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  1. I'm at a sort of midway point after the 168 pounds weight loss and still have more to go. I'm at a point were i'm making my way back into society starting a new job, I feel human again. I can do so much more than i ever use to be able to do. Just to feel the wind on my face and the grass under my feet. Being able to stand on my feet for hours at a time without the need to sit down or feel the burning sensation under my feet. I feel in a sense "normal". Planning vacations and know i'm going to be able to travel and fit in a plane seat that now i dont have limitations it's a good and also a strange feeling. That might sound strange but for me it means everything and i know it's only going to get better and better. For those who started out as large as i did, how do you feel now or really anyone whos gone through a huge weight loss but still has more to go. How do you feel in public situations now? Still being over weight there are still people who look and look away. I can handle that now because i honestly don't care i think to myself how far i've come and nobody can take that feeling away from me.
  2. Rachael101

    Life after 168 pounds down.....

    To loose all that weight by yourself is amazing! I have every confidence that your going to do very well after surgery. Best of luck
  3. Rachael101

    Life after 168 pounds down.....

    You've done amazingly well.... You most definitly will get to where you want to be. My weight loss has also slowed down there's odd weeks where i will loose 2 KG and then maybe nothig the week after then i will loose another KG. Just keep up the good work and the results will follow. :))
  4. Rachael101

    weight plateau and energy loss

    Thanks for the reply.. I'm trying my best to follow what i've been told.. 3 meals 3 snacks and i'm getting my protein in taking all my supplimets.

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