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  1. So I noticed this morning that Unjury has a cherry cola, moonbeam mist (sprite?) and root beer flavored powders, but there are no sample packs, unfortunately. Has anyone tried these and have reviews to offer by any chance?!
  2. Hey everybody! I hope some of you can relate and give me some peace of mind! So I’ve been making some spinach/feta/egg white wraps the past couple nights for dinner and timing my bites, 1-5 minutes between nibbles, and after I’ve finished I feel so horribly full. I weigh and measure everything, I know my macros. Anyway, Im thinking I should definitely eat only half. I know for sure that last night and tonight I ate more than I should have. Is this common for everyone when navigating the new regular diet? I’m so scared that I’m going to start stretching my pouch out early on and sabotage myself. It can’t just be me?!
  3. That’s a great perspective. Not a lot of guidance outside of the “allowed foods” list and macro goals and I feel like I’m never going to be able to hit my Protein marks. I’m just in constant fear of not hitting those numbers and overeating in pursuit. Doctor gave me pretty steep weight loss goals and very little post-surgery guidance so the struggle is real! Thank you for the feedback! Feeling much better about enjoying that wrap but definitely cutting back going forward. Learning journey!
  4. Hey, friends! It’s already too hot in Atlanta, so I decided to join a gym and start using the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bikes. My doctor has cleared me to use all of those and do some light weights (general rule of no lifting 15+ stands). I’m 4 weeks out from surgery as of yesterday and figured this first stall would be a good time to switch things up. So yesterday I had my consultation that gyms generally force new members into. Explained my situation and told him what my plan was. Next thing I knew, he had me on a balance ball lifting a dumbbell (5-10 lbs) behind my head. It wasn’t super difficult, I had no trouble keeping up or breathing. Even had me do the ropes and some step-ups, both felt fine. But now, after the fact, I’m paranoid that I overdid it. It was less than 30 minutes of continuous activity. I feel a little different in my abdominal area, but how do I know if I’ve damaged my stomach or it’s just average post-workout discomfort? Anything I should look out for? Thanks. This surgery has turned me into such a hypochondriac! 😄
  5. xtielynn

    Embarrassing moments?!

    I just embarrassed myself hardcore at the gym and had to share it... in the hopes someone here can relate 😆 Usually I’ll start out slow on the treadmill because it’s really difficult for me to pace myself on the elliptical. All the treadmills were taken so I decided to dive right in on the E. Set my time for 30 minutes and *thought* I was pacing myself pretty well with the water. At minute 26, I started to feel a little queasy so I stepped off to center myself and walk it off. Then came the gagging. All I could think was WIPE DOWN YOUR MACHINE AND ESCAPE. Had a few false starts, thought I might be ok, then all the water I had drank in the past hour or so exited my body, luckily into a trash can. Not gonna lie, i felt immediate relief UNTIL I turned around and there was an older woman standing behind me with the most disgusted look on her face (can’t say I blame her.) I gathered myself, wiped down the machine, and made my way out. She was talking to a friend as I walked by so of course I have to assume she was telling her about my very private moment with the bin. Going back tomorrow fully disguised in a shirt that says “just had surgery, might barf” or something. Anyone else had gym/public fitness mishaps? Please tell me I’m not the only one 😂
  6. I guess the subject says it all! I have my follow-up with the doctor this week, so I’m sure I could ask then, but I’m just curious what you guys have done. Seems like a good idea, net carbs are low and I could add protein powder. Any reason this might be a bad idea?
  7. I’m excited to get back on my bike as well. I live in a neighborhood with a ton of hardcore cyclists so it’s a little intimidating haha Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to have to break up with this overly enthusiastic trainer until I’m 100%. Everything just happened so fast lol
  8. I finally had some mashed, which I’ve always loved, and absolutely could not stand the smell or taste. Hoping I come back around to cauliflower in general as things progress! Buffalo sounds so good right now!
  9. Thanks, y’all! Very good point about the water! I’ll probably hold off until my 6 weeks post are up - just to be on the safe side.
  10. Hi there! So leading up to surgery, I got hooked on weekly trips to a local infrared sauna. I really enjoy it as a peaceful time to relax and maybe even reap some health/physical benefits. I paused my membership before surgery to focus on bigger things, but my membership resumes on 5/10, which will be 20 days out from my VSG. My incisions look good; surgical glue has completely flaked off of one! Anyway! How soon do you think is too soon to get back into the sauna? Anyone else frequent infrared saunas??? I really want to get back but I don’t want to do any damage. (I have asked my doctor before and he said he doesn’t know much about them. I’ve been cleared to go to the gym, swim, and be generally non-strenuously active)
  11. xtielynn

    DAY 1 Pureed Stage

    Yay! I’ll be joining the club tomorrow, so right behind you! Never been so excited to eat mushy beans.
  12. xtielynn

    Leg soreness?

    Hey, y’all! I’d been walking (more or less) 5 minutes every hour since surgery on 4/20. Yesterday I was busy with work, so I didn’t quite make it hourly. However, I did increase my time in the walks that I did take; 10 minutes up the ramp of my parking garage to the top floor (one floor up.) So today my legs feel really sore and tired. No fever, no hot spots, just aches. Taking my daily blood thinner shots on top of the movement. Should I be worried?! Would anyone recommend compression socks? Other relief? I made the stupid decision to rewatch Dr. Death this week, so now I’m super paranoid about clots and pulmonary embolisms lol
  13. Came here to ask this! Thanks for sharing! I’m 8 days post and it’s really the only pain I’m experiencing at this point.
  14. Hey everybody! I get to move on to “full liquids” tomorrow, and I’m wondering what kind of creamy low-carb/low-fat soups you guys have been eating. Any suggestions?!
  15. xtielynn

    Full Liquids?!

    Thanks for the feedback, y’all! I’m trying to get in a full Fairlife+Unjury scoop every day. Looking forward to trying some of those WalMart soups though!
  16. xtielynn

    Post Op Stomach Injections

    Good lord I hate these shots! My mom is staying with me and helping for now, but I don’t know how I’m ever going to get myself to do them on my own. So miserable.
  17. Just had my sleeve on 4/20!

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