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Gastric Bypass Patients
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    May 16th surgery. Sadly things have not been going smoothly. Been back in the hospital since Monday May 30th. There is a blockage where my small intestines were reconnected to each other. They cant tell me how the blockage occured. Might be scar tissue or something else. Currently sitting in my hospital room with a tube down my nose to drain the stomach to prep for surgery #2. Anyone else been going through something similar?
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    hende289 got a reaction from FarfelDiego in May 2022 surgery?   
    I just had my 1st post op appointment 5/24/22 and the nurse told me to try and avoid the scale at all costs. She said that my metabolism will be doing all kinds of crazy things to adjust after the surgery. She promised to just follow the dieticians plan and get in some walking and weight will continue to fall off.

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