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  1. Zai2022

    Planning on getting the sleeve

    I was 372 when I went to get a consult. The doctor recommended the sleeve and Ive tried hard to do everything they asked. I’ve lost 165 lbs total, since my consult in Nov, ‘21, and 115 in the 11 months since my surgery. I’m 75% of my way to my goal. My only regret is not doing it earlier. It is hard, there will be struggles and regret in the short term but if I knew at 26 what I know now, I’d do it in a heartbeat and save myself 30 years of being unhappy and unable to fully enjoy life.
  2. Zai2022


  3. Zai2022

    Food log?

    Ignore it and move on. Closing the day is meaningless. I’ve tried other apps but My Fitness Pal seems to have the best library of nutrition info on food especially brand name foods so I use it.
  4. I’m in CT. I have BCBS as well. They approved my surgery with no problems. I had to have a drug screen, do three nutritionist visits and pass a psych evaluation. I have sleep apnea and high blood pressure as co morbidities as well. Hopefully you will have a similar result!
  5. One of the reasons I finally committed to surgery was the crippling, crushing lower back pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t work any longer. I literally couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes before surgery. I was basically trapped at home. I was fervently hoping that the pain would improve and I could go back to work after surgery. I've lost 75 lbs since I started the bariatric pre-op process, 25 of that since my surgery at the end of May. And the past two weeks? The pain is gone! I still get tired easily and I'm not running around by any means but I can walk through a store now or stand in line at a register and I just called work and told them I'll be back in September! I can't wait to go back. I have a long way to go but this alone makes the surgery worth it. Just wanted to share my good news. Anyone else experience a rapid reduction in back pain?
  6. If they gave you narcotic pain meds this is the time to use them. I took my liquid pain meds the first week and it made a huge difference. By week two I didn’t need it anymore and had no real discomfort. Don’t hesitate to use prescribed meds if needed.
  7. Zai2022

    Post Surgery Dreams

    It’s like you read my mind on almost every point. These are also my dreams! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Zai2022


    I had the robotic hernia repair and sleeve. Took about four hours. First week recovery was uncomfortable but well managed with the pain meds. Since then, no pain meds even Tylenol. No nausea or vomiting and the incisions are healing very nicely. All in all, I was very gratified with how it went.
  9. Zai2022

    May 2022 surgery?

    Scheduled for May 26th. Six more days. Halfway through the liver shrinking diet and it’s getting easier. Almost seven months of hoops to jump through to get here so very happy yet apprehensive. Good luck to all awaiting their date too.

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