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  1. SuziDavis

    Skinny Syrup

    Jordan's Skinny Syrups are my favorite, I wait for sales or get them at TJ Maxx, I love the peach with just water or tea. Salted Caramel for my coffees. But even my kids use so many of them.
  2. SuziDavis

    August surgery buddies!

    That is fantastic!!! you are so close to your goal!
  3. SuziDavis

    Feeling defeated

    Exactly, you were losing 4-5 a month... you lost 16!!! That is great. And keep in mind that 90% of us stalled in the first 3-6 weeks. Your body needs to adjust.
  4. It was, now I know that I am at the point of only losing about 2 pounds a month... and live in an almost constant stall. It's great... 😑
  5. SuziDavis

    Did I eat too much?

    But can we clap it up for the Protein intake... Impressive.
  6. SuziDavis

    Looking for Easy Protein Snacks

    Moon Cheese Panino Roll Ups - I like the peperoni the best P3 Protein Snacks Two Good Yogurt Smoothies Chicken Jerky Meat Sticks
  7. SuziDavis

    Something crunchy

    I am obsessed with Moon Cheese, its just baked cheese, has protein, and its so good.
  8. SuziDavis

    August surgery buddies!

    Congrats! I know it feels good being so mobile again!
  9. SuziDavis

    So COLD

    Same, I have been cold since I got home from the hospital.
  10. The health benefits and being more comfortable & mobile are the main things I focus on. If you think you are at the point of needing the sleeve, do it, you won't regret it.
  11. SuziDavis

    Weight stall 7 days PO

    Your body is in shock. don't worry about it and stay on track. Also, I would only weigh yourself once a week... daily is not a good idea.
  12. SuziDavis

    Favorite Vitamins?

    This is all I am required to take, so easy, meets all guidelines, and only 5 pills.
  13. SuziDavis

    Favorite Vitamins?

    I was told the patches aren't as effective and to avoid them.
  14. SuziDavis

    frustrated, stalled, and lost

    I was stalled for a solid 2 months, I ate carbs for a weekend... then hit the gym hard and I am back on track. Its the worst when you feel like you are doing everything you can and you see no movement, but you will. Also, try doing band workouts from a chair, they are great and really work.
  15. I am not sure what they charge, but I am in south Florida, Broward county... I paid $11,000 for surgery and overnight in the hospital. Besides that I think I spent $300 on lab work before hand.
  16. SuziDavis

    August surgery buddies!

    I broke my stall and broke 100 Lbs! I'm so excited to be at this point!
  17. No, I actually used to fast for 48 hours at a clip. I am going to do a 48 hour reset and see how that goes. I already use IF. It is a great tool, but I am just stuck.
  18. My doctor and nutritionist said that anything other than water only counts as half the ounces. So 10 OZ water = 10 oz... 10 Oz Protein Shake (or anything besides water) = 5 oz water... So keep that in mind to avoid getting dehydrated.
  19. SuziDavis

    Vaginal bleeding after surgery?

    The joys of Hormones. I think a lot of us women have issues with spotting and our periods being off schedule after.
  20. SuziDavis

    Protein Coffee is a GAME CHANGER

    Since about 5 days after surgery I have been mixing my protein with my iced coffee every morning. I use powdered protein, had too many gross bottle of premier with chucks... But it is my everyday start now.
  21. SuziDavis

    Loss has slowed to a crawl!

    I knew it would happen, I just didn't think it would be already.
  22. SuziDavis

    Food Boredom

    YES!!! I cook for my husband, cook for my kids, bake for all of them, and when it's my turn... nothing. Or I want something that I don't really eat anymore. Like a bowl of Cheerios...lol

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