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  1. I have heard that a lot of people after bariatric surgery start having issues with their teeth, but that there’s not a lot to f study on it. So I am wondering, after gastric sleeve, or even bypass, how many of you have seen an increase in cavities, sensitivity, dental erosion or even teeth breaking?
  2. My surgery date has been scheduled for 11/14 and I'm starting to get scared. I am opting for the Sleeve, but I am concerned about GERD. My doc says the majority of those cases he sees are due to eating habits. I am hoping I can avoid that. I still just don't know I am making the right decision. Just really getting cold feet. I was hoping I'd get past this by now.
  3. Ya I was really wondering about his statement. It is so hard to know and so scary. Unfortunately a lot of doctors don't have a lot of sympathy for obese patients.
  4. Hi all. So I am getting very close to getting my pre-op appointment scheduled and then a surgery date, but problem is I am going on a vacation end of January '23 and it will be to theme parks. I am figuring I will be only 10-13 weeks out from my surgery and I am concerned that I will not be able to ride roller coasters. They really whip you around and can feel it in the tummy so I am concerned about a leak. Has anyone gone to a theme park after surgery or had your dr tell you how long to avoid an activity like that after surgery? I will definitely be speaking with the surgeon about this, but since that is a few weeks away, I figured I 'd see if anyone on here has had any experience with this. Thanks!
  5. Darkangel505

    Roller Coasters Post Op

    Ya I definitely will. I am getting so antsy and worried. ready, but not for this surgery. How long was it before you were cleared for any weight lifting type exercise?
  6. Darkangel505

    Teeth Issues After Surgery?

    That’s good to know. The things I was reading had me concerned. A lot of the side effects I could deal with, but that one freaked me out tremendously.
  7. Darkangel505

    Telling others

    I am pre-op and I will tell those I trust most (which is only a few people) and no one else. I have absolutely no desire to hear the judgmental people in my family, or acquaintances, belittle my choices or question every bit and tell me why I was wrong. I will tell those that I had some stomach/gall bladder/hernia surgery which with a dietitians help, am losing weight. I'm just personal with certain things and I like to keep certain things to myself.
  8. Hi all, I am working my way through my appointments to get my surgery. I am planning on the gastric sleeve as the bypass concerns me about internal hernia and malabsorption issues. I think the sleeve is the best choice for me, but I am concerned about chances that GERD will happen and I will be forced to get a revision to a bypass anyways. Have a lot of people had this issue? I am also worried about some horror stories I have read where people can't eat or keep food down or even eat. Are there a lot of situations like this? I'm probably overthinking a bit, but I know this is not reversible and I want to make sure I weigh all my options. Thanks for any help.
  9. Darkangel505

    Worried about getting surgery

    Thank you everyone. I do tend to overthink things. It just scares me because it's irreversible, but I also don't want to continue the life of yo-yo dieting. I see my surgeon on Thursday next week so I will definitely voice my concerns with him and go over my options.

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