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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for accountability buddies along with positive people to continue this journey with. Are you on MyFitnessPal? If so, I'd love to be friends. My user name is Mudh8r if you'd like to join me on this journey. I seem to do so much better at tracking and working out when I have friends that are doing the same. I hope to see you there so we can cheer each other on!
  2. How do you stay focused? I'm struggling a bit the past three days.  All I want is sweets and carbs.  I have no clue what changed but for some reason I'm craving hard.  I'm literally dreaming about food and when I wake up, I'm thinking about my next meal.  I'm not "hungry" but so munchy.  I'm trying to stay focused, busy, exercise and the likes but this looking struggle is getting to be so hard.  I meet with my nutritionist tomorrow and I'm so hopeful she has some advice.  My protein intake is great, liquids on point, even throwing in some raw veggies and berries to curb the sweet/carb craving.  Thoughts?

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      I am like this at the moment too, maybe post in the forums and not as your status update you will get more replies

  3. Mudh8r

    High sugars

    I had high sugars the first three weeks PO and then my sugar dropped to 105 and then under 100 there after - consistently. I stopped checking about 3 weeks ago. I'm 8 weeks PO (gastric bypass). My doctor explained it to me as my body adjusting and healing. I was worried at first but they were correct. My sugars dropped and I'm feeling great. Give yourself a little time, I understand it is hard not to be concerned though, because it's a lingering concern from before and something we were always told to watch. They took me off all medicine immediately after surgery and I haven't had to take anything other than my thyroid and multivitamin.
  4. Hi. I had surgery on 21-March. I was on my treadmill 3 days later, walking slowly but am back up to jogging or walking fast depending on daily motivation. I was cleared on Monday to start lifting weights (light <25lbs for the next two weeks and then I can increase) again, which I started, also on Monday. I feel great, but oh boy am I hungry - which I was expecting. I'm eating about 950 calories a day, but I'd be lying if I said my stomach isn't growling at days end and when I wake up. I eat 6 small meals a day, protein is around 80g/day and I drink about 100-110 oz of water daily. I am seriously scared to bump my calories to support the weight training. Has anyone begun weight training early on with their cardio? If so, how did you combat the hunger? My nutritionist said to increase my calories by 200 and I want to but I'm seriously so nervous I'm going to stall. I'm down 30ish pounds and have another 50 to go...
  5. Mudh8r

    Uber Hungry

    Thank you for the information. I haven't incorporated caffeine back in to my diet yet. I will try that first and then up my calories if I'm still rumbling like the sky before rain. I'm for sure in a stall, which was an issue pre-surgery, and it's hard to break the mindset of disappointment. I know it will start up again but as with most things these days, I want it now. LOL... I love veggies but am still on soft food so I'm eating steamed as snacks, mostly broccoli since I love it. I am ready for some berries but was told because they had seeds I had to hold off. Do either of you have other ideas for fruits, that are low glycemic and good during soft food stage?

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