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  1. 4 hours ago, DawnaD said:

    My surgery is 7th too. It's at 8:30 am. I'm just trying to breathe because I'm feeling super nervous. But we got this.

    I'm scheduled for 10:30. It's normal for us to second guess the choice. I hope all goes well with your surgery 🙌

  2. 3 hours ago, nursejanet95 said:

    Amen!!!! Been on the 2 week pre-op diet one week today. Down 100lbs from last month….daddy said why can’t you just keep doing that???? Cause I’ll go up and down and up and down. 262 was my highest and I’m over it and ready for the rest of my journey ❤️

    Feel the same way, just over the battle and ready for the next chapter!

  3. 1 hour ago, shady_lane said:

    I'm scheduled for June 8th. 41 years old. Ht. 5'4". Wt. 215.

    I'm 43 and 5'6" with CW of 212. It took years to get to the point of accepting I need this surgery. With major calorie restriction and constant exercise, I can get to about 210. I always end up rebounding to between 240-250.

    I wish you good luck on your surgery!

  4. 10 hours ago, Desafio said:

    You got this! Mine is on Monday 6/6 and I am more worried about the corvid test tomorrow 😕

    Originally, I was scheduled for 4/20 and tested positive for covid two days before. I had to wait at least a month to be rescheduled. The positive was the realization of how disappointed I was, all the second guessing is gone this time around. I KNOW that I want this opportunity.

    10 hours ago, DawnaD said:

    I did my pre op blood work, got my medical body wash and instructions yesterday. My surgery is on the 7th of June Tuesday. As the days draw closer, my anxiety is starting up. My nerves are on edge.

  5. My gastric sleeve is scheduled for June 7th!

    I'm ready for this chance to change and improve my health. I was originally scheduled for April, I tested positive for covid in the required screening. I felt so defeated finding out the day before surgery. The positive was that it affirmed my decision.

  6. Just received a call that my COVID test came back positive. My surgery is cancelled for at least a month. This is an emotional rollercoaster 😭

    Last night, I just kept repeating to myself all the reasons that led me to seeking the sleeve. Sad and discouraged at having to wait, to keep having the "what ifs" cycle through my head.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Merill said:

    OMG! Same here I'm due for a hiatal hernia repair and gastric bypass on the 27th of April. I've lost 30lbs since December 5th I was 240lbs now I'm down to 211lbs I've got another 77 to go! my whole family keeps saying you don't need the surgery youve got such willpower you've lost 13kilos already you can lose another 13 easily! BUT they don't understand that it's not about losing it's about keeping it off! I've lost many times before but put it back oh after I stopped all the hard work. I've managed to lose 13 kilos with the help of ozempic at the same time which really helps with my hunger pangs, but I know myself that the wait is going to come back on within a couple of months once I stop using ozempic as my weight is hereditary I put it on so easily I'm just happy that I'm losing before the surgery so going to be quicker to reach my goal weight post surgery💪😊🙏

    That's my concern also. I always feel hungry...

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