will transition to more solid when I am confident with it. Hope this info helps someone out there. Cheers from Toronto Canada .
  18. Leo segovia

    September surgery buddies!!

    Hey I am also with low energy. I set up fitness tracker to help me view my nutrition and calories. It does help educate me and keep me on track. I m also on a higher amount of protein. I make a large shake with 4 scoops. It gives me 104 g of protein. And drink it as I need to during the day. Once I switched to this one I feel better energy and no guilt because no sugar. Hope this helps. It works for me. But double check with your nutritionist. Best wishes and keep healthy.
  19. Sounds awesome. I'm going to try this. Cheers
  20. I make soups. Roast veggies in oven with avocado oil and tiny pinch salt. Carrots mushrooms broccoli cauliflower tomato Most times I need two trays. I try different protein. Easiest is a roasted chicken from supermarket. And while is is cooled down I devine and saute meat with onions and more avacado oil. Add roasted veggies ( two pots sometimes) add salt free broth( Campbell's ) and water. Low salt Soyasauce, Hossein sauce , Worcester sauce. Simmer for 20 min. Let cool and use emersion blender and grind up. It if too thick add some more liquid. I track all my ingredients by weight and using my fitness tracker add to my recipes. It will tell you calories and vitamins and protein values. To add portion size in tracker I weight total puree soup and divide by 250( it equals a cup or portion. ). Then you can track can calories per amount y you eat. Healthier and you control salt and fat intake and will know calorie count. ( Most of my soups have 70-90 calories per serving. Sometimes it is a bit thick still I'll add water to thin out and make a bigger portion. 250X2 . Works with super soft well cooked roasted beef or stew. Avoid potatoes, ( starch turns to suger) good luck hope this inspires you .
  21. Leo segovia

    Feeling Defeated

    That great to read. We are all here to support eachother. Continue on your journey to being a healthy you. The weight loss is a bonus!!
  22. Leo segovia

    Feeling Defeated

    I got gastric bypass on September 19 2022. So it is fresh in my head. I call it my fat brain. My worst of my bad eating habits is eating late at night and lots of it. For me the second week was when I started to really look at other people and how and what they are. I kept thinking about not how I miss the food and snacks but more on the line of the poison people are stuffing into themselves. I started to really hate all the garbage food i see everywhere. Tv ads , social media, the supermarket and shopping of garbage food people buy. I kept seeing overweight and more and more people struggling. There are so many that are in worse shape than myself and most do not see or have given up. I am proud and happy you are making a change for yourself and family. It isn't going to be an easy road and it will be a long journey. I have been fat for 30 years and my health issues started 15 years ago. But I ignored them and kept trying to find an easy fix. Diet this and diet that. These magic pills or drink this magic shake. As I start seeing the real progress I'm making I find it easier to continue. I have to . Not continuing will only lead me to being in pain, being diabetic, struggling to get up out of bed with out feeling like a truck ran me over, sleep apnea, the list never seems to end. This group of people here are real and also struggle with you. But we are here for eachother. Don't give up. You are stronger than you give yourself credit. If you fall off the wagon. Get you fat ass back on! I'm like most on here struggle yet must keep going on. I send you love and positive vibes for you. You will be and see results in time. I started at 265.5 per surgery. Was 250 at surgery. Dropped to 243 and stalled for almost three weeks and today I'm at 236 five week after surgery. Still feel week and get tired quickly but gaining energy and strength a bit more every day. Keep your nutrition up and your proteins up, take Colligen and biotin, and walk as much as you can. It makes a big difference. . Best wishes and good health!!
  23. I fell asleep with out my CPAP mask on after using the washroom a few nights ago and did not snore or feel tired the next day. I slept quite well. I think I might not be in need of my CPAP soon. Going to talk with my doc and set up a sleep study. Keep you all posted
  24. Leo segovia

    Food confusion

    I found the standards I was given were quite strict and still reasonable. These are used Provence wide here and I found little deviation to different plans offered by other hospitals here in Ontario. My hospital is involved with The University of Toronto medical school as several hospitals are all involved together. A large group or team gives me confidence in their work and structure they offered me. I was also given the option to vary my plan slightly but I personally recommend being a bit more strict with yourself and allow your body to transition and heal. Time and your body mechanics will tell you when to progress. It is a long journey we are all in. I spent 30 years being fat and unhealthy and I will not loose the weight in fast succession. It will take lots of effort and time to make real permanent changes. I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey to better health. From Canada Cheers!
  25. Leo segovia

    Bariatric multivitamin for Canada?

    Progressive's multi vitamin chewable is easy to take and is good. I take two. . Find them at Popeyes supplements or healthy planet. The compleat Colligen is great also. I'm in Mississauga and these two have location close to eachother so pricing is competitive.

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