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  1. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    Five months in and today officially hit Onederland!!!! I never thought it would happen. I have not seen a 1 in front of my weight in the past 10+ years! I am 5 months out and 70 lbs down now. I’ve had multiple stalls and lots of frustration, but am hoping to continue to get closer to “overweight” on the BMI scale in the next month or two. Reading these posts, I’m so proud of how far all of us have come :)
  2. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    I stalled out this past week too. I started researching and read stalls are common around the 3 month mark. I feel your pain. Especially when you feel like you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing. It’s so frustrating!
  3. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    I’m at 7 weeks, 40 lbs down since starting my pre-op diet and 26 lbs since surgery. Finding it tough to hit the fluid/protein goals. Restriction is no joke. My doctor encouraged me to exercise as much as possible. I feel like I’m perpetually dehydrated. Hope everyone else is doing great!
  4. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    21 lbs since surgery is awesome! I also had VSG on the 25th and I’m only down 12 since surgery. That includes a random gain after I added in semi-solid food, so I am still up from my lowest. I can tell that I have been retaining water. Not only do I see it, but I could tell with drinking and not going to the bathroom. I have been desperate for answers and what I have read is that you spend most of your first month dehydrated, even if you are getting in fluids. That a portion of the weight loss is water and that sometime during the first month your body makes an adjustment to rebalance fluid levels, causing a stall or gain and that eventually this works itself out. I went for a big jog thinking I would help myself and the next day I was not only sore, but 3+ up on the scale lol Now I’m just trying to drink as much as I can and trying to convince myself that there is no way you can gain fat weight from an average 600 calories a day!
  5. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    I’m so sorry you’ve been having a tough time too! I know we have no choice but to hang in and stay the course. Nothing but time here to use our tool and work on ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we can’t feel frustrated at times though. I hope that we can all vent to and learn from each other in this crazy situation. Our bodies have been through a lot in a short time and I forget that at times. We are still better off than when we started and hopefully on the road to better health!
  6. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    Officially at 1 month out today. The last week has been a mess. Up and down (mostly up) 2-3 lbs from my lightest weight this month. Recently transitioned into soft foods the last few days, per my doctor’s orders. He basically doubled every stage, which was also frustrating. I know there is a lot of talk about week 3/4 stalls. Just feeling so discouraged to see a gain when the calories are still very low. It’s hard not to be frustrated and sad. I have spent the last year watching accounts on Instagram where women have described weight just melting off every week. I knew I was always a slower loser, but I thought this procedure would be a game changer. Anyone else feeling like this?
  7. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    I made it guys! Sleeved on 8/25, felt icky in the recovery room, but luckily no major nausea since. I stayed overnight and was released last night. Very sore and it’s been a challenge drinking. Now cleared to do protein shakes along with other clear stuff. Up 4 lbs from surgery weight, but chalking it up to fluid retention. Definitely not as bad as I expected. Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    Going in for surgery today guys! Nervous and hoping for the best. Please send good vibes! Thank you :)
  9. Fresh2022

    August surgery buddies!

    Hey! Scheduled for August 25th! Good luck to everyone!

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