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  1. I have 5 small incisions from my VSG. For the most part, I wouldn't even know that 4 of them are there - they have caused almost no pain at all. But.... the one where they pulled out my stomach... is crazy bruised and is still very painful 9 days PO. It doesn't hurt all the time, only when I engage my stomach muscles, when I stand up, get out of bed, and OMG the pain when I sneeze. I haven't really seen anyone comment on this. Anyone else have this? To be honest, it's more painful than my c-section incisions were.
  2. I was sleeved on 12/21 and my weight has stayed the same since day 4 PO. I am following Dr.s orders. I had a 3 week LRD with no actual food - so I figure this is my 3 week stall. Just keep doing what you are supposed to and the weight will come off.
  3. kat_8807 how are you feeling? I had mine yesterday as well. Gas paid after surgery and last night was no joke. Feeling much better today, but drinking is hard.
  4. I had mine yesterday as well! How are you doing? Had pretty bad gas pains last night and only a few today. Mine was done as outpatient.. Went back about 10 and was out of there by 3:30. Water goes down ok some sip and causes pains with others. Looking forward to SF pudding and or yogurt on Saturday!

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