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  1. I meant to post this here…Tomorrow is two weeks post op. Feeling good. Much more energy. Walked a mile and a half with the fam earlier and didn’t need a break, which two weeks ago wouldn’t have happened. Tried puréed egg salad today and seems to be sitting well. My biggest thing is remembering to eat slow. Last night I did my yogurt dinner too fast and it was not pleasant. 🥹 Hubby is getting sleeved 8/26. Lots of changes in our home!!!

  2. On 8/8/2022 at 1:53 PM, s3thephysician2Be said:

    Thank you !!

    anyone have any Protein recommendations besides Premiere (who apparently is having a recall of some of their products), or Ensure Max ? Any Protein powders you guys like putting in your Water ?



    Fairlife milk. 13 grams of protein in one cup and it doesn’t have the fake sweeteners. I just ordered some powders from Clean Simple Eats to try to boost it up to 30 per cup, but worried about the same issue with the sweeteners.

  3. On 06/01/2022 at 17:57, monamcd2004 said:

    I had my surgery the 16th of May lost 25lbs the first week (I don’t see it yet) but Im truly struggling to get my Protein in and my Water. Any advise on this would be amazing! I have spoken to the dietitian and she said it’s completely normal and not to worry but I am really worried I’m not doing this right and I don’t want to fail! My dr has me on the soft diet already and I did explain my stomach doesn’t handle the Protein Shakes well and he even advised maybe try Beans, eggs, etc. just looking for some advice or maybe others who have or are struggling too.

    Hello there! I am five days post op and having same issues you had. Did it get better? Today I cried, because I thought I was doing something wrong. The binder of instructions from my dietician needs to be worded better. I called her last night and she talked me off the ledge. We lowered my Fluid intake and Protein intake to 40/40 until I can tolerate more. But I HATE Protein Shakes. Going to be an interesting journey!!!

  4. Hello! I had my surgery 7/29. Still having trouble getting my full liquid/protein goal met. Pain seems to be related to gas or just random twinges here and there. I didn’t expect how different it would feel to consume Water. I still have to remember to sip, not gulp. That air does NOT help the gas. I’m getting more and more every day, but having bad muscle cramps in my calves. Whole system is out of whack. So, I still haven’t had a bowel movement. No trouble passing wind. Anyone else have a delayed toilet issues post surgery?

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