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  1. For me it was my shorts. I put on my shorts with a belt and cinched em up. Walked outside with the wifey to take a walk and my shorts fell down to my ankles in front of the neighbors. LOL We are good friends so they knew I was on the weight loss journey and the neighbors wifey gave me a whistle with a chuckle LOL
  2. Stefan15

    3 rd after surgery

    I agree 100% hang in there. Youtube is/was my best friend. Go down those rabbit holes LOL. It will get easier and then better~
  3. Stefan15

    Before and After Pics

    Hell yea. Way to go!!!!!
  4. Stefan15


    Two things. First that is awesome. 2nd I'm stealing this SS idea
  5. Stefan15

    Caffeine After Surgery

    My Dr. said I could go back to my coffee/caffeine habit at about 2-4 weeks post op. Once I was getting all my protein and normal fluids.
  6. Stefan15

    Post Op Stomach Injections

    My doctor said it was based on your medical history/weight/BMI and your chances of getting clots. Some are good to go, up and walking is enough, some require pills, higher risk is the shots. I had the shots while I was in the hospital overnight stay, and then I was released without any blood thinners.
  7. Good luck to all my surgery buddies scheduled for surgery tomorrow(5/31). We got this, see ya after the surgery! 😎
  8. Stefan15

    First post op date

    Good luck!
  9. Stefan15

    Scared .........

    Nope not at all. You have major surgery scheduled. Being scared or panicked is okay. Reach out to your team and talk to them, and they will help alleviate your fears. Just remember you have done so much to be proud of, a few more steps and onto a healthier lifestyle!
  10. Stefan15

    PreOp Diet Struggles

    Way to go. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow!!
  11. Stefan15

    May 2022 surgery?

    LOL I agree. The eggs will probably be first, but I really want a steak from Texas Road House!!!!!
  12. Stefan15

    May 2022 surgery?

    One week to go! This 2 week liquid diet is killing me! Just thinking about the end goal though 😎
  13. I'm scheduled for Sadi surgery on May 31st. So I will be glad to let you anyone know how my personal journey goes also! I wasn't able to find a lot of info on it either. Due to Type 2 and other medical problems Sadi was the best option for me
  14. Seven days out you will be fine. Your liver will clear itself out in about 2-3 days. Your good to go, just get back on track, and don't do it again 😋

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