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  1. thanks i will try this..
  2. I have one but it may be the opposite to a Victory. I have a couple of very heavy armoires that I like but I can never find the correct spot for them, each time I want to move them I know how that will go, I will ask help from my husband, he will say not again, and I will start moving them myself, then he feels bad and comes and does it. This time I could not move them not even a fraction of an inch, nothing, I used to push all my weight against them and they started slidding on the floor but the trick did not work this time. It worries me, it made me feel so weak, maybe I used to have more muscle and that is gone now.
  3. I guess we all have somebody like that in our lives, I have a cousin who told me " I will tell you what I did when I had a horrendous belly like yours" I had to force myself to believe in her good intentions but sometimes honesty like that hurts. That was the comment that made me think on G Bypass seriously. I knew I was fat, and I think all the people who is knows it, I have always kept my opinions and comments to myself when I think they may hurt somebody, but I have to accept that sometimes even when I am trying to praise somebody I may have screwed up. Forgive and forget.
  4. I am slowly getting in high heels too. but carefully, I still need to loose 40 pounds and i do not know how that will happen, I am hungry all day.
  5. LaTiaV

    Anyone stopped losing?

    I have been in the same weight of 175 for 2 weeks, this is the first time since surgery, maybe not long enough to complain but the issue is that I traveled last week and I put 12K to 15K steps per day in the last 9 days. I was expecting to came home and see at least one # down, instead this morning I am 176. My restriction still works I can't eat too much at a time, but now I can feel real hunger, and it is hard to control how many times I eat during the day, I am worried because I am still far from my goal.
  6. Congratulations!! Good luck with dating, have fun. Finding extra wide calf boots in leather has been a challenge for me. I tried some of my boots recently and I have space to put my cell phone in there.
  7. On the first couple of months especially, small sips, small bites. remember to eat Slowly, Des-Pa-Cito 🎵. Small spoons help, if you use the right hand, try eating with the left one, if you use the left one try eating with the right one. Chew your food until you get bored, 10 minutes walks after each meal can help even if you just walk around the table in your home. It will get better!
  8. LaTiaV


    🌹I am sorry for your loss.
  9. To be honest I was worried about you, thanks for sharing I am glad you are ok. You may have a record or something.
  10. I am 14 weeks PO and I use a small plate and the bowl that they sale in this website store, I find the bowl very helpful to measure what I am eating, I use a baby spoon and fork to try to control my bite, I just can't eat slowly (unless I have company and I am non-stop chatting) eating fast makes me feel bad but I cannot find a way to control it, I feel bad after I did it not while I am doing it. So at least I try to control the bite size.
  11. LaTiaV

    Hunger hormones

    I am 3.5 months PO and I have started feeling hungry this week ( week 14). Not every day but 1 or 2 days of the week, I could not care about food the last 3 months, I had to force myself to eat or drink. I can also eat more this week, not of everything but some foods. I had some zucchini noodles with ground turkey and marinara sauce yesterday and for the first time after surgery I added some red pepper flakes that made it a bit spicy and it was glorious, I think it is the best 2/3 cup of food I have had since surgery, it was scary because I did not feel full, or sick for having that much or spicy. I had to stop myself because I knew I could have more if I wanted to.
  12. LaTiaV

    Did you lose your tummy fat last?

    You have lost 166#, that is a lot, and you are very tall. I was 165# 20 years ago when I got married. By then I was already starting my endless diets and exercise routines which worked for a while and then bring me more weight each time. I know that works for many people I just could not find the right combination that worked for me. My psychologist told me to be merciful with myself during this period, like I would be with a dear friend who needed help. I do not hate what I see in the mirror, I still like that person (belly and all). I an happy to have found this page, it is nice to find support from people who understands exactly what I am going trough. Thanks for being kind to me.
  13. LaTiaV

    Did you lose your tummy fat last?

    I love this. ok I measured, looks like I have lost 5 inches from the belly area, but still I cannot see a difference in me, I may need eyeglasses.
  14. Aha!! well, yes I read so many of those this week, thanks, I found this website after my surgery so I have a lot to catch up. The newest thing I discovered is "foamies" 🤧
  15. LaTiaV

    Acid Reflux

    I have suffered from GERD for years, some times bad some times terrible, I have also been in ER many times thinking I have a heart attack because of chest pains. I love spicy food and sometimes I had to choose between eating and sleeping. After the bypass, it has been gone, but it may be because I am only in the liquids phase. I had another issue, pain in my legs, like chronic, I have not lost that much of weight, I think what I have lost is mostly water but those pains are gone, I was worried I was not going to be able to take Ibuprofen ( which I know contributed to my GERD) but I am surprised I have not need any during the last 2 weeks. I am having problems to eat slowly, to recognize when I am full and stop before over eating, That hurts and makes me feel sick but each meal is a chance for a new test. I can't get out of my mind to eat all that is in the plate. ( Mommy did a good job on me ) I have some pain still in 2 of the incisions but it gets better. It is a good exchange for GERD and legs and back pain.
  16. Hi honey10604, I am sorry you have had a difficult start, in the post operation consultation I told my dr about pain in the esophagus, I told hm, it felt like It was so closed, he said the tube they put will leave it sore for a while, even in the morning when I have not even tried to sip water it hurts, he also told me that the omeprazole in the morning nd the night should help with this, I need to take it for at least 60 days after surgery. I then remembered I took one and had not taken more, so I am more careful with that phill and it did a big difference. yesterday was my first day I could have 56oz of water, it is difficult, I will try warm water with drops of lime today I hope it makes it more easy to pass. feel better soon.
  17. I second all of this, very important.
  18. Hello all, I just discover this forum, it is great to have a group of people sharing experiences, I found that no matter how much I thought I read about the surgery, it is different when you are living it. I had my surgery on 2/3/22 my weight was 253 I was loosing weight fast but yesterday and today I slowed down, I am 235 today but not complaining. I am having issues drinking the recommended amount of water and since today I can have non clear liquids, I will have some oatmeal for breakfast, I am excited, the complication so far is that maybe one of the medicines gave me an allergy my face was all red and it was painful but that is going away now, I started working from home yesterday and sitting for long periods hurts my incisions I have to remember to stand up more often, but that was one of the contributing factors to my weigh. Good luck to all of you who are going trough this, a friend of mine who had the same surgery keeps reminding me that it will get better soon.

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