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  1. Veritas34

    Constant pain during work

    Thank you all for the great responses!!
  2. Veritas34

    Where’s my Butt??

    This is the worst still! I can not sit for longer than 20 minutes anywhere .
  3. I went to my nutritionist today for my 4 month visit. Down 135 lbs since I started my journey in April. (Surgery in June).... I asked the question as my birthday is this weekend and I thought maybe I could go out and have A drink... I am not a drink. I never have been.. But I was told by nutritionist that there's no way at all I should be having any alcohol... EVER... I was kind of shocked to be honest.. Again I dont drink but I didn't think one drink would be so off limits.... Not a big deal to me but shocked at the answer today...
  4. Im 2 months post op and have had no issues with any foods ive tried but I am getting really bored with what im having as it seems to be the same rotation..... I need some good ideas. Ive been living on: Oikos triple Zero Wendys Chili Protein Shakes Rolled lunch meat (Diet Lunch meat haha) Ricotta Bake Soups Refried Beans and cheese Tuna/Chicken Sugar Free Pudding I know this has been posted a million times but I find it easier to post.. Sorry...
  5. Veritas34

    iOS Medication Reminder

    Yes this app is a lifesaver for me … I know timers work but this app makes you check off you took the medication as well. Love it!
  6. Veritas34

    Oats Overnight

    Has anyone tried or use daily Oats Overnight? It looks interesting but does have some sugars and carb.. Good with Protein though.
  7. Veritas34

    Oats Overnight

    Great! I am asking about a specific company named "Oats Overnight". But thank you for your response.
  8. I know pills are essential after surgery.. But I am taking 13 a day... Is that normal? Is everyone doing this? Is there something different and less pills ?
  9. Veritas34

    Really this many pills!?

    Thank you all for these suggestions... Its been ridiculous taking all of these pills... I have a follow up in 2 weeks and will discuss it with them... THANK YOU!!! And for the people who mentioned what multivitamin im taking is flintstones knockoff that the hospital gave me .
  10. Veritas34

    Genepro - 3rd generation?

    Any update on this since last years last post ? I was looking to get this to add to some of my pureed foods to get my protein in. I suck at getting my liquid proteins in. Id like to add this to my scrambled eggs and some others .
  11. I’m 3 weeks (almost 4) post op and feel like I’m actually eating too much…. I can almost eat 2 eggs in the morning Throughout the day I am eating about 600-800 calories ….. EXAMPLE: Yesterdays eating... Breakfast: 1 1/2 eggs scrambled with a VERY small drop of sugar free ketchup to keep moist Snack : Atkins coffee protein shake. Lunch : 4 oz of cream of cheddar/broccoli Snack : Oikos PRO Dinner : Tuna with light mayo pureed, and a fat free sugar free string cheese Snack: Oikos PRO Is this too much? I went from barely getting protein shakes down to this....
  12. Veritas34

    Really this many pills!?

    I take daily 6 Calcitrate with Vitamin D3 2 Multivitamins 1 B12 2 D3 1 B1 and a droplet of Ferrous Sulfate
  13. Veritas34

    Weird feeling..

    Thank you both for the tips. The feeling kind of feels mental not physical… I’m hoping it will pass. As far as liquids I am surely not getting enough in. I know this. I just don’t have the urge to drink …
  14. Im having a really hard time with this... I have had my mind set on going with the gastric sleeve for months. Now the past month right before surgery Im thinking more going bypass as Im seeing bigger weight loss.... I need to loose 200-230 lbs. I know they are both tools and will give me what I put into it but I dont want to get a life changing surgery if I am only going to loose some of what I need to. On top of that im really scared of the bypass for some reason....
  15. Veritas34

    Can't Decide!

    im sorry to hear about your father.... I have been focused on the sleeve for months. I just need a significant weight-loss.. That is the only reason I have been thinking of changing to bypass.
  16. Veritas34

    Can't Decide!

    Thanks for the quick responses... 1. I dont know why im nervous about the bypass I think im just nervous in general and psyching myself out... 2. I dont have GERD of any acid reflux 3. My doctor was okay with either choice... He stated that for a bigger weight loss they used to always recommend bypass but sleeves are getting similar results....
  17. Veritas34

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Didn’t know there was a plus version. That’s awesome I like the atkins flavor but thought it was too little protein. Thanks for the heads up I’ll check it out .

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