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  1. TheLosingGame

    Night time and my fat brain wants to eat.

    i’m kinda the same way so i save my favorite proteins for that part of the day. usually a chobani yogurt drink or babybel cheese. yummmm
  2. TheLosingGame

    14 days post op & COVID positive

    didn’t know this! i’ll reach out! thanks to you both! what a headache
  3. i had bad gas pain and it felt like none of the meds eased the pain for me. the only relief i had was in my room the night of surgery sleeping on my side with my knees bended. the nurse gave me that tip. something about that position helped release a little of the gas and sleep more comfortably
  4. I had a feeling this would happen! Somehow made it the entire pandemic without covid and tested positive while in recovery from surgery. I had no idea I had it the first 2 days bc I thought i was dealing with symptoms of dehydration and struggling with hitting my protein goals for a couple days. Turns out it’s covid. anybody gone through the same? have any tips on getting through this when you already feel a bit tired and weak? I’ve already called my doctor and got advised on which medicines/relief I may take that won’t interfere with my post-op medicine regime
  5. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    i weigh daily. for now at least. i wanted to be able to analyze the data and see trends especially as it relates to stalls. i’m in a stall right now and even “gained” a pound yesterday. i just try not to obsess about the daily bc it’s an overall downward trend when i look at the weekly. i’ll probably stop weighing daily once i get to a month
  6. TheLosingGame

    Eating Hurts - Any Tips?

    yes i’d love to see! thank you!
  7. TheLosingGame

    Eating Hurts - Any Tips?

    my nutrition classified ricotta bake and eggs as puree interestingly enough. i think i’ll do full liquids for a few more days then try some of these others you listed! THANK YOU ALL!!
  8. I’m 9 days post op. now on purée stage but everything i ingest hurts. Drinking is more tolerable— i’ll take a sip and will feel it going down, then it will create a bubble then i’ll have to burp before taking another sip. Food on the other hand is torturous. i ate half of a scrambled egg yesterday and felt a sensation that could be compared to insane PMS cramps. Later for dinner had about 1.5oz of ricotta bake….. almost passed out from the pain. Does anybody have tips? i try to take a 2-3min break between spoonfuls and chewing down on things possibly more than 30 times, nothing works. it’s just miserable after. Has anyone experienced this? How long did it last and what could I be doing differently?
  9. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    that’s awesome! i think i’ll try that
  10. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    i’m still so tired. my surgery was last thursday 9/22 so it’s been a week. i wonder when i’ll have normal energy again. all i wanna do is go for a walk in my neighborhood but i get winded easily
  11. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    update— i got protein20 and that was the best decision i made! i still do a protein shake i just have started adding 4-6 oz of water to the milk mixture to thin it out. i didn’t anticipate hating milk this early in the game 😂
  12. mine was submitted two monday’s ago, i got approved the following monday, then had the surgery thursday. i thought they were cutting it close but the team at the hospital was so thorough. try not to stress over things that are out of your control!
  13. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    i’m on day 4 post op, still haven’t figured out what hunger feels like but i think today will be my first day hitting my fluid and protein goals. i will say i’m starting to hate the taste of sweet milks/protein shakes. i’m ordering some flavored powders that i can add to water so hopefully that will be better can’t wait to move to purée on friday!
  14. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    thank you!!! excited to check this app out
  15. TheLosingGame

    September surgery buddies!!

    i had surgery 9/22 and two days later the pain is almost over. i feel like i have just a little bit of gas left over in my belly. the only thing i’m struggling with is my vitamins and medications. what do you all use to track everything? i keep getting confused since some of them should only be taken as needed while others we have to take

PatchAid Vitamin Patches