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  1. Congratulations on going for your dreams on all levels!
  2. tx2az

    Skinny Syrup

    Correction to my comment - My fav is Vanilla Caramel Creme. I left off the word Creme. It's the one that taste like it already has cream in it. Agree about the mocha, not to my taste. The CHAI is good, too.
  3. tx2az

    Skinny Syrup

    Jordan's Skinny Syrups. I get them at TJ Max for $3.99 for a large bottle 25.2 oz. Amazon has them but cost quite a bit more. I like any of the caramels, but my fav is Vanilla Caramel. To me it tastes like it actually has cream in it! My granddaughter like the Dragon Fruit Acai mixed with Sprite or 7Up. WORD OF CAUTION- It is really easy to over do it! Jordan's Skinny Syrups are strong in flavor. Add just a little, maybe a teaspoon or two until you get what you want. It's not like regular coffee additives where you pour a huge amount to even get a taste.
  4. Sleeved on 9-1-2022, one week before my 71st birthday. I have lost about 60 pounds. Great experience and so happy I finally did it.
  5. Thanks for this video. I am a patient of Dr Guillermo Higa, Dr Matt Weiner's colleague. Wonderful experience with Dr Higa. Dr Weiner has a lot of videos that are very informative. They are located in Tucson, AZ.
  6. I have an Etekcity bathroom scales that charts weight, BMI, etc. I weight every morning, I feel it gives me an immediate insight as to things I did or didn't do appropriately: such as, did I have too much salt, did I drink enough water, did I get enough protein, what was my calorie count, and after surgery bathroom visits change a lot. I have had stalls, and increases, of course, but I think just being mindful works for me. Best wishes to everyone!
  7. I didn't lose much pre-surgery, under 5 pounds. I made my own veggie broth, which was much more flavorful. Boiled carrots, onion, bell pepper, zucchini, cabbage, canned tomatoes and 2 couple teaspoons of beef bouillon. Choose any veggies you like, boil until they are mushy, strain off the liquid. Discard the mushy veggies. It made a really good broth. Best wishes!
  8. Sleeved on 9-1-2022. Surgery date weight 200, current is 172.2. Height 5'2. My beginning BMI was pretty low, about 36. I am so glad I had this surgery! I didn't have to take any pain meds. Never had nausea or anything. Looking forward to getting off meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. AND learning to nourish my body properly! Overall, a very positive experience.
  9. My progress is very similar as yours. Sleeved on 9/1. I'm a little under 5'2". Started the pre-op diet at 203 and surgery weight was 199. Since surgery date I've lost 14, with 7 of that during the first week. Mine has gone a tad up and down a little which was disappointing. I went up 2 lbs in one day! The day before I had drank Gatorade Protein sugar free drink which had a lot of sodium. Good for 10 grams of protein but not the salt. I am being more careful with that now. Just gotta do what is best for us individually and, as you said, don't stress about it. Best of progress to us all!
  10. Had my VSG yesterday. Came home today. No nausea, no pain (of course that may pop up) lol Now on to the Stage one for 14 days. - broth, and Premiere protein shakes, SF 1 popsicle . 1 SF jello.
  11. It's getting real! Tuesday -Pre-op bloodwork. VSG on Thursday, have to be at the hospital a 5:30AM.
  12. How do I get my ticker to appear on my posts?
  13. How did you get your ticker to show on your posts? I created one but it hasn't appeared on any of my posts. Thanks
  14. Post op diet Do not eat anything not on the list Stage 1 weeks 1and 2 2-3 protein shakes, clear broth 1 SF jello and 1 SF popsicle Stage 2 weeks 3 through 8 2-3 protein shakes, pureed lean protein, eggs, soft cheese, beans, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms. Stage 3 months 2 through 6 same as stage 2 but added in more non-starchy vegetables, cheeses, non-cream soups, limited fruit. Stage 4 Maintenance stage for life. Begins only after weight loss goal is met. Same as stage 3 but added in limited amount of grains and expanded fruit. Lessen the dependence of protein shakes.
  15. Wondering was size of bougie did or will your surgeon use. My surgery is scheduled for Sept 1, 2022. My dr said he uses a 36 more often than the 34. He will make the decision at my surgery.

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