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  1. I got my bypass done through Wisconsin Medicaid, and it took about 2 months for final approvement. I had the same fears as you. If all your Drs are onboard, and you've jumped through all the hoops, just keep a positive attitude! You won't be refused unless a Dr found the necessity questionable, and you would know that already. Keep your chin up, attitude positive, and with all of us rooting for you, you got this girl!!!
  2. penthesylaya

    November 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Got my gastric bypass on Nov 4. Doing really good, but tire easily. Just started on pureed foods. SO made me chicken with peas & carrots. Looked like baby poop, but tasted delicious! Lost 12 pounds since surgery day. Glad to be able to have my protein shakes again! A good friend of mine who had a bypass done just over a year ago, can't believe I haven't experienced dumping syndrome yet. Keeping my fingers crossed, but very careful with how I am adding food into my diet. Hope all is going well with my early Nov surgery buddies!!
  3. penthesylaya

    Looking for a November surgery pal

    We'll, I had my gastric bypass yesterday,. Been discharged from hospital. Haven't needed pain meds since midnight. Feeling really good! I hope everyone's surgery & recovery is as easy as mine has been! Having all of you people to talk with & learn from, really made a significant success in how I went into this! Thank you! and love you! Sent from my moto g play (XT2093DL) using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. penthesylaya

    Looking for a November surgery pal

    Hi! I am having my bypass on 11/4. Very nervous & very excited. Looking forward to a new, healthier life. I am one week into my liquid pre-op diet, and I have to admit, I am struggling. Food that I don't even like is looking real appetizing right now! Lol
  5. penthesylaya

    November Surgeries

    I am having my bypass done Nov 4th. So glad your surgery got moved up! Good luck, and keep us updated!
  6. penthesylaya

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I'm set for surgery on Nov 4th. This is so scary & exciting! We will all do awesome! We got this!
  7. penthesylaya

    November Surgery!!!!

    That's terrific!! I finally got my date for gastric bypass, November 4. Excited & nervous, but like you I am looking forward to the journey. Good luck with yours!!!
  8. penthesylaya

    November 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Hi! I'm having my gastric bypass surgery on November 4, if everything falls into place. I am excited, but also very nervous. I am in Wisconsin, a long way away from South Carolina, but sure would enjoy some buddies!
  9. penthesylaya

    New Here! Looking for Friends!

    Hi Amanda! My name is Nancy, and I'm new here, too. I'm in West Central Wisconsin. I just had my first meeting with my surgical team coordinator. As far as a date for my bypass, all I know is it will be in October. Definitely excited to be on this weight loss journey with this fantastic group of people!

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