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    Kia kaha reacted to ms.sss in Do you ever "forget" you had surgery?   
    All the time.
    But honestly, i forgot about having “the surgery” not much after i stopped feeling the surgery recovery pains.
    After losing a bunch or weight and no longer hating food (around 3 months post), it just sort of became a new normal, you know?
    But at the same time, I will always identify as a WLS patient, its just not forefront in the mind.
    Time (and repetition) changes what is normal.
    Im not sure if i made any sense with all that, but it’s the best i can do and it makes sense to me, lol.
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    Kia kaha got a reaction from You Are My Sunshine in Anyone Ever Cancel Their Surgery? I Did... Not Sure How I Feel   
    Wow, nothing to feel shame about. You are entitled to change your mind. It obviously was the right decision, better than feeling regretful afterwards.
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    Kia kaha reacted to tkkilen in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Hello everyone I am new here. I found this site and found it very helpful during this process. I got gastric bypass on 4/18. I was so scared before the surgery. Now I wish I had this done many years ago. I would say problems I had were constipation ( no bowel movement for 11 days. I always had constipation but this was extreme. I am on linzess and now lactulose solution 10 ml 3x daily. I also had problems consuming enough Protein liquid. I got 2 flavors of Isopure. Yuck… I hate it! I forced myself to drink at least 1 bottle per day. Now I am on purée food. I am still trying to figure out what to purée and not. I am not much of a cook so this part is very hard for me. So far puréed cod fish, yam, green Beans. Cottage cheese, triple zero yogurt, premiers protein shake….( also yuck! ) I miss my Korean food! I have only lost 10 lbs. pre liquid I lost 13 lbs in 5 days. I am confused why I am not losing any weight at this point hopefully someone can give me some feedback. Thank you everyone for your posts and I am glad to be here.
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    Kia kaha reacted to Jen83Atl in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Hi everyone… I had my surgery April 13. Dr told me I could start eating foods after check up 5 days post surgery but I am having a lot of trouble eating much of anything. Drinking is hard too- don’t know how I will get to 64 oz. Also- anyone else having trouble with the Vitamins? chewable Multi Vitamins made me sick today. This is hard!
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    Kia kaha reacted to Vsgbethany22 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I feel like I can drink more than a average patient. I am 2 days post op (4/25/22) and can get almost my full 64 oz and 60-80 grams of Protein in. I do get burps after drinking but I get it regardless if I sip those 1 oz cups into 4s or just half it. Hope that makes sense. I am dealing with really bad pain on the right side of my stomach incision but I believe that’s where the DR pulled the stomach out.
  6. Congrats!
    Kia kaha reacted to Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I had mine yesterday as well. I agree with the others about the gas pains! At first I felt like was dying, but the pain is slowly subsiding.
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    Kia kaha reacted to Ralph1974 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I’m 16 hours post op and doing great. I’ve been sleeping a ton but I’ve managed to get in quite a few laps around the ward. I should go home later today.
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    Kia kaha reacted to Happy Stylist in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I had my surgery today. They had to fix a hernia. The gas pains are NO joke. I'm doing good so far.
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    Kia kaha reacted to Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Good luck to everyone having surgery today!
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    Kia kaha reacted to Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Hi! I’m April 26th as well! Today is the first day of my 2-day liquid diet and I’m as nervous about that as the actual surgery!
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    Kia kaha reacted to Iluvbats in Help. What have you done to break stalls early in and slow losing   
    I'm 4 months post-op sleeve and I have had several stalls. One thing that helps me is not seeing the scale go UP! I stay at the same weight for a couple of weeks and then I might lose a pound. I totally Celebrate that pound and I say, even out loud: "I'll take it!" Reason: I got to this point in my life because I did stupid fad diets and wrecked my metabolism and my body. This is my last chance to get this right. I figure it will take me a year to get to 50 lb weight lost and then another 6 months to a year to get to my goal. But, I WILL GET THERE in the end! [emoji23]
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    Kia kaha got a reaction from Merill in Post Op Stomach Injections   
    Yes, I was told to do the extra push to get the cover over the needle whilst it was in…really sore. The instructions with the packets said to cover the needle after it’s withdrawn…maybe that was why I got no bruise today!
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    Kia kaha got a reaction from Merill in Post Op Stomach Injections   
    Yes, I have 5 days of anti clotting injections. I couldn’t believe that I was being asked to inject myself, but I did, and felt very proud! Two of the injections have bruised me, though the one this morning hasn’t. The most painful one was the one the nurse gave me in my thigh, hurt like a b***** and left a decent bruise. Because they are blood thinners I guess that the bruising is pretty inevitable, but I guess asking your doc at the post op would be a plan….do share if he tells you anything interesting!
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    Kia kaha got a reaction from Mariann812 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    The first week sucked for me as well. It’s rough there’s no doubt about that! My tummy dislikes anything cold, I couldn’t deal with a popsicle! I’m starting to feel more myself now, it’s one week tomorrow. Hang in there, each day is a bit better than the one before 😄
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    Kia kaha reacted to ocdennise in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I’m day 1 after surgery revision to gastric bypass. I was much less sore this time & been walking and siping my H20 & broth Soup no problem. My surgeon already came by & they are discharging me! yay! Walking is key- gets everything moving, burps,gas, air, etc. I’ll
    start taking a stool
    softener later today just as a precaution. Good luck to you. Hope you feel better
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    Kia kaha reacted to beginanew in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
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    Kia kaha reacted to ShoppGirl in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I am about a year out and I was worried I would lose all the weight and then gain it back like I always do. It’s just because of all the yo-yo diets we have all done that didn’t work out.
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    Kia kaha reacted to Staceyj76 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Had my RYGB on 4/12! Getting stronger daily!
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    Kia kaha reacted to MissNicole in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    So my surgery (vsg) is this Monday 4/18 and today is my last day of eating regular foods. I do a clear liquid diet tomorrow. I'm excited but also very nervous! Can't believe this day is almost here! My husband got me a hibachi dinner tonight as my last hurrah. Ahhh!!!
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    Kia kaha reacted to mlortega in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Day 2 of post op! I’m kinda turning this into a little self journal for myself but also putting it out their to others in case anyone is experiencing the same thing, I think it’s nice not feeling so alone. Soooo starting Day 2 I’ve been yaking that bright yellow Fluid and also kinda dark brown I’m assuming this is bile and stomach acid from the horrible after taste I’m getting. The oxycodone is helping with that abdominal pain big time and the melt in your mouth Zofran. Water is still really hard to keep down and I could barely finish a popsicle!! Going from having like 2 or 3 as a sweet treat to not even half of one was mind blowing to me! I’m mustering the courage to try more water and some Protein liquid today I have now a fear of throwing up just because it’s very painful. Keep hanging on my first week peeps it sucks now but the results are so worth it! Lots of ❤️
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    Kia kaha reacted to Charlie1810 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    My plan is the same, purée from day 2 but my dietician gave suggestions such as mashed potatoes with low fat cheese mixed in, hummus, flaked fish mixed with potato. I couldn’t stomach the thought of puréed meat so but I can manage a bit tuna with some potato and Mayonnaise. I’ve also made a lentil Soup.< br /> I started out with really thin consistencies, just adding milk to thin out the mashed potato etc, but at nearly two weeks post op I’m gradually building up the thickness.
    There seems to be no so much variation in what people are told to eat post op. My dietician is really against Protein drinks and said to use them as a last resort whilst other diets seem to be based around them.
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    Kia kaha got a reaction from Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    my surgery was on the 11th. Yep the pain from the gas was pretty extreme at times. Just super tired now. I’ve just been looking at the before and after pics on this forum, they are very inspiring! Keep your eye on the prize my daughter said! Never look back!
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    Kia kaha reacted to Vixenvic1 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I feel like I’m exactly the same! Today is day 4, and the exhaustion is through the roof! I haven’t left the house yet but been done some laps around my house! Hopefully all this starts to shift soon.

    im averaging around 1.5- 2 litres of Fluid a day, and this morning I decided to try some jelly which is nice to have a different texture rather than just clear liquid.
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    Kia kaha reacted to Mariann812 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I’m so sorry you are so tired, but it’s perfectly normal. Your body burns 2500 calories a day just healing from surgery, coupled with the calorie deficit, of course you are at an energy deficit. You will turn the corner soon, listen to your body and give yourself the rest you need.
    please keep posting…thank you.
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    Kia kaha reacted to mlortega in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Day 1 after surgery getting the gastric sleeve, when they said expect nausea they weren’t kidding I haven’t been able to keep anything thicker than Water down, I woke from surgery vomiting and extreme nausea and discomfort. I was up and walking immediately which made the gas in the shoulders and chest tolerable I’m feeling a little defeated at the moment. I hoping I won’t have to stay another day in the hospital due to the having trouble keeping things down. How’s everyone else?

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