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    Jean123867 got a reaction from CandiceRW in Is anyone's spouse against WLS?   
    My husband I believe is more scared something will happen to me during the surgery than against it in all. I have a bad past with surgeries.
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    Jean123867 got a reaction from I♡BypassedMyPhatAss♡ in Too Big for Sleeve?   
    I was over 400 and had to get down to 360 for them to do a bypass, they said I was too heavy for a sleeve and that long term for people my size the sleeve did not show great results. It was sad to hear but I'm not the doctor so I was hopping he just wanted what was best for me.
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    Jean123867 got a reaction from sandovalnancy24 in Bad eating habits   
    My best advice which is most likely not going to be what others will say is that you could find a task that will keep your mind distracted. It took me a little but I finally figured that if I play video games ( yes I know weird) I would not think about food. I also get better Water intake as well. It could be anything from arts and crafts to going for a walk. Best of luck!

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